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SN-258+New Long Range Cordless Telephone Sales Guide.

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2 SN-258+New Long Range Cordless Telephone Sales Guide

3 2 Product To users who have demand of mobility, SN-258 Plus is the long range cordless phone which not only inherits excellent performance of SN-258 but also upgrades the utility with friendly design.

4 Users Multi-Floor Offices / SOHO Warehouse / Super Market Hotel / Convention Center Education / Government

5 Users SN-258+New1 is designed for users who need to communicate frequently and emphasize the mobility, especially for campus-like environment application such as multi-floor building, hotel, school, and supermarket.

6 Users Farmland/Ranch Connecting the workspace  Farm and ranch worker utilize wireless telephones to coordinate efforts between workspace and supporting staff.

7 Users Offices Immediate access to information  Customers reach the right person directly rather than being transferred into voicemail. Managers are contacted quickly when a decision must be made, eliminating costly delays.

8 Products

9 Features Multi-channel access with auto scan (240 channels) Multi-handset system (up to 15) Multi-base system ( up to 4) Walkie-Talkie between handsets Half-DUPLEX group call Two-way paging and hands-free intercom 10-set memory dial 920 digits) Last number redial Tone/Pulse dialing model selectable Change channel during conversation Keypad lock function Flash time programmable

10 Features Ring volume adjustable Voice volume adjustable Music on hold Touch any key answer Handset with power saving circuit Low battery alert and indicator Out of range alert Battery power status display Fast charge Built-in noise cancellation circuit( compander) Bulit-in voice security and mutation circuit (Scrambler) Auto answer and hang-up

11 USP~ Long Range Ultra Long Communication Range 4~15km in town 15km or more in open space Communication distance between handsets will double accordingly.

12 USP~ Handset Pause Ringer volume Voice volume Last number redial Battery status MemoryFunction Talk Flash Intercom End Power on/off

13 Handset PTT-Push to talk Lock keypads Ear-microphone jackDC-IN jack

14 Base Paging handset- 1 Voice volume up Paging handset- 2 Voice volume down Paging handset- 3 Adjust ringer volume Intercom Memory

15 USP~ Accessories Belt clip plus ear-microphone allows you enjoy hands-free talk

16 Accessories Accessories With travel charger and car charger, you are never worried about the lack of electric power

17 USP~ External Antenna Outdoor Using to Extends Operation Range

18 Specification

19 Packing Base Handset Base AC Adapter Battery

20 Optional accessory Desktop chargerOutdoor antennaEar-microphone Travel chargerCar charger Belt clip

21 Optional accessory 1.. Additional handset: Handset/Travel charger/Battery pack 2.Charger kit: Charger/Adopter 3. Accessory kit: Charger/Adopter/Earphone mic./Car charger /Belt clip/Battery pack 4. Roof ant. Roof ant./ cable 5. Car ant. and magnetic base

22 How to order Global Media Worldwide distribution and delivery

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