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Electronics and Semiconductors Analyst Team

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1 Electronics and Semiconductors Analyst Team
World Power Management ICs Market Growth in Portable Electronic Devices Drives Demand “Escalating use of portable devices is expected to effect increased demand for power management ICs. Accordingly, enhanced uptake of PDAs and laptop PCs will underline the expansion of the power management ICs market.” Electronics and Semiconductors Analyst Team Frost & Sullivan

2 Major Challenges Reduction of chip size limits space on the IC and increases heat dissipation Increasing product fragmentation and the competition forces market consolidation Variable demand in end-user application markets calls for regular adjustments in resource allocation Lack of product innovation prevents product differentiation Trend towards lower voltages and higher currents hinders designing capabilities for manufacturers

3 Major Drivers Steady increase in automotive electronic content fuels growth for Power Management ICs Growth in communications drives demand for Power Management ICs Growing demand for PCs and cell phones in Asia Pacific contribute to growth in Power Management ICs Growth in portable electronic devices drives demand for Power Management ICs Surge in liquid crystal display (LCD) flat panel market in North America stimulates the demand for switching devices

4 Major Restraints Slowdown in the economy retards growth.
Intense competition continues to drive down prices impacting revenues Slowdown in worldwide electronics market curtails the growth of Power Management IC market Market fragmentation increases competition and restraints revenues Lack of product innovation hinders revenue growth Preferability of discretes over ICs due to non-space constraints reduces revenues

5 Industry Trends The Power Management IC market continues to experience advancements in IC design and fabrication processes resulting in a reduction is size Highly fragmented by the technology, product type, application, and end-user markets. The trend in the Switching (AC-DC & DC-DC) is evolving more towards integration of various technologies like Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controllers and Power Factor Correctors (PFC) controllers on one chip. Voltage Regulators and References continues to see a migration towards switching regulators and away from linear regulators The Application Specific Products Market has been mainly driven by the need to minimize size and cost in many wireless handsets and portable device applications The traditional domain of Motor Control ICs is going far beyond the traditional storage and DVD players where as now it is very common in gaming systems.

6 Key Features Frost & Sullivan provides:
Detailed insights into recent developments and trends Drivers, restraints, challenges, and strategic recommendations Market sizing and competitive analysis Market forecasts and opportunity analysis End user analysis within each report

7 What We Offer Global Coverage: U.S., Europe, Japan, Asia
Proven methodology encompassing extensive primary and secondary data and research Focused information and strategies that cover business and technology issues Credible data and analysis highlighting industry dynamics

8 Who Will Benefit? Current Market Participants
Find out how you compare to the competition Assess current and future drivers and restraints Determine and exploit new market share opportunities New Entrants Analyse challenges associated with the industry Position yourself to capitalise on the market’s unmet needs Investment Community Determine which participants will outperform the competition Assess attractiveness of investing in Power Management ICs

9 What’s Included World Power Management ICs Markets
Switching (AC-DC & DC-DC) Voltage Regulators and References Integrated (ASSP) Power Management Ics Motor Control ICs

10 Key Market Participants
ON Semiconductor/ Semiconductor Components Industries, L.L.C. Philips Semiconductors Power Integrations, Inc. Powerex, Inc. Rohm Electronics USA, LLC Samsung Semiconductor/ Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. SanRex Corp. Sanyo Semiconductor Corp. Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. Semtech Corp. Shindengen America, Inc. Silicon Strategies/ CMP Media LLC STMicroelectronics, Inc. Texas Instruments, Inc. Toshiba Semiconductor Co./ Toshiba Corp. Vishay Siliconix/ Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. Allegro Microsystems, Inc. Analog Devices, Inc. Austria Microsystems Fairchild Semiconductors International, Inc. Fuji Semiconductor, Inc. Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. Hitachi Semiconductor (America), Inc. Infineon Technologies AG International Rectifier Corp. Intersil Corp. Linear Technology Corp. Matshushita Electric Corp. Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Micro Linear Corp. Microchip Technology, Inc. Microsemi Corp. Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. Motorola, Inc. NEC Electronics, Inc.

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World Power Semiconductors Markets - A002-01 World Handset Radio Frequency (RF) Semiconductor Markets - A069-01 World Computer and Peripherals System-on-Chip Markets World Communications System-on-Chip Markets World Consumer System-on-a-Chip Markets North American Power Semiconductor Markets

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