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1 Alvin Chew Director, Business Development, Asia 20 th August 2014 Satellite Communication Procedures in the event of Natural Disasters.

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1 1 Alvin Chew Director, Business Development, Asia 20 th August 2014 Satellite Communication Procedures in the event of Natural Disasters

2 Iridium - A vital, global communications provider of mobile voice and data services via 66 in-orbit satellites World’s largest commercial satellite constellation Reliable, real-time, mission-critical communications services Truly global coverage Pole-to-pole, including all oceans & land masses Any terrain Where terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable or undesirable Low-latency Highly reliable Cross-linked satellites operating as a fully meshed network and supported by multiple in-orbit spares. 2Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

3 Follow us Iridium’s Long Term Competitive Advantage 3 A unique LEO constellation sets it apart from MEO and GEO systems Shorter distance results in a better customer experience Cross-linked and overlapping “mesh” architecture Delivers superior availability, efficiency, flexibility and reliability Near-polar orbit constellation truly means “Iridium Everywhere” Connectivity is driving missions worldwide Our satellite network provides a superior and differentiated experience for our customers

4 Follow us What Is Iridium NEXT? 4 Fully replaces the current constellation of 66 LEO satellite architecture Updates the ground system with new features and capabilities Supported by 6 in-orbit spares and 9 ground spares Scheduled deployment between 2015 and 2017 To be launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets (9 SVs/launch); ISC Kosmotras a supplemental contract Significant advantages Expanded capacity Higher data speeds Ability to host payloads Deployment approach designed for service continuity

5 Built-in Disaster Recovery Constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites 6 planes of 11 satellites Polar orbits provide at 780 km altitude 100% global coverage Inter-satellite links are key differentiator Multiple spares in orbit Mission Orbit at 780 km (485 mi) (66 Satellites) Storage Orbit 5Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

6 Call Routing Above & Around Effected Area Iridium Gateway Tempe, Arizona Iridium Handset Iridium’s call path is highly disaster proof. Calls seamlessly transmit through inter-satellite links, never relying on ground transport. Iridium-to-Iridium calls go directly from satellite phone to satellite to phone. PSTN 6Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

7 First Responder Applications Search and rescue Damage assessment reporting Mobility required Relief supply logistics support Ordering relief supplies Supply movement tracking and redirection Coordination of rescue efforts Injury/death reporting Request for medical team support Coordination of evacuations Facilitating communications between survivors and family members 7Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

8 8 Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT): General Briefing 20 August 2014

9 Introduction to Iridium PTT Iridium Push to Talk is a half-duplex service – only one person may speak at a time. Iridium Push to Talk is a group service – many devices may participate by listening or talking on a talkgroup at any time. We may in the future add a one-to-one capability but not at launch. Iridium Push to Talk is a broadcast service – when devices are located within the same beam area, they will share the same network resources making the service more and more efficient as more devices are located in the same beam areas. Iridium Push to Talk is a global service – allowing devices around the globe to communicate on the same talkgroup. Iridium Push to Talk is a simple service – not in the networking of it but in the use and management of it. Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 9

10 THE EVOLUTION Iridium PTT Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 10

11 The Evolution of PTT at Iridium Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 11 Phase I: Single Satellite/ Single Beam (“untrunked”) Phase II: Single Satellite/Multi-Beam Iridium launched “Netted Iridium” in 2008. This Push to Talk capability operated on specific handsets within the DoD community around the globe. The evolution of Netted through its three phases serves as the foundation for Iridium PTT. Phase III: Anyone/Anywhere

12 Coverage Example – Arizona, Ottawa, Washington DC Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 12

13 FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY Iridium PTT Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 13

14 Group Communication Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 14 Geographic Reach and Diversity Anywhere on the Earth Up to 10 different regions covered per talkgroup Fast Setup and In-Call Latency Button push to talking <2 seconds Once in call, sub-500ms Voice and Data Either type of communication is supported. Depends on device implementation Unlimited Authorized Participants May provision an unlimited number of devices into each talkgroup (>10,000 devices) Secure Comms AES-256 encryption is used to ensure the secure provisioning and talkgroup communication.

15 Group Communication: Secure Comms Encryption of communication within the Iridium PTT system utilizes AES-256. Devices, whether manufactured by Iridium or by a Value Added Manufacturer (VAM), will be assigned keys at manufacturing. These keys will control provisioning of talkgroups and other attributes for each device. Talkgroups are assigned their own keys that are then provisioned to devices. This key for each talkgroup ensures that each talkgroup is a closed user group. Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 15

16 Service Management Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 16 Over the Air Provisioning Talkgroup areas are changed in seconds. Changes to device membership are made available within seconds. Device Controls Devices may be disabled, network suspended or billing suspended within seconds. Simple Graphical Interface Google maps utilizes in geo displays Easy drag and drop controls. Centralized Controls All service coordination is performed using a single interface. Direct Management End user organizations may control their own service and device parameters.

17 Device Features Talker and Talkgroup Name Talkgroup and talker names may be assigned. Control of names is within the Centralized Controls. Talkgroup Membership Each device may be a member of up to 15 talkgroups. Priority Talkgroup Talkgroup Monitoring Each device is informed of activities on all talkgroup to which it is a member. Each device may be assigned a Priority TG that pre-empts all other traffic when active. Global Provisioning Device provisioning updates are applied anywhere on the planet regardless of talkgroup areas. Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 17

18 DEVICES AND DEVICE DEVELOPMENT Iridium PTT Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 18

19 Subscriber Equipment Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 19 Iridium Extreme® PTTIridium 9523 Core Form FactorHandheldModule for Device integration DurabilityMil-Spec: IP65Product-Dependent Service SupportPTT Location Updates Telephony SMS Circuit-Switched Data SBD PTT Location Updates Telephony SMS Circuit-Switched Data SBD PowerRechargeable BatteryProduct-Dependent Speaker AudioHigh/Low Audio or HeadsetProduct-Dependent AccessoriesChargers, External Antenna, Docking Stations, Audio and Data Connectors N/A Available in October Available in August for development partners

20 Iridium Extreme® PTT The Iridium Extreme® PTT is a dual-mode device that supports both the current capabilities (Voice, CSD, SMS, SBD, LBS) and PTT. The Telephony side of the phone is SIM-based while the PTT side is IMEI based. It is a new handset that will be sold alongside the Iridium Extreme® Both the Iridium Extreme® and Iridium Extreme® PTT will have the following changes made at the time of the Extreme PTT launch: New higher quality, louder speaker Improved PTT button (even though the button isn’t important for non-PTT Extremes) The Extreme PTT will also have a new faceplate that is black and has PTT printed below the screen and above the keypad. The Extreme PTT will also have the full PTT capabilities including the ability to move to PTT from the telephony side of the handset and vice versa. The Iridium Extreme® PTT will be launched in the October timeframe. Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 20

21 Iridium Core 9523 Enhancement The addition of PTT to the 9523 will NOT be a new device launch. It will be an enhancement to the 9523. Same part number, different version number when the firmware is updated. Only authorized VAMs will be permitted to develop solutions for the PTT side of the device. This device will launch in early August. Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 21

22 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 22 Iridium GO! TM : General Briefing 20 August 2014

23 Iridium GO! TM : The Next-Generation Smartphone Enabler Dial your smartphone contacts Great audio quality Call management features Iridium Optimized Apps Full QWERTY Keyboard for Messaging Large, vivid color smartphone display Freedom to use naturally Supports range of devices without special adapters Fits in your pocket Integrated and Easy to Use 23Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

24 Iridium GO! Product Specifications Ruggedized to the highest specs available in the satellite industry Battery powered with an integrated antenna Measures just 4.5 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches, weighs 10.4 ounces Satellite-backed Wi-Fi connection Supports up to five devices at a time within a 100’ range Built-in SOS functionality creates fast, two-way connection with an emergency provider Optimal voice quality, thanks to the use of optimized audio quality of the smartphones Iridium NEXT-ready, Iridium GO! will work with Iridium’s second- generation constellation which begin launch in 2015 24Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

25 Iridium GO!Iridium Extreme Customer NeedGlobal smartphone/tablet connectivityGlobal, mobile, critical calling # of Devices NeededTwo: Iridium GO! + smartphone/tabletOne Start-Up Time1 minute20 seconds MobilityEverywhere within ~100’ WiFi rangeEverywhere Wearable on bodyOperating distance requiredYes Gloved operationNoYes Environmental specsIP65, Mil-Spec, -10C to +55C temps (Smartphones vary) IP65, Mil-Spec, -10C to +55C temps Battery standby timeUp to 15 hoursUp to 30 hours Battery talk timeUp to 5.5 hoursUp to 4 hours External antenna includedNo – not required if in WiFi rangeYes Developer platformMobile smartphone/tablet appsOnline location tracking Messaging capabilitiesSMS, SOS, twitter updates, location sharing, email, sending photos SMS, SOS, twitter updates, location sharing # of users who can shareUp to 5 smartphone/tablet users1 end user Iridium GO! vs. Iridium Satellite Phone 25Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

26 Iridium GO! Smartphone/Tablet Connectivity Smartphones and tablets can connect wirelessly without the need for special adapters Supports everyday devices off-the-grid while maintaining access to important contacts and apps Enhanced smartphone voice quality with the use of optimized audio fidelity Apps available for iOS and Android Included Apps Iridium GO!: Users can make voice calls, send text messages, use location-based (GPS) services and use SOS functions Iridium Mail & Web: Users can send email (and access their contacts to do so), send Tweets and posts to Facebook, send photos, use the mobile web, and access weather information 26Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

27 Multiple Users (up to 5) Login Administration Phone Calling Call Transfer Text Messaging Twitter Tracking Contact Management SOS Button In-App Help Iridium GO! App 27Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

28 Customer Use Cases for Iridium GO! Alternative to Expensive Roaming Charges Remote Home Access Emergency Response Remote Enterprise Apps Aviation App Connectivity Military Smartphone Enablement 28Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

29 Conclusions Disasters can occur at any time and anywhere Iridium is the only system capable of providing service anywhere in the world Instantly available when relief workers first arrive on-site Complements longer term, less mobile solutions 29Iridium Proprietary and Confidential

30 QUESTIONS? Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 30

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