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CDMA EXPAND CDMA MARKET 2 Operator Market Expand OMH Market thru SMARTPHONES Monthly CDMA Market (in ‘000)

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2 CDMA EXPAND CDMA MARKET 2 Operator Market Expand OMH Market thru SMARTPHONES Monthly CDMA Market (in ‘000)

3 CDMA TV Campaign Product Variant POSM Operator Offer Online Unlimited Data Offer : Recharge with Rs 493 to avail offer 1+4 Color panel Product options for consumers 6 week high density campaign. 5 Elements, 10K outlet coverage Search marketing, Owned media, Facebook DUMMIES 10k Outlet coverage.

4 CDMA Social Media Enthusiasts Age/Demographic : 18-25, Students, First Jobbers Gender : Unisex Social enthusiast always on the go Trendy, entertainment seekers Smartphone novices I Want… has… To multi-task without lag To show my refined taste of style To be entertained on free time To get in touch with friends always, and use SNS and email without logging in and out all the time To go with the general trend of technology, without paying too much money on a phone 600MHz Processor Smooth browsing over menu and Internet Compact style Stylish compact design Android market Limitless apps ready to be downloaded Social Hub Integrate SNS, email, IM. etc Entry-Smartphone Entry-level price range of Smartphone market CDMA

5 Welcome to Smart world GALAXY Y CDMA - EvDO Rev A 3.1Mbps - 3.0” QVGA TFT - Android OS (Gingerbread) - 600MHz processor - GPS, WiFi (802.11b/g/n) - 3.5mm Ear Jack - 1200mAh battery 2. Rich Smart Experience TouchWiz UI Quick type with SWYPE Multi-touch Zoom 3. Ease-of-use UI Android (Gingerbread) Google Mobile Service Social Hub Samsung Apps Stylish & compact design 600MHz processor 3.1Mbps, WiFi(b/g/n) & Tethering 1. Compact, yet powerful CDMA

6 Reasons to Believe Rich Smart experience Gingerbread GMS - Android Market - Voice search - YouTube - Gmap, Gmail, Gtalk, … Social Hub Samsung Apps Powerful Performance in compact design 600MHz processor 3.1Mbps networking WiFi(b/g/n) Compact & neat design (11.6mm) Large 3.0” QVGA display Easy to use for smartphone freshmen TouchWiz UI Quick type with SWYPE Multi-touch zoom Value Proposition Compact, full featured for smart phone “Change to Smart”

7 CDMA “Designed to power your busy, active social life” Powerful 600MHz processor for fast response, smooth multitasking. Super-speedy download speeds of 3.1Mbps with EvDO Rev A. Compact & neat design (11.6mm) in ergonomic design. Large 3.0” QVGA display provides generous views. CDMA 600MHz

8 CDMA “Access your online life with amazing mobile applications” Integrated Social Hub merge your SNS, IM and email with phonebook. Dedicated Google Mobile services for your Android (Android Market, Quick Search Box, Google Maps,YouTube, Gmail, Google Talk, etc.) enrich your mobile experience. Android OS (Gingerbread) provides superb functionality. Various Samsung Apps available for free download CDMA

9 “Exceptionally user-friendly functions make mobile experience more fun” Smooth navigation with TouchWiz, Effortless texting via Quicktype by Swype & Easy web browsing with multi-touch zoom in/out. Home screen provides easy access to recipients and attachment buttons. Large QWERTY keypad offers fast error free texting. Upgraded functions like colorful Quickpanel, missed call & message notifications, enhance consumer experience. CDMA

10 “Always Stay Connected & Super Charged” Wider connectivity with Wi-Fi (b/g/n) & tethering to stay connected. Bluetooth 3.0 HS for wireless connectivity to other BT-enabled devices including earphones, tablets, laptops, printers, etc. USB 2.0 expands connectivity options. 3.5mm Earjack for universal earphones to enhance music experience. Long-lasting 1,200 mAh Battery CDMA

11 Explain how the powerful 600MHz processor delivers better performance, faster response for opening and using applications & smooth multitasking Highlight how faster download speeds of 3.1Mbps enable user to get content even quicker Indicate wide coverage of Wi-Fi connection(b/g/n) for online access at hotspots every-where & Internet-enabling tethering for other devices Admire its compact & neat design (11.6mm) and let the customer grip & hold the handset Emphasize the large 3.0” QVGA display and how ample the screen is to view videos & play games Inform the user that the handset is outfitted with the latest Android OS (Gingerbread) for smoother, more advanced functionality Present the wealth of Google Mobile services available specifically for Android smartphones including Android Market, Quick Search Box, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Talk, Latitude, etc. Show how Social Hub integrates all SNS, IM & email together into a single feed linked with phonebook list for flexible & easy calling, text-ing or messaging Open Samsung Apps to show all the myriadapplications available (for free or with fee) to satisfy every kind of interest Demonstrate visually pleasing TouchWiz UI, show the swiping action of Swype texting & multi-touch zoom in/out function for web browsing Show how to customize the homescreen with favored apps & functions, and highlight the easier recipient & attachment buttons and larger, more comfortable QWERTY keyboard Point out upgraded colorful Quickpanel GUI, default screen showing missed call & message alerts, better search function by voice or text CDMA

12 PosterTable ClockLeaflet Dummy Box

13 CDMA Speaker BT Headset Inbox items 1200mAh Battery Travel Adaptor 2GB microSD Data cable Optional items Headset

14 CDMA Network - CDMA 1X [800 MHz] - EVDO Rev A. 3.1 Mbps Dimension - 104 x 58 x 11.6mm Display - 3.0” QVGA TFT (320x240) Samsung Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Samsung Apps / Android Market - Various applications downloadable Social Hub - Integrates all SNS, email, and calendar accounts - Integrated Calendar (Google/Outlook) TouchWiz for Android - Multiple Home screen - Hybrid Widgets Processor - 600MHz (MSM7627) Battery (Standard) Li-on, 1,200mAh - Standby time : Upto 160 Hrs* - Talk time : Up to 300Mins (5Hrs) * Camera - 2.0 Megapixel FF camera - Add me / Smile Shot / Panorama Shot FM Radio BT 3.0 HS, USB 2.0 Video - Video Playing : VGA@30fps - Video Recording : QVGA @ 15fps - codec: H.263, H.264, MPEG4 - format: 3GPP, MPEG4 Memory - 140MB + Expandable Up to 32GB Music - Music Player with 5.1 Channel - 3.5mm Ear Jack - MP3/ AMR-NB/ AMR-WB/ AAC/ AAC+/ e-AAC+/ i-Melody/Midi(SMF)/ WAV/ OGG Android Browser - RSS reader Mobile TV Sensor - Accelerometer Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Compass Integrated E-mail - Gmail - MS Exchange ActiveSync Additional Features - GPS - Swype - Document Viewer - Multi touch zoom-in & out


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