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Tracerco Monitors Distributors Product & Marketing Training.

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1 Tracerco Monitors Distributors Product & Marketing Training

2 Meet the Team Adam Golightly Global Commercial Manager Email: Tel: +44(0)1642 375172 Rebecca Charlton Commercial Coordinator Email: Tel: +44(0)1642 375179 Cheryl Basford Customer Service Administrator Email: Tel: +44(0)1642 375171

3 Introduction to Tracerco Ltd 1970 – developed the world’s first intrinsically safe radiation monitor 1990’s – launched first Radiation Mud monitor for LWD operations 2005 – Monitors became a ‘commercial business’ in response to client demand. Originally monitors were developed to support the Tracerco operations. 2006 – launched the latest T2 series generation of instrumentation including the world’s first intrinsically safe contamination monitor, the T201 and won a Queens award for. 2008 – developed the standard T4 series range to allow us to move into markets outside the Oil & Gas industry where IS is not essential to operations and we can be competitively priced 2010/11 – New global service centres opened in Australia, USA and Malaysia 2011 – launched first personal dosimeter, the PED and sold 1000+ units in the first year 2012 – New NORM monitor – IS to be launched end 2012

4 What is Tracerco Monitors? PRODUCTS. A range of 6 hand held instruments, a personal dosimeter and a radiation mud monitor. SERVICES. Calibration, repair and hire of all manufacturer types of radiation monitors across 4 global service centres

5 Product Portfolio 4 key principles – Ergonomic design, robust construction, ease of use and IS certification Focused range of handheld Instruments including surface contamination and gamma/x-ray survey Personal dosimeter for monitoring dose exposure Radiation Mud monitor – drill floor safety device deployed in LWD operations to alarm for presence of above background levels of radiation in drilling mud

6 Contamination monitors Radiation contamination monitors used for assessing surface contamination Detects Alpha/Beta/Gamma radiation Thin end window GM Tube technology (sensitive to charged particles) Bargraph display of 0-1000CPS and digital numeric display in both CPS and Bq/cm2. (CPM available soon!) Audible Alarms

7 Features & Benefits (Contamination) Intrinsic safety (T201 only) ATEX IECEX and FM approved Certified for explosive atmospheres No need for hot work permit Modern Ergonomic Design Large display with backlight facility Comfortable in hand, easy to use Detachable Probe Greater Flexibility for surface monitoring 10m cable with T403 for extended pipe monitoring IP65 Handset and IP34 Probe Designed to withstand extreme environments Easy to clean / decontaminate Peak rate function Allows maximum contamination levels to be recorded in difficult to access places.

8 Contamination monitors Markets & Applications MARKETS Oil and Gas Petrochemical Nuclear power plants CBRNe Emergency services Medical Environmental Monitoring Life Sciences Transport APPLICATIONS NORM Monitoring Sealed Source Leak Tests Contamination Surveys Dirty Bomb Detection Radiation Accidents Patient Monitoring NORM Environments Medical Isotopes Contamination of Packages

9 Dose Rate monitors Radiation dose rate monitors used for detecting gamma radiation fields, performing radiation surveys, locating hot spots or establishing controlled area boundaries. Energy compensated GM Tube (normalised to Cs-137) Detects X-Rays/Gamma rays in range 59keV (Am-241) to 1332 keV (Co-60) Digital numeric and bar graph display (auto ranging)

10 Key Features and Benefits Intrinsic safety (T202 only) ATEX IECEX and FM approval Certified for explosive atmospheres Modern Ergonomic Design Large display with backlight facility Easy to use IP65 Rated Designed to withstand extreme environments Easy to clean / decontaminate Peak rate function Allows maximum radiation dose rate levels to be recorded remotely, minimising operator exposure to high radiation levels and enabling radiation levels to be established in hard to access places. Dose & Dose Rate function Also monitors accumulated dose

11 Dose Rate monitors Markets & Applications MARKETS Oil and gas Petrochemical Nuclear power plants CBRN Emergency services Life Sciences Transport Military Metals Processing NDT APPLICATIONS Nucleonics Controlled Areas Decommissioning Nuclear Incidents First Responders Radiotherapy Sources Shipment of Packages CBRN Attacks NDT Activities Monitoring Equipment

12 X-Ray Monitor X-Ray Monitor for measuring very low energy photon radiations Detects X-Ray/Gamma rays in range of 17keV to 1332keV (Co-60) Thin window energy compensated GM Tube Digital numeric and bar graph display

13 Features and Benefits Modern ergonomic design Large display with backlight facility Designed for glove operation Easy to use IP65 Designed to withstand extreme environments Easy to clean / decontaminate Peak rate function Allows maximum radiation levels to be recorded remotely which can minimise exposure to operators. Allows maximum exposure levels to be recorded in difficult to access places. Low Energy Readings Capable of measuring a much wider range of energies. (Dose rate range limited compared to T402)

14 X-Ray Monitor Markets & Applications MARKETS Hospitals Airports Security Food Manufacturing APPLICATIONS Leakage testing from X-Ray security and scanning equipment Monitoring of Low Energy Isotopes

15 Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Measures the dose received by workers Single energy compensated GM Tube Detects x-rays and gamma rays 33keV to 1332keV (Co-60) Dose rate indication: 0.00 – 100mSv/h. Will accumulate dose from 0.00 - 10Sv Li-ion rechargeable battery Massive data memory (125,000 data points)

16 Features and Benefits Intrinsic Safety ATEX, IeCEx, FM approvals Certified for explosive atmospheres IP67 Designed to withstand extreme environments Water submersible to up 1m Easy to clean / decontaminate One Button Operation Easy to use Mobile Phone Style menu system Large button for gloved operation AMOLED Screen Large display No need for backlight Good screen visibility, even in poor light conditions & Sunlight

17 DoseVision Software Benefits: Very easy to use Compatible with most common Windows OS including Windows 7 and Windows XP Allows User level restrictions (optional). Alarm settings, data delete functions restricted to Administrator only Upgrades with improved functionality and fixes available on PED support page ( DoseVision Mobile app to be available soon! Major functions: Transferring data from PED to PC Data viewer Changing PED settings

18 PED Markets & Applications MARKETS CBRNe Life sciences Universities Transport Military Metals processing Nuclear power plants Nuclear defense Emergency services Hospitals Airports Security Everywhere that radiation is used or may be present APPLICATIONS Regulatory Compliance Personal Safety Monitoring and recording personal dose

19 NEW! NORM Monitor Latest product from Tracerco Monitors, an all in one kit for monitoring NORM Supersedes the T201 Contamination monitor, with an additional detector to give enhanced gamma sensitivity GM Tube and Scintillation Detectors both compatible with one handset Scintillation Probe with 360 degree detection capability

20 Key Features and Benefits Intrinsically Safe No Need for Hot Work Permit Worlds first IS Scintillation Monitor Twin (GM and Scint) Intelligent Probes Hold calibration data and recognised by base unit User can have multiples probes per kit Base unit doesn’t need to be calibrated, always have a back up IP68 Scintillation Probe with 1inch protruding Crystal Extremely Robust 360 degree detector – ideal for pipework Easy to clean/decontaminate Background subtraction Mode No need to manually subtract background from readings

21 NORM Monitor Markets & Applications MARKETS Oil and gas (NORM) Petrochemical APPLICATIONS NORM Monitoring

22 Mud Monitor Used on Oil and Gas drilling rigs to detect sources detached from drill string measuring system Operates in CPS or Dose Rate Mode Displays reading on either T209 Stand alone alarms system or can feed directly into DCS

23 Key Features and Benefits Intrinsically Safe No need for hot work permit Magnetic Clamp Easy to fix to the outside of a mud circulation system Robust IP67 Water Resistant Robust for use in many different environments Continuous Radiation Background Measurement Clear alarm if there is an increase in background radiation

24 Mud Monitor Markets & Applications Very Specific Market – Drilling Companies

25 Who to target? Radiation Professionals – Companies working with Radiation may have appointed RPAs or consultants who will review Radiation monitoring requirements and advise what equipment they should be using Oil & Gas Companies – RPS, RPO for Contamination Monitor, Dose Rate and PED Hospitals – X-Ray departments, Ambulance and First responders Emergency Services – Fire Service, Police, First responders, CBRNe, Equipment Teams Nuclear Sector – Power Plants, Nucleonics Food Industry – X-Ray Machines Life Sciences – Laboratories, Universities, Research facilities

26 Tracerco and our clients 1000 Global Accounts 60 Countries Over 4000 prospective clients

27 Marketing How do we market Tracerco Monitors? Targeted Eshots Social Media Twitter @Tracerco Monitors Linked In Press and Media IRPA Network Website Exhibitions Internal Communications Current Customer Base Distributor Portal

28 Social Media

29 Network of Global Re-sellers Re-seller sales for 2011 $1m Global Re-sellers Network – currently over 30 distributors globally. Very important to have good partners, local knowledge, contacts, market awareness Secure Portal due to launch end 2012 – product news, marketing material, downloads

30 Marketing Material CD Roms Product Brochures Leaflets Box fillers You Tube Training Material

31 PED brand Green man from the screen is the brand Different selling points are attractive to different markets Steel men make up wider Tracerco monitors imagery Legal name is Tracerco TM Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) after which it is Tracerco TM PED and then to comply with Plain English Campaign Tracerco PED

32 Monitor Services Calibration of all manufacturer types of radiation monitors, dose rate, contamination, neutron and mud monitors. Including Thermo, Ludlum, Rae Systems, Mirion Repair of all manufacturer types of radiation monitors, dose rate, contamination, neutron and mud monitors. Including Thermo, Ludlum, Rae Systems, Mirion Hire service for many types of radiation monitors, neutron monitors and mud monitors NEW Hazardous Area Inspection service to ensure compliance with ATEX standard IEC/EN60079-17

33 One electron One proton Why Tracerco? Market leader for intrinsically safe radiation monitoring Products in over 60 countries 40 years of design experience for radiation monitors Award-winning Technical support Dedicated Monitors staff, including technicians, customer service and logistics Global after-sales service

34 After sales service Currently 4 Calibration and Repairs centres worldwide Quick turnaround for calibrations Hazardous area equipment inspection available Dedicated team of highly trained technicians Team of Sales and Customer Service support staff Calibrate and Repair all types of radiation monitors Hire a wide range of Monitors Calibration and Repair Facility Houston, USA Calibration and Repair HQ Billingham, UK Calibration and Repair Facility Perth, Australia Calibration and Repair Facility KL, Malaysia

35 Questions? Any Questions?

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