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* Agilis Systems. © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Agilis Overview SaaS for mobile resource management Private company, founded 2004 Headquarters, customer.

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1 * Agilis Systems

2 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Agilis Overview SaaS for mobile resource management Private company, founded 2004 Headquarters, customer care & development in St. Louis, MO Domestic and international presence

3 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Key Market Drivers Customers  #1 Reason: Increase customer satisfaction  #2 Reason: Increase productivity  #3 Reason: Reduce cost  Lack of Management visibility of mobile operations  Inability to manage physical assets in the field  Improved customer response times  Integrate & extend back office functionality

4 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Key Market Drivers Carriers  ARPU is trending down  Pressure for increased ARPU  Business applications provide churn insurance  Devices are affordable and feature rich  Wireless ‘data’ network coverage is nearly universal

5 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC The Agilis Space The Agilis Difference Configuration Integration Customization

6 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Core Solutions Mobile Work Order Management Mobile Forms Time Card Free Messaging Mobile Forms GPS Location & Tracking Breadcrumb & Geofence Time Card Free Messaging All Features of SmartDISPATCH, SmartFORMS, and SmartLOCATE

7 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Add-On Solutions Automated Next Customer Call Ahead with ETA Audible Turn-by-Turn Directions with Garmin Mobile Credit/Debit Card Payment Automated DOT IFTA Mileage and Fuel Tax Reporting Supervisor Mobile Time Card for Clock In/Out of Their Team Automated OBD Vehicle Diagnostics Powered by Agnik

8 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Web-based real-time dispatching  Everything is one click away  Mobile work orders  Mobile time cards  Customer definable forms (SmartFORMS)  Real-time job status updates  Free, non-SMS messaging  Definable & enforceable business processes  Integration with back office systems Standalone Product No GPS Required!! Also Included in SmartWORKS Work Order & Work Flow Management

9 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Unlimited number of forms  Unlimited number of fields per form Photo & Signature Capture Barcode Scan (1D & 2D) Formulas Branching Logic Search & Select Field Entry Text / Numbers Yes/No Radio Buttons Drop Down List Mobile Printing  Attached to work orders or used as a standalone form  Easy to create & deploy Configurable Mobile Forms Automatically Included with SmartDISPATCH and SmartWORKS

10 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC What Our Customers Are Saying… FIELD SERVICE - HVAC Inefficient dispatch, delayed field updates, excess field paperwork, manual data entry of field paperwork, excess parts inventory, 3- week invoicing lag Tried 3 other MRM companies without success Deployed Agilis SmartDISPATCH Agilis integrated with back office AS400 in 5 days Created multiple mobile forms for Sales, Service, and Repair Eliminated field paperwork Real-time data transfer & next day Invoicing Savings - $2,000,000 per year Improved Customer Satisfaction while Reducing Cost “Field technicians now have all the information they need right at their fingertips such as customer address, job details, and pricing. Information is in real time and is extremely accurate. We have seen amazing results with Agilis.” John B., Programmer Analyst Challenges Solution Benefits

11 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Web-based GPS tracking  Breadcrumb trails On the map Exportable file  Mobile time cards  Vehicle maintenance  Free messaging (non SMS)  Map overlays  Import landmarks/customers  Geofencing with alerts  SOS distress alerts Location Tracking of Workers, Vehicles, and Assets Available as a Standalone Product or Included in SmartWORKS

12 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Dynamic route optimization  Job locations displayed on map  Work order dispatch from map Complete Mobile Management Solution Combines: + PLUS:

13 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Another Customer Success Story TRANSPORTATION Healthcare Delivery/Distribution Pharmaceutical manufacturer uses own drivers & contractors to deliver medicines to hospitals & doctor offices Delivery errors and late deliveries cost them $500 per delivery Needed to reduce costs from mileage, idle time, and driver overtime Deployed SmartWORKS Integrated with 2 different back office work order systems Deliveries automatically dispatched to driver handsets Route optimization reduced mileage and overtime Each delivery barcode scanned for accuracy and time/location stamped Delivery status updated in real time $300,000 annual savings from reduced driver’s mileage & overtime $500,000 annual savings in liability claims from accurate POD $150,000 annual savings in delivery errors Challenges Solution Benefits

14 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Automated ETA call to your customers for appointment confirmation  Auto notify & verify next customer  Reschedule appointment if needed  Re-optimize worker’s route  Add-on for SmartWORKS Automated Customer Call Ahead Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Dead Truck Rolls

15 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Mobile Payment Processing  Accept credit, debit, & stored-value cards in the field  Software only solution – no card-swipe hardware required  Card swipe hardware optional  Card information entered onto Agilis’ SmartFORM ™ on the handset  Immediate authorization  Mobile receipt printing available (Windows Mobile ® & BlackBerry devices, Bluetooth ® printer required)  Compliant with highest levels of industry security standards  Charge Anywhere ® gateway has been 100% breach free since its inception in 2004 Increase Cash Flow From Shortened Receivables

16 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  No typing required  Auto re-routes missed turns  Real-time traffic, construction, and vehicle type routing  Available with or without visual maps  Add-on for SmartLOCATE or SmartWORKS Audible Turn-By-Turn Directions Reduce Mileage and Vehicle Maintenance Costs, Complete More Jobs per Day

17 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Interfaced & certified with “Promiles” IFTA Tax Audit Detail MPG Report Etc.  Fuel card integration  Electronic driver logs  Add-on for SmartLOCATE or SmartWORKS State Mileage & Fuel Tax Reporting Reduce Manual Reporting Costs

18 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Mobile Time Card for Supervisors  Allows field supervisors to clock in/out their team on one handset  Reduces the number of handsets required if some workers only need mobile time card feature  Add-on for SmartLOCATE, SmartDISPATCH, or SmartWORKS Improve Management Productivity and Control Labor Costs

19 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC SmartDIAGNOSTICS  Predictive, vehicle diagnostic analytics  Different than standard “black box”  Continuously collects data from vehicle’s computer system  Provides reports every 10 minutes  Predictive diagnostics available on Agilis web portal  Add-on for SmartLOCATE, SmartDISPATCH, or SmartWORKS Manage Fleets, Double Your MPG, Dramatically Reduce Operating Expenses Powered by: Minefleet®

20 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Virtually Any Vertical Transportation  Trucking  Fleet Management  Delivery Services  Charter Services  Food Service Field Service  Install/Repair/Service  Health Care Providers  Construction  Any Mobile Worker Education  Campus Security  Student & Bus Tracking Public Sector  Utility Providers  Public Safety  First Responders  State & Federal Govt.  Relief Agencies Agilis Systems’ versatility allows it to work in these key industries and many more!

21 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Trucking/Transportation Integrating shippers and carriers via the web Real-time tracking & status notification to shipper and receivers Proof of delivery tools Extensive vehicle diagnostics Automating DOT/IFTA reporting Partner with Feeney Trailer Tracking

22 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Distribution/DSD Sales Merchandising Delivery Management/Administration

23 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Newspapers Transportation Redelivery Single Copy/Home Delivery

24 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Utilities Vehicle Tracking and Workflow Mapping and Plant Maintenance Door to Door Sales

25 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Local, State and Federal Government Vehicle tracking Diagnostics and Work Order Management Education School bus location, tracking and fleet maintenance Facilities maintenance

26 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Applications & Verticals Health Care Home Health Agencies Medical Supplies and Equipment Delivery (DME/HME) Pharmaceutical/specimen delivery and distribution Patient Transportation

27 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC  Reps Receive Sales Leads on Device  Mobile Form for Credit Approvals  Mobile Form for Sales Orders  Remote Payment Processing  Remote Printing of Receipts  GPS Locate Sales Reps  Playback Completed Routes / Stops  Mobile Time Cards  SOS Alert  Back Office Integration  Sales Reporting and Data Exporting Door-to-Door Sales Solution

28 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Integration and Customization  Multiple integration options: Web Services API Excel, CSV Files Custom Files Custom Feed  Bi-directional Back office system Agilis field Field Agilis back office system  Accounting, Payroll, CRM, ERP, Job Scheduling, Data Bases and more  Eliminate manual data entry time and errors  Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool Completed in Days, Not Weeks or Months

29 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Multiple Device Types  Network agnostic: CDMA, iDEN, GSM  Handsets: Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry  Vehicle Black Boxes  Air Cards, Laptops  Rugged Devices (ie. Intermec, Symbol, Opticon, etc.)  Barcode Scanners (Baracoda, Scanner Pal, etc.)  Bluetooth Printers, Signature Capture devices

30 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Agilis Customer Care  Conducts implementation meeting upon order receipt Reviews customer’s business process & operational needs Determines system configuration requirements  Configures system  Conducts user training on customer’s live system  Proactive customer follow up: Twice the first week 1x/week during first month 1x/month during first quarter Monthly/quarterly thereafter per customer’s preference  Reactive 24/7 support

31 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC The Agilis Value for Users – “Would You Like To..” “Would You Like To..” Reduce Expenses  Complete more jobs per day  Complete jobs quicker  Reduce equipment lifecycle costs  Ensure job accuracy  Eliminate missed service calls  Eliminate/reduce unauthorized vehicle use  Eliminate paper-based reporting  Reduce mobile talk time Increase Cash Flow  Increase market share, customer service & revenue  Optimize inventory levels  Increase revenue per driver  Faster & more accurate invoicing Improve Safety/Security  Faster emergency response times Transform our product innovation into your market leadership!

32 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC Agilis Business Solutions Business Pressures Need to increase cash flow to put $$$ back into the business to fund it Re-prioritizing ’09 budgets to eliminate non-essential expenses that do not generate revenue or save money Need to right size the workforce Need to do more with less Agilis Solution Mobile work orders, mobile forms, mobile payment reduce receivable time ROI less than 1 week Flexible, scalable solutions for today and tomorrow More jobs/worker/day, less admin tasks & time

33 © 2009 Agilis Systems, LLC * The Promise of Technology… Delivered Today

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