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The “Ugly” Side of Smartphone Unleashing the potential negative effect of Smartphone.

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2 The “Ugly” Side of Smartphone Unleashing the potential negative effect of Smartphone

3 Smartphones are some of the most dynamic communication and increasingly infotainment devices of the Digital Age.

4 What do people used their smartphones for??


6 While smartphones have proved to be highly beneficial tools for many tasks and activities, some negative effects do exist.

7 Addictive Being fixated on checking text messages, playing games, checking email, or calling friends and relatives can often make a user a slave to the technology and detract from other fun and engaging real-world activities. 22 % (adult) and 47% (teenager) smartphone users admitted using or answering their handset in the bathroom or toilet. (Ofcom, 2011)

8 Disrupt Sleep The sound “Tring” from the phone that indicate there is an e-mail or messages received will make us curious to peek inside. Turn off your phone before bedtime so you can rest This preoccupation can continue until the evening, time to rest and restore energy.

9 Hazardous Driving Perhaps the most negative effect of a mobile phone is its frequent while driving. This detracts from the primary purpose of driving and has been responsible for many deadly crashes.


11 Family Neglect With newer mobile phones being all-in-one entertainment devices, young users tend to get immersed in their cell phones for hours on end. Family interaction becomes limited, and negative consequences happen over time.

12 Reduced productivity Starting from the reduced work productivity, increase the number of accidents, until the body so easily attacked by diseases.

13 Doctors are claiming too much time spent bent over mobile devices is causing a rise in a range of symptoms such as neck strain, headaches, and pain in the shoulders, and sometimes in the arms and hands. A study (The Telegraph, 2011) reported that some cases are so severe that the muscles eventually adapt to the flexed position, making it painful to straighten the neck out properly. Repetitive Stress Injury : ‘Text Neck’

14 Other health effects Too often stared at the phone can cause nausea and headaches. Endangering the eye linger staring at small text on the mobile screen can cause headaches, blurred vision, and dry eye. Ouchh! That is why I should keep my phone 40 to 50 inches away from my face.

15 So, how to avoid???

16 Easy steps to practice… Keep use to a minimum, Take regular breaks and Look at different ways of interacting, such as voice recognition software for texting

17 Happy practicing, STAY HEALTHY, STAY SAFE! To watch a video, please click the icon below (^_^)!

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19 THE END Thank You~



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