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Novalog IP Communications Management Suite In association with MIT.

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1 Novalog IP Communications Management Suite In association with MIT

2 About Impilo Communications (iC3) In association with MIT Voice and Data Solutions MIT has been involved in the industry since the mid 1980’s. It is an innovative software house specialising in solutions for the management of voice and data communications. Based in Boksburg (Gauteng), iC3 has a range of products that are currently serving hundreds of clients, including many “blue chip” and Government organizations within SA and world-wide.

3 Novalog IP Suite: Call Management Supports TDM & IP across multiple vendors and interfaces (IP / serial / dial-up / FTP / SQL) at multiple locations with variable tariffs SQL database featuring a flexible multi-user secure web interface Cost management structured by group, country, site, department and extension delivered by web, e-mail, Excel and PDF export Comprehensive reporting of all key performance indicators: fully automated or ad-hoc, all user configurable 24/7 Sentinel call fraud detection (by cost, duration, dialled number and traffic volume) with e-mail and / or SMS alerts Integrated web-based directory management including import from PBX, LDAP server (Active Directory), XML or spreadsheet

4 Top-Level Reports (e.g. Departmental Summary) Mid-Level Reports (e.g. Extension Summary) Low-Level Reports (e.g. Itemised Calls List) Call Management Web Interface

5 Call Management Web Interface – High Level Departmental Summary Communications overview of entire organisation, ordered by departmental hierarchy. User can click on individual departments in order to create targeted mid-level reports (such as the Extension Summary). The Site Summary report is comparable, but structured by telephone system.

6 Call Management Web Interface – Mid Level Extension Summary Communications overview of a single department, initially ordered by extension number. User can click on individual extensions in order to create targeted low-level reports (such as the Itemised List). The Extension Summary can be used to view the entire organisation if desired, and can also be run as a real-time view.

7 Call Management Web Interface – Low Level Itemised Calls List Full details of all telephone calls made or received by the selected extension. As with all the other web reports, information can be printed off, exported into Excel format or directly e-mailed to one or more addresses. When viewing any report, the user can change dates and other parameters on-the-fly.

8 Call Management Web Interface – Console Statistics TTA Summary Detailed analysis of operator performance, monitoring not only the speed of response but also unanswered call numbers (and how long the caller waited before hanging up). The CLI details of lost calls can be accessed with a single click. Novalog IP also provides the Console Summary report, a special variant of the widely- used Extension Summary that specifically targets consoles.

9 Call Management Novalog IP Suite: 24/7 Sentinel Dedicated alarms & exceptions “watchdog” module Dedicated alarms & exceptions “watchdog” module Can provide alerts via e-mail and / or SMS text message Can provide alerts via e-mail and / or SMS text message Detects “exceptional” calls: cost, duration, dialled number Detects “exceptional” calls: cost, duration, dialled number Detects “threat” calls: incoming to modems, LAN gateways Detects “threat” calls: incoming to modems, LAN gateways Detects “anomalies”: unusually high trunk usage patterns Detects “anomalies”: unusually high trunk usage patterns

10 Novalog IP Suite: Asset Manager Provides complete automated auditing of both TDM and IP PBXs for management or migration of single sites or entire estates Reports on hardware: cabinet maps; card types, revisions and capacities; handset quantities by type and model Reports on configuration: call routing, firmware revisions, software options and licensing, Classes of Service / Restriction Comparison reports on moves and changes: hardware changes, firmware changes, routing and configuration changes Anti-fraud reporting on call forwarding configuration SQL database featuring a flexible multi-user secure web interface with e-mail, Excel and CSV export options

11 Asset Manager Web Interface – PBX Summary Complete overview of PBX resources including software revision, cards and circuit capacities (total and available). Detects and identifies circuits that are out-of-service or even semi-programmed (seemingly used, but serving no purpose). Provides instant graphical indication of capacity status.

12 Asset Manager Web Interface – Configuration Tree Provides a familiar interface for navigating through all of the configuration data for a PBX as an alternative to the direct searching capabilities. User can drill right down through all of the available data into the configuration settings of a single handset, all with a few clicks of a mouse. Includes details of software options, cabinets, cards, route plans, trunk groups, firmware revisions, classes of service and handset forwarding.

13 Asset Manager Web Interface – Handsets / ACD Full count and type of all handsets and devices. Clicking on a type launches search functions and displays further details (PLID, MAC address, firmware revision, etc). Provides directory information, details of any ACD agents, and a complete list of all handset forwarding settings. As with all other Asset Manager reports, information can be printed, output into Excel or CSV format, or sent out directly via e-mail.

14 Asset Manager Web Interface – Fraud Risks Report Detects any extensions forwarded to particular external destination types, including mobiles and international numbers. Also highlights other PBX configuration weaknesses (such as unsecured DISA ports).

15 Novalog IP Suite: Directory Management Automated directory import from CSV spreadsheet, PBX or Active Directory (or other LDAP server) Web-based and client-based tools for directory management and directory look-ups Supports ad-hoc notes for all directory members triggered by time and date Configurable quick-reference pages for display of additional information (supplier numbers, taxi firms, airport info lines, etc) Provides both standard and user-defined information fields for all directory entries




19 Novalog IP Suite: ACD Reporting Real-time Agent status view available via flexible web interface for ACD Supervisors, ACD Agents, or display on plasma screen Agent performance via timeline reporting and key performance indicators Comprehensive tracking of ACD path statistics including calls interflowed in and out E-mailing and Excel export options Configurable Agent PC Wallboard software

20 ACD Reporting Web Interface – ACD Management ACD Live View Provides real-time ACD monitoring capabilities. Novalog IP can provide agent summaries and individual statistics, including complete agent activity timelines. The reporting options also include analysis of ACD group routing patterns.


22 Novalog IP Suite: Alarm Sentinel 24 / 7 monitoring of PBX alarms via serial, IP or SNMP Delivers real-time detailed alarm information via e-mail and / or SMS text message notifications Alert procedure can be varied depending on time, day, PBX and alarm severity Provides secure web-based reports and statistics for all alarm events Optional monitoring of PBX room temperature

23 Alarm Management Hardware & PBX integration IP PBX NON-IP PBX Client Alarm Module E-mailSMS LAN SNMP via LAN NetBuffer Serial Link LAN Alarm Server HTTP Request

24 Novalog IP Suite: Personal Call Billing Supports import of both mobile carrier CDR billing data and PBX call data Web-based interface for user identification of individual personal calls Secure self-learning of personal numbers on a per-user basis Provides land-line and mobile personal call reports for e-mail to the payroll team Integrated with Sentinel anti-fraud system to provide close monitoring of personal call activities

25 Novalog IP Suite: Custom Reports MIT are both an accredited Mitel Development Partner and a proven software engineering team. Recent bespoke development has included the following projects: HyperDirectory. Advanced collation system that allows vastly disparate data sources to be combined together either for population of Active Directory, or as an equivalent data store. Voice Message Distribution System allowing propagation of voicemail messages across a global network of MN3300’s. Custom Directory Search web interface development.

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