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AppCircle for iOS and Android Sean Webster Manager, Publisher Relations December 2011.

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1 AppCircle for iOS and Android Sean Webster Manager, Publisher Relations December 2011

2 Flurry Overview 52,000 120,000 App Developers: Live Applications: Flurry Analytics Better apps on iOS, Android, BB, WP, J2ME 330M Devices per month: 20B Sessions per month: AppCircle Network Acquisition & Monetization: iOS, Android 3,000 App Developers: 150M Devices per month: 205B Events per month: 3M Daily Completed Views

3 Flurry is the clear leader in mobile analytics, tracking 98%+ of WW smartphones AppCircle: The Flurry Difference Flurry AppCircle targets its ads to users based on app usage behavior Advertisers pay more for AppCircle users because they are more likely to become active users AppCircle shares its higher revenue with publishers, making it the highest performing mobile ad network Better Analytics Better Targeting Higher CPI Higher Payouts

4 1. AC Takeovers on iOS $2-$6 eCPMs in Under 1 Hour

5 Why Use AC Takeovers on iOS $2-6 eCPM opportunity (Aug 2011) Highest payout per install ($0.50+) Large, diverse advertiser pool Cross-promote your own apps for FREE Flexible integration can take under 1 hr Targeted App Recommendations based on real usage data (100k+ apps tracked) Custom Takeover Example AC Takeover Benefits

6 Default or Custom Options 2 Options: 1.Built-in Takeover: fastest deployment (<1 hour) 2.Custom Takeover: build ad unit using your own creative (<1 day) Note: AppCircle functionality already built into your existing Flurry SDK Launch Takeover Anywhere and Anytime (ex. App Launch or Resume) Custom Takeover Built-in Takeover RECOMMENDED: Use Flurry SDK

7 Integration is Really that Quick 7 Flurry SDK Integration (See AppCircle ReadMe from Flurry SDK for full details) Built-in Takeover Custom Takeover API Integration GetRecommendations_API: [FlurryAPI openTakeover:@"USE_UNIQUE_HOOK_NAME“ orientation:@"portrait" rewardImage:nil rewardMessage:nil userCookies:nil]; FlurryOffer *flurryOffer = [[FlurryOffer alloc] init]; BOOL validOffer = [FlurryAPI getOffer:@"USE_AN_UNIQUE_HOOK_NAME“ withFlurryOfferContainer:flurryOffer]; if (validOffer) { NSString *appName = flurryOffer.appName; UIImage *appIcon = flurryOffer.appIcon; NSNumber *appPrice = flurryOffer.appPrice; NSString *appDescription = flurryOffer.appDescription; NSString *referralUrl = flurryOffer.referralUrl; // render ad format here… }

8 2. AC Clips on iOS $7-$11 eCPMs, Quality Ads

9 1 AC Clips User Flow

10 2

11 3

12 AC Clips Economics Why monetize with AC Clips: High eCPMs: $7-$11 Broaden advertisers to include brands Increase user retention – high % stay in the app High quality user experience Easy, flexible integration Publisher Payout Estimates as of October 2011 per 100K DAULowMediumHigh per Day $600 $1,000 $1,600 per Month $18,000 $30,000 $48,000 per Year$219,000 $365,000 $584,000 eCPM $6 $6.5 $11

13 Case Study: AC Clips Delivers Quality Users MetricDefinitionClips vs Organic Sessions/UserAverage number of sessions per user1.99x – Clips users come twice as often Median Session Length (minutes) The median length of each session51.6% longer – Clips users sessions were longer User Retention% of users who used the app in the last 7 days 28.9% higher – clips users Had a higher retention rate Users with sessions 10+ minutes Users that use the app for a session of 10 or more minutes 53.6% higher – Clips users became heavy app users Campaign ran for duration of 3 weeks 2 weeks of usage data collected for all users acquired through AppCircle Clips Compared with data from non AppCircle Clips users Results from sample AC Clips advertiser campaign

14 3. AC Re-Engagement Units Add Game-Changing Revenue to Your App To launch Q4 2011

15 USERS ACQUIRED JAN – JUN 2011 1.9 Billion Source: Downloads and Usage Tracked Across All Acquisition Channels by Flurry Analytics 120 Million STILL USING DURING 1 ST WEEK OF OCTOBER High Churn Makes Audience Building Very Expensive

16 STILL USING DURING 1 ST WEEK OF OCTOBER USERS ACQUIRED JAN – JUN 2011 1.9 Billion Spenders Social Influencers Heavy Users Key Target Demo In Favorable Geo Used More Than Once Used Before Last Update 120 Million Source: Downloads and Usage Tracked Across All Acquisition Channels by Flurry Analytics Advertisers Will Pay a Premium to Bring Best Users Back

17 Re-Engagement is in Demand, And Will Pay You Top-$ Until now, advertisers had no efficient way to bring their best users back 1.Flurry helps advertisers determine the best users of their app 2.Now, Flurry can reach those users across other apps 3.You get paid every time a targeted user re-launches an advertiser’s app Why AppCircle Re-engagement works to earn you top dollar 1.Click-through rates are high because consumers already recognize the app 2.Conversion is high because it takes just one click to complete the conversion 3.Advertisers pay more because they get their best users back 4.You get paid each time the consumer re-engages Fill rate is high because CPI and AC Clips are used as backfill 1.Users see CPI and AC Clips ads when CPR units aren’t available 2.Ad inventory is already over-subscribed for CPI and AC Clips 3.eCPMs pay-out upwards of $6 for CPI and $11 for Clips Simple SDK integration delivers hugely positive ROI for your work

18 Re-engagement is as Easy as 1-2-3 for Advertisers Identify Segment Set Your Bid Price Run Your Campaign 123

19 1. Advertiser Identifies Valuable Segments Spenders Spenders Heavy Users Heavy Users Avid Ad Clickers Avid Ad Clickers Social Influencers Social Influencers Reached Usage Milestone Reached Usage Milestone Used Before Last Update Used Before Last Update Used More than Once Used More than Once In Key Target Demo In Key Target Demo In Favorable Geo In Favorable Geo

20 2. Advertiser Bids on High-Value Segments $0.50 Starting minimum bid: Competitive advertiser bidding for segments greatly increases pay-outs!

21 3. Re-Engagement Campaign Runs in Publisher App

22 Flurry Has Cracked the Code on What Advertisers Want Don’t miss out on adding this game-changing revenue driver to your app for the holiday season Advertisers know that re-engagement changes the game on efficiently building their app audience, and demand is high Advertisers know that only Flurry has the reach and technology to bring back their best users Advertisers are clamoring to run re-engagement campaigns after every acquisition campaign and app update Advertisers will pay top-dollar, over-and-over, to re-engage their best users AppCircle Re-engagement will help you reach record revenues

23 Get the best of all worlds – max fill & revenue Flurry’s Flexible Interstitial Show AC Recs, AC Clips & AC Reengagement ads

24 App calls Flurry server for available ad units Flurry Servers User’s Handset Flexible Interstitial Flurry makes all ad types available to your app Your filter and rank preferences set up during integration control which ad-types are displayed, and in what order How Flurry’s Flexible Interstitial Works 1. AC Reengagement 2. AC Clips 3. AC Recommendations

25 Benefits 1.Maximize Revenue: Leverage all advertising formats (AC Reengagement, AC Clips, AC App Recommendations) to maximize fill and revenue generation 2.Save Work: One easy integration, many ad offers 3.Increase Flexibility: Instantly turn any ad type on or off from Flurry dashboard, no app update needed 4.Test & Monitor: View Impressions, Clicks and Revenue for each ad type across all placements in your app

26 4. AC Rewarded Installs on Android $20+ eCPMs

27 AppCircle Advantage on Android Why publish ads on Android? 1.Massive, growing market opportunity 2.Open field, but window will close 3.Monetizing via ads even more critical than on iOS 4.Diversify your risk, leverage your titles more (if on iOS already) Why publish with AppCircle on Android? 1.Higher payout per install ($0.35 to $0.40) 2.More integration flexibility & seamless user flow 3.Better targeted app recommendations 4.Powerful analytics help you optimize performance Result: 25% of AppCircle pub revenue is Android and is growing fast

28 <3% Virtual Goods Purchasers Android Publisher Economics DAUsLowAverageHigh 100,000 $900$2,700 $4,500 Daily Revenue Range by Implementation Type, as of Oct. 2011 PeriodLowAverageHigh Month $27,000 $81,000 $135,000 Quarter $81,000 $243,000 $405,000 Year $328,500 $985,500 $1,642,500 Revenue Projection by Month, Quarter, Year (100k DAUs) Source: Flurry Analytics Best Monetizing Android Network

29 Android AppCircle Rewards Greatly Boosts Creative Mobile Revenue $0.40-$0.45 per install Flexible and fast Flurry’s better ad targeting drives higher payouts and is simple to integrate Uses Flurry Analytics Tracking 110K+ apps Pub Payout per Install Daily Installs Metric Definition Result Publisher revenue earned from each AC Rewards install Publisher Installs generated per day through AC Rewards $0.45 20,000 We are so pleased with AC Rewards that we are adding it in more & more parts of our game, and our revenue keeps on growing. -Vladimir Funtikov – MD Creative Mobile Android Success Story: Drag Racing

30 Next Steps Create Flurry account at 4 2 1 Download & integrate Flurry SDK from Launch and start earning incremental revenue Define your ad types, placements & rewards (see SDK ReadMe) 3

31 Questions? Email me at

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