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Meet The CRE July 25, 2012 Confidential and Proprietary.

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1 Meet The CRE July 25, 2012 Confidential and Proprietary

2 Mission To advance the knowledge and practice of methodological research on audience measurement through the active collaboration of Nielsen and its clients.

3 Core Values Transparency Inclusiveness Diversity Imagination Collegiality Practicality Client Leadership

4 Organization Formed in 2005 40 members from broadcast, cable, digital, agencies, advertisers and industry groups. Nielsen has contributed $10 million to the effort to date.

5 Leadership Chair: Ceril Shagrin, Univision Steering Committee Chair: Greg Ross, P&G Insights to Practice Chair: Nancy Gallagher, NBC Universal Communications Chair: Emily Vanides, MediaVest Education Chair: Sharon Warden, NAB Facilitator: Richard Zackon

6 Research Committees Sample Quality : Ceril Shagrin, Univision Return Path Measurement: Pat Liguori, ABC TV Stations Universe Estimates: Nancy Gallagher, NBC Universal Digital: [open] Local Measurement: Billy McDowell, Raycom Media Media Consumption & Engagement: Joanne Burns, 20 th Century Fox Social Media: Beth Rockwood, Discovery ROI: Dave Poltrack, CBS

7 Social Media Committee Members Chair Beth Rockwood Committee Members Mike Hess Adrienne Polich Matt Reid Ellen Ryan Robin Thomas Emily Vanides Thomas Wells Judy Vogel Tom Ziangas

8 Social Media Informational Meetings Topic: Social Media Metrics Landscape for CRE Speaker: Erik Rabasca, VP, Social Practice Lead, Mediabrands Topic: How Social is Social Media, Really? Speaker: Ed Keller, CEO Keller Fay Group Topic: Integrating Social Media Into the Marketing Mix Speaker: Jessica Hogue, Research Director, CPG Online, The Nielsen Company

9 How does social media interact with television viewing and with other contact points? How do the social media and television viewing behaviors of "superconnectors" compare with other viewers' behaviors? Quantitative Survey + Check ins What insights do social media conversations provide about television viewing behaviors? What are key topics of discussion in social media about television programming? What drives positive and negative social media discussions related to programming? Social Media Analytics What are real-time behaviors: time spent, concurrent media use? What attitudes, motivations are behind what people say vs. what they actually do — and why? What are the triggers of activity, needs & methods used? Ethnography Television in the Social Media Age Developing Understanding Through Complementary Research Methods

10 This study focuses on how social media affects Internet users television viewership in comparison to advertising and other influences. It will also give us insight into whether heavy social media users differ from the general online population. The study will attempt to include 1,600 people from the following 3 groups: 1,000 among all Internet users 500 Super Connectors 100 Spanish dominant Hispanics After qualifying, respondents have to check-in with the mobile app throughout the day over the course of 7 days Any time they saw, heard, or communicated something about prime time TV shows or the late local news Prime time viewing behavior when watching prime time TV shows or the late local news. Quant Survey Overview

11 Weekly communications plan Invitations, downloads, or time left on compliance – 18-20 variations daily – Web site, email + toll-free hotline – Troubleshooting - Numerous Android handset types - Smartphone novices – All materials available in English and Spanish Behind the Scenes: Panelist Support

12 Other Components Ethnographies Video Journals Social Media Data Mining

13 Client Participation Committee participation is open to Nielsen clients. Currently ten vacant seats on the Council. Requires written request for membership and approval of Council. Visit us at: –council webinars –Quarterly newsletters –Studies/transcripts

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