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Collaborating for Customer satisfaction

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1 Collaborating for Customer satisfaction
JVVNL & DATA INFOSYS LIMITED Collaborating for Customer satisfaction

2 What JVVNL Wants Communication Connectivity to JVVNL employees with Caller identification Round the clock operating Consumer Service Centre Automatic Allotment of Complains Tracking of Complains MIS as required by JVVNL Mobile handsets to be original, brand new with standard battery and meet out minimum requirement of 2.5 hrs talk time, 24 hrs standby time and be equipped with features like SMS and vibration alert

3 Data Infosys is catering to the call centre operation of Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. (JVVNL) since May With its in-house developed ‘Complaint Management System’ software, we are serving 25 lakhs electricity customers in Jaipur with ease. Since its inception the call centre has been meeting all required parameters to make this project a success. Being a ‘Customer Service’ centric organization, we are keen to have a smile of satisfaction on every customer of yours. Where every customer has the smile of satisfaction, is our goal.

4 The salient features of Data Infosys call centre are: Fully dedicated and manned, 24 X 7 customer service centre. Availability on all holidays, weekends. Equipped with latest hardware and customized software (Complaint Management System) to meet specified requirements. ‘Updated technology’. Automated, software based report generation ensuring ‘no human intervention’ or manipulation. ‘Ensures authenticity of data’. Automated tracking to know in how many rings each call is picked. This enables to check and to ensure that all calls are picked within 3 rings. ‘Meeting SLA’ AND………..

5 Feature to enable supervisor to barge in during a call to monitor quality of incoming & outgoing calls. ‘Taking assistance from Subject Matter Experts’. Software enabled time stamping for all calls to minimize human intervention. ‘Ensures Authenticity’. Highlighting calls record in different colors to ensure timely escalation of required calls. ‘Meeting SLA’. Strong search engine features to locate the customer in the available database. This in turn saves call-handling time, as agents do not have to feed in all details while logging a complaint. ‘Better work speed’ AND………..

6 Caller Line Identification feature to locate records in database on the basis of CLI. ‘Reduce call handling time’. Multiple telephone line feature with single helpdesk No Sequential call landing feature for even distribution of calls to available agents. ‘Even distribution of call load’. CUG network provided by Hutch to maintain effective communication channel & timely escalations. ‘Eradicate all network problems’ AND………..

7 In-house built software facilitates customizing as per
In-house built software facilitates customizing as per client’s requirement. ‘Real time customization’. Trained staff with both technical and soft skills to cater to irate customers. They comprise of graduates, postgraduates & MBAs. Staff is trained to handle call pressure during peak seasons. ‘Work done by mature, professional hands’.

8 Benefits to your organization by call center outsourcing into professional hands. The benefits are manifold, lets list them one by one.

9 Call centre sends a coordinated system of responses that effectively enhances communication to customer interactions so that it creates value for the customer and organization. Customer expectations from any service provider are increasing and so is their need for truthful information level. Outsourcing of call centre saves the organization from setting up complete call centre infrastructure cost, work space cost, hardware and software cost, maintenance & running cost. Manpower hiring and all payment, benefits & pension issues can be avoided. It is also the only cost effective method of meeting increasing customer expectations.

10 JVVNL realises the difference that can be made from an efficient call centre since a customer suffering from a power shut down can be very irritable. Better customer relation’s management also results in efficient working of the JVVNL and reduces their time and cost in public dealing. A networked information system at a central point provides accurate and updated information/ report on all sub-stations. All complains and call centre personnel who are skilled in customer relations can handle retaliation. Confirmation calls are regularly made to the consumer to ensure no complaint goes unsolved. Follow up with the consumer also ensures better customer service.

11 Reporting / Performance evaluation of field staff: Let us look at some of the reporting aspects which will assist in better planning and decision taking.

12 HOW WE RESPONDED A CUG System with 210 Mobile sets even surpassing the minimum specifications. A Call Center with a clear 24 X 7 X 365 days environment. Single easy to recall number and 1912 facility for Rainbow users while all efforts to convince BSNL is jointly on. All complains are recorded by the software in its database and transferred to designated JVVNL staff within 5 minutes. Complains are tracked and escalated followed up in the hierarchy of JVVNL officers. MIS Reports are duly generated and furnished in 12 suggested formats of JVVNL.

13 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process STEP 1 Call received at EPBAX,
Diverted to Free Agent. Agent asks for the consumers Account Number or Billing Name or Address to identify the Caller And nature of his complain. Server

14 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process STEP 2 Agent Records the Complain
in the software format. Records consumer’s Telephone Number In case of Consumers identified with database The Agent rectifies address and adds landmark Server

15 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process STEP 3 Escalator Forwards
the call to the Line staff Server

16 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process STEP 4 Line Party Reports of
Complain confirmation. The escalator calls to Confirms compliance to consumer. Consumer and satisfaction is reported on resolved complains Server

17 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process STEP 5 The Call is closed upon
Consumer satisfaction. Consumer and satisfaction is reported on resolved complains Server

18 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process OVERVIEW
Consumer and satisfaction is reported on resolved complains Server

19 Namaskar JVVNL Call Handling Process Quality Check Supervisor can
barge to listen Agent’s call for voice and handling perfection. Server

20 Escalation Process (If Complain is not resolved in two hours)
QUALITY ASSURANCE AND FOLLOWUP JEN AEN XEN SE CE MD Escalated in the hierarchy every two hours

21 When Call is Received Callers no. is noted Call landed time
Call attended within 7.5 seconds Call diverted to extension no. Close time Pickup time

22 Records Agent Activities
Login Interface Authenticates Agents Records attendance Records Agent Activities

23 Repeat Caller is recognized and consumer details and history is displayed
Caller ID of the Consumer displayed

24 Consumer Search Agent searches consumer identification by searching with Account Number or Billing Name or Address. If none is found complain is entered as miscellaneous

25 Recording of Complaint
Agent saves Consumer’s complain upon noting of all information and gives complaint no. to the consumer

26 Forwarding & Escalation Console
Red Alert denotes complain to be forwarded and black denotes complain forwarded Complains pending for escalation and confirmation under each segment

27 Scheduled Shutdowns Scheduled shutdowns and any breakdowns are highlighted in Agents console for quick information to consumers

28 MIS Report Complaint Closed Time Complaint Forwarded Time
SDO wise Daily Report Complaint Forwarded Time Complaint Processed Time

29 MIS Report Monthly Call

30 MIS Report Traffic Report

31 Complaint Recorded more then 3 Times
MIS Report Complaint Recorded more then 3 Times

32 Month Year Registered Enquiry/ Shutdown May 2004 2826 June 4007 July 8080 Aug 10818 Sep 6215 Oct 5315 Nov 3302 Dec 4587 TOTAL 45150 Jan 2005 4597 Feb 3717 651 Mar 5462 1866 Apr 6945 2214 10074 5040 16401 10288 18968 11681 10979 8124 15389 13239 10680 12359 6470 6515 7337 8923 117019 80905 2006 6128 7627 No of Calls Handles

33 The Professional of Data Infosys feel privileged to be associated with JVVNL

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