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Copyright © 2012, 4G/M2M paper survey.

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1 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU 4G/M2M paper survey

2 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Wireless machine-to-machine communication Beale, M.; Morioka, Y.; Microwave Conference (EuMC), 2011 41st European, vol., no., pp.115-118, 10-13 Oct. 2011

3 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU The most frequently used wireless technology that is applied in the PAN for M2M is IEEE 802.15.4 based Zigbee; WiFi, may also be used in the PAN or local area WiMAX, CDMA etc. may also be used for M2M. These technologies may be suitable for supporting higher data rate M2M applications than GPRS although such high data rates applications (e.g. video surveillance, digital signage etc.) may only represent a small proportion of M2M communications in the foreseeable future

4 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU LTE technology, as the long term evolution for 3GPP, is a natural choice for the evolution of 3GPP to the support of low rate M2M applications in the future. 3GPP is considering LTE enhancements as part of its focus on M2M

5 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Coverage and networking analysis of TD- LTE system Sheng Zhou; Communication Technology and Application (ICCTA 2011), IET International Conference on, vol., no., pp.428-431, 14-16 Oct. 2011

6 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU The development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things sharply increases needs of bandwidth and rate of mobile network In a typical urban macro/micro scenario with lots of users, the network capacity is a bottleneck of the user experience

7 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU AFN (Intra Frequency Networking) is that the service and neighbor cells work in the same spectrum, namely sharing same sub-carrier resources RFN (Inter Frequency Networking) means the service cell works in the different spectrum different from neighbor cells

8 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Radio resource allocation in LTE-advanced cellular networks with M2M communications Kan Zheng; Fanglong Hu; Wenbo Wang; Wei Xiang; Dohler, M.; Communications Magazine, IEEE, vol.50, no.7, pp.184-192, July 2012

9 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU This article thus briefly reviews the features of M2M services in the third generation (3G) long-term evolution and its advancement (LTE-Advanced) networks With M2M communications, devices “talk” to each other through wired or wireless connections and share data without direct human intervention

10 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU For mobile service operators, services through M2M communications have promising and strategic values. For instance, a large number of M2M services are non- real time and typically consume little bandwidth, with minimal impact on the capacity of radio access networks (RANs) The scope of this article is hence to examine how H2H users and MTC devices can share available radio resources efficiently so as to mitigate co-channel interference and thus enhance network efficiency

11 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Direct Transmission Between MTCD and eNB — Therefore, there exist strong similarities between the eNB-to-UE and eNB-to-MTCD links. In certain time instants, intense competition for radio resources may occur

12 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Multi-Hop Transmission with the Aid of an MTC Gateway — In order to mitigate or eliminate negative effects of M2M communications on H2H communications, an MTC gateway can be deployed in cellular networks, where all MTCDs are connected to the eNB indirectly through the relaying of the MTCG

13 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Peer-to-Peer Transmission Between MTCDs — An MTCD may communicate locally with other entities, which provide the MTCD with raw data for processing and communicating to the MTC server and/or other MTCDs

14 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Machine-to-Machine Communication in LTE-A Yu Chen; Wei Wang; Vehicular Technology Conference Fall (VTC 2010-Fall), 2010 IEEE 72nd, vol., no., pp.1-4, 6-9 Sept. 2010

15 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Machine-to-machine communication will be one of the focuses in LTE-A, as the demand of M2M is increasing so greatly recent years and might eventually exceeds the human-to-human communication. Like the first generation M2M, a major part of M2M uses SMS as the communication method, and the machines only send small amount of data once a time. It is not a problem when there are few machine devices in the network

16 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU In current specification, only very limited categories of handset capabilities are supported, and even the lowest category can provide what’s more than the metering needs The LTE-A physical layer chain contains the following six function blocks, including physical channels supported, coding schemes, modulation schemes, maximum transmission power, bandwidth configuration, RF configuration

17 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Since these machines are deployed by large company, it is easy to make the conformance test of the new devices, so network operator does not need to worry the impact on the current network

18 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU Support of Low Complexity LTE Terminals Beale, Martin; Morioka, Yuichi; Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 2012 IEEE 75th, vol., no., pp.1-6, 6-9 May 2012

19 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU With approximately 80% of the worldwide population already connected through cellular networks in 2010, the market for Human-to-Human (H2H) communication is expected to saturate in the near future Whereas many operators currently use multiple radio access technologies (RATs), future costs can be reduced by operating a single RAT

20 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU A Novel Random Access for Fixed-Location Machine-to-Machine Communications in OFDMA Based Systems Ko, K.; Kim, M.; Bae, K.; Sung, D.; Kim, J.; Ahn, J.; Communications Letters, IEEE, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-4, 2012

21 Copyright © 2012, MBL@CS.NCTU To support M2M communications in future cellular systems, one of the most challenging problems is to resolve a collision problem in random access because of access attempts from a large number of devices

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