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Mobile Device Threats & Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 Todd Thiemann Director, Device Security Marketing 13 November 2006.

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1 Mobile Device Threats & Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 Todd Thiemann Director, Device Security Marketing 13 November 2006

2 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 2 Todd’s Touristing Suggestions Phil’s Fish Market (Moss Landing) Peet’s Coffee (Santa Cruz) Big Sur Coast (if visibility is good)

3 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 3 Agenda Trend Micro Overview Mobile Market & The Evolving Threat Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 Why Trend Micro Background

4 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 4 COMPANY OVERVIEW  A pioneer and global leader in antivirus security for businesses and consumers CEO Eva Chen  Founded: United States in 1988  Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan  Employees: 2,900  Operations in more than 30 countries  2005 revenues: US$621.9 Million  NASDAQ (TMIC); Tokyo Stock Exchange (4704) * [* Equivalent to 73.03 billion JPY, at an exchange rate of 117.43JPY=1USD]

5 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 5 The Smartphone Population Grows World-wide, smartphone shipments are expected to increase 66% to 81 million units in 2006, helped by stronger consumer demand, according to Gartner Inc. The research firm forecasts that smartphone shipments will account for 12% of total wireless-device shipments in 2007, up from 8% this year. -Wall Street Journal “Smartphones Aim at New Markets” p.B5 2 Nov. 2006 “IDC expects to see continued growth in quarterly shipment volume with shipments reaching nearly 100 million units for the year." -Ramon Llamas, IDC Press Release “Shipments of Converged Mobile Devices Hit New Record High in Second Quarter of 2006, Says IDC” 12 Sept. 2006 ( )

6 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 6 Smartphone Sales By Operating System: Coalescing around Symbian & Windows Mobile “In 2004, smartphones accounted for less than 3 percent of all handsets sold. They will represent 27 percent of all new handsets sold in 2009.” *Gartner Dataquest, Market Focus: Smartphones, Worldwide, 2005, December 2005, written by Hugues J. De La Vergne, Ben Wood

7 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 7 3G Technology Evolution: Data Speeds are Climbing GSM GPRS EDGE UMTS HSDPA EV-DO 300- 500 Kbps 1xRTT 60-80 Kbps Typical throughput 14 Kbps 35 Kbps 70-135 Kbps 220-320 Kbps 400-700 Kbps Approximate time to download 1MB file 9 min 4 min 1 min 40 secs 15 secs Faster data speeds increase possibility of infection

8 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 8 What platforms are popular with developers? Nokia/Symbian –>2 million registered developers (source: Forum 6/2005) Microsoft Windows Mobile –650,000 developers worldwide (source: Microsoft, 1/2006) Palm OS –417,000 developers (source: PalmSource, 5/2005) The most popular handset platforms are most likely to have vulnerabilities exploited

9 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 9 RedBrow Cxover Vlasco Win CE BRADOR Infamous Mobile Threats (2004-2006) 29Dec04 1Feb05 Locknut (Gavno) 21Nov04 Skulls 20June04 Cabir 17Jul04 5Aug04 Win CE DUTS = Symbian OS (Nokia, etc) = Windows Mobile (HP iPAQ, etc) = Java (J2ME) 8Mar05 Comwar 7Mar05 Dampig 12Aug04 Qdial 4Apr05 Mabir Fontal 6Apr05 Drever 18Mar05 Hobbes 15Apr05 Doomed 4Jul05 Boottoon 8Jul05 Skudoo 19Jul05 Cadmesk 21Sep05 Cardtrp 2Oct05 Cardblk 23Nov05 PBSteal Blanfon 10Aug05 2004 2005 2006 19Jul05 23Jan06 Sndtool 28Feb06 15Mar06 30Mar06 Flexspy 3Apr06 OneJump 18Jun06 Romride 31Aug06 Mobler Wesber 7Sep06 4Sep06 Acallno

10 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 10 Some Analyst Perspectives on Protecting Mobile Devices *Meta Group was acquired by Gartner, Inc. as of 04/01/05 “…but viruses and other malicious code will begin to emerge as a serious problem. A number of mobile viruses, worms, and Trojans emerged in 2004 and 2005, including Cabir, Duts, Skulls, and Comwar. While these viruses did not cause any widespread damage, they have established a beachhead for the next generation of attackers. Forrester believes that attacks will focus on three areas: 1) disrupting local mobile phone networks using worms; 2) generating revenues by hijacking phones to send unauthorized SMS messages or make phone calls; and 2) stealing information from PDAs.” Mobile Device Security in 2006, Forrester, 14 February 2006 “Jay Heiser [Research VP at Gartner] added that as mobile phones and personal digital assistants become more complex, they're more likely to suffer from the same security problems, although now it's expensive to encrypt them. "Tomorrow, we expect to see worms on mobile phones," Heiser said. Computerworld, 15 September 2005 "Mr. [John] Pescatore [Security Analyst at Gartner] expects this year to be a turning point for mobile security, in the same way that personal firewalls and antivirus software on PC's gained importance early in the decade because of viruses like I Love You and Melissa. "The market doesn't demand security until something bad happens," he said.” New York Times, 21 February 2006

11 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 11 Where we’ve been & where we’re going Trend Micro Mobile Security 1.0 introduced December 2004 –Antivirus Trend Micro Mobile Security 2.0 introduced March 2005 –Antivirus –SMS Antispam And now…. Our goal: A simple, more secure user experience.

12 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 12 What we are announcing: Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 Key features –Antivirus –Firewall Protects devices connecting to the internet via WiFi –Intrusion Detection System (IDS) –Simplified user interface New Improved New Protecting mobiles as threats migrate from the PC world

13 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 13 Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0: Firewall Packet-filtering firewall protects against hackers & intrusions –Includes Intrusion Detection System (IDS) –Prevents Denial of Service (DoS) attacks (Syn Flood) Predefined security levels deliver simplicity –Low – Allows all inbound & outbound traffic –Medium – Allows all outbound traffic, blocks inbound –High – Blocks all inbound & outbound traffic Customizable firewall rules for specific ports & IP addresses –Rules can be prioritized/ordered when impacting same port/address

14 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 14 Why Trend Micro Mobile Security Supports the most popular data-centric mobile devices –Others support limited selection of devices Ensures maximum security for wireless mobile devices as threats begin emerging –Trend Micro is unique among top tier vendors in providing AV, firewall and IDS for one price Backed by TrendLabs experts and global Trend Micro expertise

15 Background

16 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 16 Mobile Firewalls Provide Essential Security Gartner Research analyst John Girard commented, "In the mobile environment, we carry our computers around with us. By 2006 we will be carrying a networked set of computers, as our cellular phones, PDAs, and laptops intercommunicate over Infrared Data Associations (IrDA), Bluetooth and WiFi wireless LANs. We believe that this will require every person to carry a personal firewall to protect these networks in motion." -”"Personal firewall" added to mobile security software platform”, Windows for Devices 7 June 2004

17 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 17 Potential Infection Vectors

18 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 18 Delivery Vectors for Mobile Devices Synching with PC Peer to peer connectivity –Bluetooth –Infrared (IR) Telephony/Mobile Network Data Connection –GPRS/GSM –EDGE –EV-DO –cdmaOne/Cdma2000 –UTMS Data transfer –SMS –MMS –WAP Network Connectivity –802.11/WiFi –PCMCIA Network Cards Physical storage –SD cards –Memory sticks

19 Copyright 2006 - Trend Micro Inc. 19 Who feels the pain of a mobile virus outbreak? Handset Manufacturers Mobile Operators EnterprisesConsumers Warranty return costs from infected handsets Tarnished market reputation from infected device Lost goodwill, customer dissatisfaction & increased customer churn Lost billable minutes from infected devices caused by virus infection Customer service calls from virus infection (example: virus opens GPRS connection, customer calls to remedy bill) Interrupted service (example: Denial of Service attack on SMS centre) Lost worker productivity Cleanup costs Risk of lost data/privacy Infected intranet impacts enterprise productivity Unusable device Lost productivity Risk of lost data/privacy Aggravation of cleaning device or returning for repair

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