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2 Alexander Graham Bell - The inventor of the telegraph which eventually turned into the telephone. His invention has changed lives forever, even with phones changing everyday. Who invented the telephone?

3 What is a Telephone? As defined by An instrument that converts voice and other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to remote locations and that receives and reconverts waves into sound signals. I think that the telephone is one of the most important inventions of all time. It drastically helps communication, and has in fact changed the world.

4 The Origin of The Telephone (When was the telephone invented?) The telephone was first invented by two men by the name of Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray in 1876. These men independently invented the telephone but Alexander Graham Bell is more recognized as the inventor of the telephone because he won a legal court case over the copyright in 1877. The original intent of a telephone was to transmit speech electronically. The telegraph is a wire-based electrical system, and Alexander Graham Bell's success with the telephone resulted in his attempts to improve the telegraph.

5 The Telegraph (the original name of the telephone ) The telegraph was basically limited to receiving and sending one message at a time. On June 2, 1875, Alexander Graham Bell while experimenting with his technique called "harmonic telegraph" heard a sound through the wire he was using. The sound was that of a twanging clock spring.

6 Telephones In Other States Alfred Galpin, an Appleton banker who ran a line from his residence to the bank in 1877 when the first telephone appeared in Wisconsin.

7 First transcontinental telephone call Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call to a man named Thomas Watson from New York to San Francisco. The world’s longest telephone line consists of 2,500 tons of copper wire, 130,000 poles, three vacuum- tube repeaters, and countless numbers of loading coils. This call occurred in 1915.

8 First phone to combine a ringer and handset AT&T introduces the Model 500 telephone in 1949. It was the first phone to consist of and combine a ringer and handset. The classic black rotary phone, featuring an adjustable volume control for the bell and later a variety of colors, becomes a cultural icon.

9 First transatlantic telephone cable The first transatlantic telephone cable was used from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1956. The TAT-1, which was the name of the first transatlantic telephone cable takes 3 years and $42 million to plan and install. It hold up to 36 calls at the same time and supplement other telegraphs.handles up to 36 simultaneous calls and supplements existing telegraph and radiophone links. The first TAT-1 call is placed on September 25 by the U.K. postmaster to the chairman of AT&T.

10 First 911 Call Is Made On February 16, 1968 the first 911 call is made in Haleyville, Alabama. Legislation called for a single nationwide phone number for citizens to use to report important emergencies was passed by Congress in 1967 In January of 1968 AT&T announced plans to majke this feature available. An independent company, Alabama Telephone, scrambled to build its own system and succeeded in beating AT&T to the punch. The numbers 911 were chosen because they were easy to remember and didn’t use an area code in the US and Canada.

11 First Cell Phone Call The first portable cell phone call is made by a man by the name of Martin Cooper in 1973 Mobile phones had been used in cars since the 1940’s but Cooper was the first to make it completely portable. I think this was a successful invention because it really changed society forever and made life better for everybody.

12 Telephones and Impact On My Life Telephones have greatly impacted and affected my life in a huge way. It has made communication extremely easier and also faster.

13 What is the purpose of the Telephone? The main purpose of the telephone is to be able to communicate with others without being directly with them.

14 Pictures of the Telephone and How It Has Changed Over Time

15 Bibliography lephone.htm lephone.htm phone2.htm phone2.htm TelephonePatent.htm TelephonePatent.htm

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