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Madhouse! Inc. 亿动广告传媒 China’s Most Intelligent Mobile Ad Network October 16, 2006.

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1 Madhouse! Inc. 亿动广告传媒 China’s Most Intelligent Mobile Ad Network October 16, 2006

2 Madhouse has served a total of 58 million impressions, with 39 million impressions served in September alone Media Buying Agencies Media Buying Agencies Ad Agencies Advertisers Madhouse Services Overview WAP Site Alliance WAP Site Alliance Carrier Media Carrier Media On-Device Client Media On-Device Client Media

3 Note: Targeting criteria include by city, by carrier sub-brand, by handset model, and by time Effective & Targeted Mobile Media Buying Use WAP Media Intelligently with Targeted AD Serving Step 3. MAD Serving intelligently serves a different ad to the same site based on user profile (i.e., Although they are on the same site (WAPTX), Business User A sees a BMW ad, while Shanghai Student User B sees a Coke ad) Step 2. MAD Serving analyzes handset information to recognize that Student User B has come onto the site and calls up relevant database info Step 2. MAD Serving analyzes handset information to recognize that Business User A has come onto the site and calls up relevant database info Step 1. Beijing Business User A visits WAP site Step 1. Shanghai Student User B visits the same WAP site

4 Optimizing Ad Versions to Ad Positions Ad Version 3 Ad Version 2 Ad Version 1 Ad Version 4 Ad Version 5 Ad Version 6 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Ad versions Optimized Inventory Time Period New Ad Versions Rotation Accumulated Optimized Inventory New Ad Versions Rotation …… Fully Optimized Inventory …… Note: Performance optimization is achieved automatically by MadServing, which determines the best creative ad version to project onto the best ad position through constantly rotating and testing new combinations MadServing Ad Performance Optimization Time Period

5 Caps by Time Unit: Day/Week/Month/Campaign Period Frequency Cap Media Buying Models: by impression, by click, by action …… MadServing Frequency and Content Caps MadServing supports multiple pricing models  Fixed location/time purchase  CPM (cost per thousand impressions) with real-time monitoring  CPC (cost-per-click) with real-time monitoring  CPA (cost-per-action) with follow-on reporting ※ Fill out a survey ※ Download a program or coupon ※ Call a hotline MadServing enables advertisers to set limits on the number of times individuals view ads, i.e., once per day, 3 times per week, 3 times per campaign

6 Detailed Analytical Capability System Wide Macro Analysis Campaign-Specific Analysis Ad Version Analysis Ad Position Analysis MadServing — Reporting Visitor breakdown by province Visitor breakdown by handset brand Visitor breakdown by carrier sub-brand

7 Jan-May 2006 % of Total WAP Traffic by Site Carrier WAP Portal Traffic Represents only 12% of Traffic

8 MadNetwork Partner Media Sites Partnered as an agent with Fractalist, which represents China Mobile’s Official Monternet Portal to advertisers Represents nearly all major WAP sites to advertisers, as well as specialized sites with specific content and user groups

9 SMS “coke” to 50120 TV Newspaper Magazine Radio Outdoor Step 1: All mass media campaigns can include Coke SMS “Domain Name” Step 2: User sends SMS 50120 Step 3: The system sends an interactive SMS menu for user’s further actions Welcome to iCoke: Please Reply to: 1.Accumulate points 2.Check account balance 3.Visit iCoke Mobile Site 4.Rescue SHE 5.Register and become a iCoke member Reply 1: Please reply and enter the PIN Code Reply 2: Hello Alex: You have 12,345 points for redemption Reply R: to check prizes for redemption A: to accumulate points W: to visit iCoke site Reply 3: Get x iCoke points every time you visit Icoke mobile site MadSolutions Cross-media Campaigns

10 MAD Serving Targeted SMS/MMS BaoDao WAP Site MAD Network BaoDao Mobile Marketing Framework Other Media New Customer Acquisition BaoDao Optical CRM customer database of over 1 million phone numbers

11 Baodao Optical Case Study – Buy 3 Get 1 Free Baodao Optical pushed a “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” disposable lens promotion via WAP Push Users can redeem the phone coupon directly at any of Baodao’s over 400 chain stores Of the 30,000 users that received WAP Push, 6,500 users visited the Baodao mobile site, for a 22% response rate Baodao Optical Buy 3 Get 1 Free Promotion Eye Exam To take the test, first hold your phone an arm’s length away from your eyes Start Eye Exam E0.3

12 Cross Media Mobile Media Cross Media SMS Or WAP Push Mobile Media Buy Print AD TV/Radio Internet AD WAP Site In-Store Experience Online Experience Off-Line Experience Baodao Mobile Marketing Platform & Flow MMS Push Baodao

13 Management Team Joshua Maa, CEO & Founder Former Founding CEO of Rock Mobile Corporation, Greater China's leading Mobile Music Entertainment Service Provider, and EVP of TOM Online, China's largest Wireless Value-Added Service Provider by revenue Xia Rongrong, VP, Business Development RongRong leverages 11 years of China-based professional 4A Agency experience, rising to Group Account Director Ogilvy & Mather, serving key clients including: China Mobile, Unicom, Motorola, Jeep, and IBM Nelson Huang, CTO Before serving as Chief Architect for Beijing-based 8la Online Music, Nelson led a technical team of over 100 people as CTO of pAsia (Inforian), the former China Internet community and commerce leader, offering the CICQ instant messaging platform and the the first and largest e-auction site then. Craig Watts, International Director Former International BD Director for TOM Online, Craig brings 6 years of experience in Japan and 7 years in China, working as a strategy consultant in the telecom and WVAS sectors, and as a PR professional with Burson-Marsteller

14 Thank You

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