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1 September 8th 2005 Jason Flick Flick Software Wireless Handheld ApplicationsWireless Handheld Applications: Today and Tomorrow.

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1 1 September 8th 2005 Jason Flick Flick Software Wireless Handheld ApplicationsWireless Handheld Applications: Today and Tomorrow

2 2 Is it now? IDC predicts: –The U.S. wireless infrastructure and application services market will pick up between 2005 and 2009 –Admits market was sluggish in early 2000 My prediction on how it will happen: –They key is to partner for complete solutions targeted for each vertical Worldwide & U.S. Wireless Infrastructure and Application Services 2005-2009 Forecast May 2005Doc #33366Market Analysis

3 3 Overview Mobile devices –Market data –Types Mobile applications –Corporate –Personal The future –Products –Where could Ottawa go

4 4 Handheld Devices Device types & Players Market Data Future handhelds

5 5 Mobile Devices: Players & Types PDAs –Mainstream –Custom / Rugged Smart phones Tablet PC Palm one (Palm Source, Motorola ) Microsoft (HP, Dell, Toshiba, Intel…) Blackberry (RIM) Symbol Psion Intermec Nokia Sony Ericsson Blackberry Microsoft (O/S) Symbian (O/S) Microsoft (motion computing, Acer, HP, Fujitsu, Nokia?)

6 6 Handheld Operating System Shares Microsoft – Increasing consumer demand in Europe and Asia PalmSource – Hurt by departure of Sony 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 (000s) 200320042005200620072008 Palm OSMicrosoft poweredLinuxOther

7 7 Handheld Market PDA Market Up or Down? –Research firm Gartner said 2004 PDA market numbers show that shipments grew by 6.6 percent –IDC's results said the PDA market declined by 13 percent (9.2m CY04) –PDA market transitioning from personal to business Continued incremental technology improvements –Processors, memory, displays, connectivity Successes with emerging solutions Balancing of resources

8 8 Converged Devices 2005 Source: (IDC, 2005) © IDC, 2005 Tuesday, 26 April 2005 Overall global shipments of smart mobile devices up 82% year on year in Q1 2005 Converged devices (smart phones and wireless handhelds) up 137% PalmOne growth slows to 1%, lead over RIM and HP shrinks Fujitsu becomes second largest provider of Symbian-based handsets

9 9 2005 Top 5 O/S © IDC, 2005 Symbian still the clear leader Linux could become a large part (Nokia, and others fielding devices) Palm coming out with Microsoft handset

10 10 Future Handhelds Types Technology/Drivers –Projected keyboards –Roll out screens –Seamless wireless (WAN,Cell,LAN,etc) –Human-like voice interaction Continued diversity –New, better PDAs –Merged functionality (Cell, PDA, Tablet, etc) –Single purpose (field force automation, etc) Continued struggle for dominance –Microsoft will always be a big player –More flavours and players to come –Smart phone market wide open –PDA market quickly dominated by Microsoft

11 11 Mobile Applications Corporate –Case studies –Future Personal –Past & present –Future

12 12 Corporate: Business Trends Handheld devices –More than just an executive personal organizer Enterprises are purchasing PDAs –Mission critical business tools –Information access and entry anywhere anytime

13 13 Corporate Extending existing applications to the mobile workforce –Primarily custom –Key to be integrated into current backend systems –Know how to measure “success” Put significant effort into choosing the right device –If E-mail is key: Blackberry –If usability is key: Tablets or PDAs –If mobility is key: consider Tablets vs PDAs –If size and voice are key: Smart Phone (Symbian, Microsoft)

14 14 Corporate: Key Factors Easy to Use –Discoverable features –Enforce a three to four-keystroke limit –Bookmarkable –Input-appropriate –Legible –Untethered peripherals Secure –Authorization, authentication –Session persistence –Device-secure Cost-Effective –Network cost-appropriate –Multimodal Characteristics of Mobile Enterprise Applications

15 15 Corporate:Handheld Devices in Use Field Force Automation –Construction –Sales force/CRM –Remote control Health Care –Access to patient background, prescriptions, drug interactions –View/track set processes Retail –Inventory management –Very mature market for handheld devices –Long term technology investors Government –Inspection –Law enforcement

16 16 Field Force Automation Work Order based solution –Jobs sent down from central server –Can dynamically allocate as the day evolves –The transaction happens with the customer –Dozens of hardware software pieces needed Customer Work order created Work order completed Any Device

17 17 Business Value Information is the fuel of business –Collect at source –Store centrally –Distribute widely Efficiency –Improved service Fewer errors –Fewer hands Faster turnaround –Eliminate steps –Decrease costs (see above) –Increased profits

18 18 Personal Mobile Applications: Now 10,000+ mobile software offerings An application for almost anything you can imagine And many more

19 19 Personal Mobile Applications: Future Payment Security access Replacement for desktop –Intel committed to XP on handhelds by 2009 Location-based services –Locate closest stores or taxi –Locate products in a store –Location-targeted advertising Personal media assistant –Magazines, movies, music, news

20 20 Overview Mobile devices Mobile applications Future applications

21 21 The Future of Mobile Solutions Where are they going: –Military –Health care –MuseumsMuseums –Retail stores (for the consumer) –Planes, trains and automobiles (Personal Media Assistants) –Online 3-D games –Workstation replacements –IP phone, Video conferencing Connectivity –3G, 4G, WiFi Hotspots Add-ons: via Bluetooth, 802.15.x (PAN), UWB –GPS –Barcode –Remote sensors –Access to all your daily devices (car, Room) –Wearable displays

22 22 Our Focus

23 23 Mobile Interactive Guides People expect –Information on demand relative to them Consumers are getting smarter and expect more Technology: –Can deliver rich experiences wherever needed –Can indicate where people are –Connectivity becoming ubiquitous

24 24 Mobile Interactive Guide –Presents new paradigm for visitor –Guides, informs, educates and entertains Focused on: –Museums –Visitor Centres –Trade shows Partners needed: –WiFi and Locate technologies –Content companies –Back end systems –IT management, etc

25 25 Museum Technology Eco System

26 26 Personal Medical Assistant Help with informed consent Doctors have less time per patient Patients expect to know more Patients are offered more options now Cures for many ailments require months and years of treatment and each stage requires more knowledge

27 27 Ottawa the Wireless Mecca? Intel –Digital Communities initiative –Currently 13 communities already (10 countries) –None in Canada.. 100 expected. – Mobile MUSE –Cultural focused –2010 Olympics is the goal –2.5 million dollars from Heritage Canada Ottawa needs something to put us “on the map” –Wrapped around a new congress centre –Government tourist initiative

28 28 Thank you

29 29 Handheld Business Solutions

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