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Platform Development Study Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia & Chile October, 2004.

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2 Platform Development Study Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia & Chile October, 2004

3 The key objective was to carry out a consumer segmentation that can help the Marketing team efforts in 2005. To meet this objective a segmentation of current and potential users was carried out covering the use of mobile phones, the meaning of this resource in life, social insertion and self-perception. The segments identified were also analyzed in terms of:  Importance of the segment(s) in the studied population (LATAM/Country)  Socio demographic and attitudinal profile General Objectives

4 Methodology A quantitative study was carried out through personal face-to-face interviews based on a structured questionnaire for all five countries. 94 attributes especially elaborated for this survey, based on the attributes already used in Brazil, Chile and Mexico Segmentation studies and some previous attributes generated by some other studies from Nokia. The questionnaire was approximately 15 minutes long. Fieldwork was conducted in:  Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile => during September/ October 2004

5 Target Audience The sample was composed of men and women ages 15 to 55, from the following social classes and geographical areas:  Brazil  classes A, B, C & D1, living in the metropolitan areas of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Recife  Argentina  classes ABC1, C2, C3 & D1, living in the metropolitan areas of Buenos Aires(DF), Cordoba and Mendoza  Mexico  classes ABC+, C Típico & D+, living in Mexico (DF), Guadalajara and Monterrey  Colombia  classes AB, C1 & C2, living in the metropolitan areas of Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla  Chile  classes ABC1, C2, C3 & D1, living in Santiago Note: profiles in this study represent the characteristics of the specific studied locations only; they cannot be extrapolated to the total population of that country.

6 Attitudinal Segmentation Previousexplanation Previous explanation

7 Everybody eats and drinks. So, is everybody our target?

8 Segmentation allows to achieve a consumers group that...... share commons characteristics and values

9 Consumers with similar profiles are part of the same segment Consumers with different profiles are allocated in different segments. What types of consumers exist? Segmentation allows to reach a group of consumers that share characteristics and values in common

10 A useful and actionable segment has to be Homogeneous Can we identify commons characteristics in this group?

11 HomogeneousDistinguished Are they different enough from the other ones? A useful and actionable segment has to be

12 HomogeneousDistinguishedRelevant Can they be distinguished by RELEVANT differences? A useful and actionable segment has to be

13 Nokia Platform Development Attitudinal attributes Attitudinal attributes  Handset Style Specs, Trade offs, general statements involving habits, believes and behavior;  Demographic and geographic profile Hierarchy cluster analysis Hierarchy cluster analysis We are working with...

14 Segmentation

15 Handset Style Specs 1. My Cell Phone needs to have a business, professional appearance 2. I like my cell phone to have a large display/ screen that is easy to see 3. My Cell Phone needs to have a fashionable appearance 4. It needs to have a more classic look 5. A cell phone needs to have easy-to-press keys 6. It should have vibrant, exclusive colors 7. It should be silver, grey or similar colors 8. I prefer fold phones that open and close 9. My phone should be costume made to fit my own style 10. I would pay more for a phone made with finer materials and better finish 11. It must good looking 12. It must be unique/exclusive 13. It must be sturdy/durable 14. I prefer a more rounded shape 15. I prefer simpler, more basic phones 16. The smaller the phone, the better 17. If the phone has an odd/different appearance, for me it's ok 18. It has to be small enough to fit in my pocket 19. My cell phone is a reflection of my personality

16 Trade off’s Statements 20. I am more concerned about the functions of the cell phone than about shape, size or color 21. If the phone is too complicated, forget it, I don't want it. I want an ultra-simple cell phone 22. I prefer a good-looking cell phone than one that has a lot of functions 23. I would pay more for a cell phone that allowed me to substitute different applications 24. If the cell phone has a good quality camera, I don't need to have another digital camera 25. For me, the phone has to be small, even if it has less functions 26. If it's not good-looking, forget it, beauty is fundamental 27. Having a big screen on the phone is more important than having a small phone 28. I would never send important information via cell phone wireless connection because it may not be safe 29. I don't need a lot of functions on my cell phone, I only use it to make and receive calls 30. The brand of the cell phone is very important for me 31. First I chose the operator, than the phone model 32. A cell phone today must have internet 33. It must have camera

17 General Attitudinal Statements 34. I consider myself very well informed about new technologies 35. I rarely plan what I am going to do 36. I like to do many things at the same time 37. I am an extremely organized person 38. In general, I think that new technologies are unnecessary 39. I like to stand out from the crowd 40. The place where I buy something is as important as what I buy 41. The brands I buy show people how successful I am 42. I would pay more for a shirt of a know brand than for one with no brand 43. I always try to do what is right and not what I want to do 44. I always look for adventure and emotion 45. I like the challenge of doing something I've never done before 46. I prefer to do things the known, safe way 47. Technology allows you to be close to people even if you are far away 48. I spend my time trying to have as much fun as I can 49. I like to see new ideas in science and technology 50. I consider myself to be traditional and conservative 51. I use my cell phone all the time 52. My appearance is very important to me 53. I like to dress in the latest fashion 54. I think fashion in not important, it's superficial 55. I do a lot of shopping via Internet 56. I only do banking transactions via Internet 57. I have a stressful life 58. I constantly use text messaging in my cell phone

18 Attitudinal Statements Family/ Friends 60. I like meeting new people 61. My family is the most important thing in my life 62. My friends are very important in my life 63. I prefer to talk quickly on the phone 64. I use the phone mainly to keep in touch with my family 65. I feel the need to interact with people frequently 66. I wish I could spend more time with my family Work 67. At work, you position is important to have the respect of others 68. Having a stable and secure job is important to me 69. It's nice to challenge someone in higher positions when you think they may be wrong 70. Liking what you do is more important than doing it well 71. I travel a lot on long business trips 72. I am always racing against time and deadlines 73. I need to be productive even when I am traveling 74. I do a lot of work on airports and airplanes 75. I move a lot by car for work 76. I need to be connected to work all the time Leisure 77. I am a big sports fan 78. I like traveling abroad on my vacations 79. On my spare time I watch a lot of TV 80. My biggest relaxation activity is listening to music 81. I go to music concerts a lot 82. I read at least 2 books a year 83. I read weekly news magazines 84. I like reading fashion magazines 85. I like watching fashion shows (fashion defiles) 86. I meet new people via Internet 87. I use the internet a lot in my spare time 88. I frequently watch films on DVD or VCR 89. I read the newspaper every day 90. I go to the movies and the theater a lot 91. I exercise to keep healthy and fit 92. I practice outdoor activities and sports on the weekends 93. I love shopping 94. I go out to bars and night clubs a lot 95. When I am not working or studying, I prefer to stay at home and relax

19 Weight of Segments - LATAM

20 Mobile Phone Usage Profile LATAM Base: Total Note:Multiple Answer-Aided Source: P. 8

21 Base: Owners Note:Single Answer-Aided Source:P. 13 Period intended for changing cell phones (mean in months) Mobile Phone Usage Profile (Next Buy) LATAM How much intends to spend in the next purchase Mean (in USD) 112.O134.52100.0695.06120.24138.34113.1882.92 $$$ $$ $$

22 How are they? Super connected, they are adventurous, daring, they worry about fashion and they like to run risks. Hedonists, like to have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest - Carpe Diem. Their family is not one of the most important things in this stage of life in which they are. They focus on career, studies and friends. 13% Sociable Youth What do they do? They seem to have a more exciting social life, they like shows, concerts, bars, meeting people through the Internet, and to be with friends. For this reason they want to be always connected, not losing anything. What do they expect from a mobile phone handset? They don't want a basic or totally simple mobile. They value functions, Internet and Camera in a cell phone. For them technology is important, they are very open to novelties and more daring models in terms of design as well features.

23 Sociable Youth What is a mobile phone to them? A mobile phone has the function of keeping them " connected " to this world of opportunities and challenges that they want to be involved with. Therefore they want a more daring and modern model. Vibrant, personalized, beautiful, small, colorful, made of differentiated materials, with a camera, Internet. They want a modern, fashionable mobile phone wich has vibrant colors. 13% Who are they? Men and women, adolescents and young adults (between 15 and 29 years old), middle and high social class, single, in general students, part are already working. More mobile phone users than other segments, larger concentration of post- paid, they haven’t owned their current handset for a long time and they intend to change or to acquire a new handset sooner than other segments.

24 Segmentation - Weights

25 Weights Sociable Youth Rational Stylish Low Budget Total

26 Weights Upscale Professional Stylish MainstreamTraditional independent Professional

27 Segments by Country MexicoChile Brazil

28 Segments by Country Argentina Colombia

29 Thank You!

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