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Left click mouse or hit space bar to continue WorldVOX Introduces the FreeCall Handset It’s not what it IS - It’s what it DOES State of the Art VOIP PLUS.

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1 Left click mouse or hit space bar to continue WorldVOX Introduces the FreeCall Handset It’s not what it IS - It’s what it DOES State of the Art VOIP PLUS NO Monthly FEES!! Click arrow for next slide, or use space bar or right Arrow.

2 Calling landlines is simple. Open a pre-paid account with WorldVOX and start calling. Rates as low as 3 US cents per minute worldwide! Operating your WorldVOX handset is Simple. Load the software and plug the handset into your USB port. A call to other World VOX users is FREE, you only pay your normal internet costs. If you DISLIKE your Long Distance / International phone bills - Try WorldVOX Your WorldVOX handset is a one time purchase of $295.00AUD (That’s less than $200.00 USD) It lets you talk to family, friends and business partners for FREE - how long before it saved the purchase price?

3 The WorldVOX product is packaged in a dual purpose Presentation Kit and long life Travel Case. The simplicity and functionality of this is packaging is obvious as soon as you open the cover. Not only does the case serve as a handy Travel Kit which keeps your handset and cables neatly stored - it also serves as a fully self contained Presentation Kit to demonstrate the IP phone to others. Everything you need in one elegant and sturdy package. Your WorldVOX IP phone kit includes the Fantastic WorldVOX handset, the Hands Free and High-Speed USB cables, Installation CD, as well as your Instruction Manual. You also receive additional FREE brochures to send to the people you would like to talk with for FREE on their own WorldVOX handsets. WorldVOX USB Handset VoIP FreeCall Phone Kit

4 Benefits of the WorldVOX IP Phone: Make FREE high quality PC to PC calls while using the Internet - at no additional cost! Make Greatly Discounted calls from your IP phone to landlines (Similar to phone card rates) Amazing sound quality - close your eyes and you could imagine you were right beside the other caller! Businesses - save money for traveling executives, have them call the office for FREE via the Internet Works with 56k dial-up, cable and other high speed internet connections No rental or ongoing monthly access fees like some other IP Phone products! It’s not what it is - It’s what it does! *FREE - Means at NO additional cost than your existing Internet Connection when calling other WorldVOX handsets *Line quality and program use may impact on sound quality Coming soon to the WorldVOX IP Phone: 3 - way (or more) conference calling - Ideal for family or businesses to stay in touch On-line directory for your WorldVOX listing and details. Full Business Web-Page listings following soon! Custom ring tones – you can record and save your favourite music as your ring tones! VoiceMail features just like message bank on your home or cell phone.

5 Hands free so you can talk, work (make notes), or play at the same time as talking on your WorldVOX handset. Graphical display on handset and computer screen - including contact list and many other menu functions High Speed simple USB interface – no external power required (No messy transformers and power cords) Calling name and number display shows who is calling from your contact list User friendly features and functions on phone and computer screen make the system easy to use Backlight for Screen and Keypad with simple easy to use 16-button design Graphical and Text menus in multiple languages High Quality Ergonomic design with a wide range of custom designed easily available aftermarket phone covers Number Portability - if you lose or upgrade your phone you still keep your same WorldVOX number Works with Microsoft Windows 98SE® or newer software * Mac version out soon. The software works in the background while you use your computer just like usual It’s not what it is - It’s what it does! Features of the WorldVOX IP Phone: One example of the many aftermarket custom cover options available.

6 Use your WorldVOX Internet Telephone to make PC-to-PC calls, while you are using the Internet, to almost anywhere in the world FREE (costing no more than your internet connection), to other WorldVOX users. Just plug your WorldVOX IP Phone into your computer, and you can be talking free to your family, friends and business contacts around the world… PLUS! Also receive Greatly Reduced long distance call rates when calling normal landline and cell phones! The Internet to Landline call costs are comparable to (or cheaper than) many discount calling cards. Think of it as a permanent discount calling card, always connected to your computer! Call rates (in US cents per minute) as low as 3 cents to places like USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and Singapore. Only 4 cents per minute to Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain & more. Keep in touch with people anywhere in the world when you have a computer and an Internet connection! Best of all, once you have your WorldVOX handset, unlike with other companies, there are No Monthly Access Fees!. PLUS - calling your friends anywhere on their WorldVOX handset is FREE! The WorldVOX IP Phone uses state of the art technology originally developed by the military to ensure your calls get through crisp and clear – every time! Unique features include the ability to send SMS text messages direct from your keyboard. Our highest levels of security and phone number portability places WorldVOX years ahead of the rest. If you have a phone, a computer and the Internet you can - Talk FREE to family and business associates on their WorldVOX handsets Talk at GREATLY Reduced Long Distance Rates without the hassle of phone cards. Yes it’s true - You can now Talk for FREE with the WorldVOX Internet Telephone! Tomorrow’s Technology…Today WorldVOX - Saving You Money…Everyday

7 The WorldVOX IP Phone is a breakthrough in world communications. Never before has it been so simple and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones and business associates all over the globe. Simply plug your WorldVOX IP Phone into your PC’s USB port, load the Patented Software and dial – it couldn’t be any easier. Navigate the functions and see them clearly on both the phone, and your computer screen! Get the family or business together for FREE. The IP Phone gets all it’s power from your PC - no messy power cables are needed. The WorldVOX handset’s brilliant design, simple keypad layout and easy dialing make the WorldVOX system a pleasure to use. Just enter the phone number using the backlit keypad, or click the person’s name / number on the computer screen and you can be talking for FREE! Your call will be routed across the Internet using the latest high-speed switching technology to reach your destination almost instantly. This means no more poor quality Instant Messaging and headset style communications. It’s Easy, it’s here and it Works! Full Menu Mode shown - click to dial and navigate menus. *This is what you will see on your computer screen which makes dialing or choosing menu options much simpler than with the handset keypad alone. Plus see who is online at a glance. The high-resolution, graphical display navigates user friendly menus just like a modern cell phone! All the convenience you would expect to find in products costing many times more is yours for no extra cost. Save phone numbers and text messages to your phone. View the call register to see if you have any missed calls, check the duration of past calls, collect SMS messages, change your display preferences and much more. Plus choose your own favourite music as your ring tones!

8 It’s Easy, it’s here and it Works! Minimum size. Ready to open if someone calls, or for you to call them. One click away from placing it into the windows menu bar. Next Slide The WorldVOX phone provides ALL the simplicity of Instant Messaging, with our secure encrypted calls. The WorldVOX handset and system are Full Duplex, which means both parties can talk at once! Just like normal phones! You can type SMS text messages right from your keyboard! No need to fiddle with the buttons on the IP phone handset. Dialing is easy - Simply click your contact’s name or number to call! The Menu even shows you who is online at the time! With the great on screen menus you can Instantly see who is on-line and call them or leave them a text message for later. SHOWN BELOW - Normal screen mode. Ready to expand for further menu options or keyboard dialing. See who is online, look for messages. Change menu options. Ideal for conferencing and frequent usage. Reduced screen mode. Ready to expand for further menu options or keyboard dialing. Used while your phone is in operation and ready to save numbers and contact details to your address book if you wish.

9 The WorldVOX IP Phone is guaranteed to be of the highest quality construction. Patented Built-in security features authenticate callers before you answer the phone and ensure the network is trouble-free. For the technologically minded, we use an on-board 512 bit SHA-1 engine and 160 bit Message Authentication Code to ensure your privacy and security. Most Internet Banking and secure credit-card websites only use 128 bit. Your WorldVOX IP phone’s 512 bit authentication greatly increases your privacy. Plus, WorldVOX’s unique security means that your phone number is protected and portable. Roam anywhere in the world and your number automatically follows you. No matter where you connect to the Internet, your number is always the same! The WorldVOX phone comes with everything you need to be online and saving money in minutes. The phone comes in a sturdy attractive travel case so there are no messy cables or loose parts to misplace. The travel case also doubles as a presentation kit to demonstrate your WorldVOX phone to anyone who would also like to talk for FREE and eliminate or reduce their long distance bills. The kit comes with brochures to give to interested family, friends and business partners. It is SO easy to save money with MyWorldVOX. No more buying calling cards with a l-o-n-g string of numbers to enter before you dial the number you wanted, or staying up until 3am to get cheap long–distance rates! You get all the benefits of discount calling cards, plus FREE calls to family, friends and business associates on their WorldVOX IP phones. All there, hands free at your computer!! Best of all, the quality is so good, if you closed your eyes, you could believe the other person was sitting right next to you! Simplicity and Savings - for you! Your Security is our Commitment

10 If you are you ready to save or make money and join the WorldVOX global communications revolution. Click the webpage link below and visit your referring members page to Join for FREE!. If you would like to find out how the WorldVOX Affiliate Member Program can not only save you money - but turn your savings into an income, click the link to the next page and find out how valuable your FREE membership can really be. Contact information Web: Ask the person who sent you this for their own website URL / name and referrer ID #. If you have no referrer, contact the office to make contact with a leader in the business near you. Talk is Cheap – so the saying goes. With WorldVOX - it’s Free! WorldVOX - Links to the website, and further information If you would like to do more than just “save” money, continue to the “next” page - You can see information on how being able to talk for FREE can become very profitable. After the Member Rewards section, a link will return you back to here - the “link page” Next

11 Truly “A Breath of Fresh Air” It’s true. Technology often races ahead of the marketplace. But sometimes, on rare occasions, a technology breakthrough happens at exactly the time that the marketplace is looking for it. The MyWorldVox IP Phone is positioned to be a product that will find its market immediately. Why? People everywhere, individuals and businesses, are looking for ways to improve the quality, functions and ease of their communications. People everywhere are looking to save money on their communications. The Global Market Think about it. How many people now own computers and access the Internet? Is that a growing trend? How many people have telephone bills? Would they be “open” to saving some money? Families, Friends, Businesses and Universities all over the world - If there were a simple way to save them money and greatly improve the quality of their communication, would they be interested? With over 450,000,000 people and companies online with computers, telephones and the Internet - the potential market for the MyWorldVox IP Phone is easily measured into the tens of millions. The decision to be made is simply this. “Will I be part of the opportunity presented by this new technology?” The Opportunity Personal Referral Marketing has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways for companies like MyWorldVox to bring an exciting new product to market. For the motivated entrepreneur, there is an even greater income opportunity available as a reward for developing a team of marketing partners and business associates who will take the product to customers worldwide and develop their own marketing teams. Membership in MyWorldVox is FREE There are NO monthly fees There are NO quotas or sponsoring requirements. Click the arrow to see how you as the WorldVOX user will win in more ways than JUST saving money and talking for FREE! WorldVOX - Affiliate Reseller Membership is FREE

12 If you are like most people, you have a handful (or more), of people that it costs a lot of money to keep in contact with. If you have Family, Friends, or Business Associates interstate or overseas, the cost of staying in touch can quickly add up. WorldVOX allows you to use your existing Internet connection, computer and the WorldVOX handset to communicate for FREE with all other WorldVOX users. The perfect way for everyone to benefit is for each of us to share the good news with these frequently called but distant people. They can go to your website and Join for FREE. There they can purchase their own WorldVOX handset. WorldVOX will express post their WorldVOX handset to their door. They load the software, plug the handset in, even choose their own number - then they can call you and talk for FREE as well! How many people would you like to talk with for FREE who have a computer and an Internet connection? How many people do you think these people would like to talk with for FREE as well! WorldVOX - How and why we at WorldVOX reward you the users With a WorldVOX handset being only $295.00AUD, the more people you can talk with for free, the sooner it pays for itself. However, as it was through your efforts that the sale was made to your personal or business associates, WorldVOX rewards you for this effort. For each and every personally referred sale, WorldVOX will pay you $30USD. ** Displayed in diagram as Your Personal Sales Level 1 But wait - there is still more! When these people who you brought into the WorldVOX family then tell their friends, and they also purchase their WorldVOX handsets, we still reward you further. In fact, we will pay you a bonus for each and every sale which occurs through your group, all the way down to seven (7) levels deep! The illustration at right explains this in simple terms. *NOTE - Sale Price is in Australian Dollars due to manufacture being based in Australia. Commissions are all in $US Dollars. *Retail price in $USD will not exceed $200.00, even with a drop in the $USD compared to other currencies.

13 Looking at the example below - if you had only four (4) people with whom you would like to communicate with for FREE using the WorldVOX handsets, and they did the same, think about the possibilities of this simple duplication. Looking at the illustration you can see how you can achieve much more than just saving money by being a MyWorldVOX member. Looking further - if your four (4) people also have four (4) people who purchase their handset. You now have 16 in your group and have earned 4 x $30USD, plus 16 x $10USD as a group bonus. That is already $280USD! Not a bad reward for talking for FREE with family, friends and business associates while still saving money! WorldVOX Rewards you the Member for doing what you already do! √ When you share the WorldVOX FreeCall benefits with others, and they join as well, everyone wins! √ The people who are in your group, will do the same as you did, so that we can ALL talk for FREE! √ As this happens, your network of members grows, and WorldVOX continues to pay you as it does. These are hypothetical examples to demonstrate the simple principal of duplication in action

14 If for example your goal was to make six (6) sales and receive the $30USD on each - which means your handset cost you virtually nothing. Let’s look at what would happen if you promoted this to everyone in your group. The numbers start to add up. The fact is that those of us who do wish to save money on our long distance calls will do exactly this - tell all of our friends about how they should have their own WorldVOX handset so we can all talk for FREE! How many people would you call regularly if the calls were Free? Most people would like to talk for Free if it were possible. How many of your friends like their monthly phone bills? It isn’t hard to imagine the possibilities. Do the math yourself! WorldVOX Rewards you the Member for doing what you already do! These are hypothetical examples to demonstrate the simple principal of duplication in action Think for a minute about making the WorldVOX handset pay for itself. 6 sales x $30USD = $180USD

15 What makes WorldVOX such a “Breath of Fresh Air” in the marketplace? √ Membership in MyWorldVOX is totally FREE √ NO Purchase required to earn an income. (you make sales without purchasing, you receive income) √ NO MONTHLY FEES and NO Sponsorship requirements. √ A REAL product which offers REAL savings every month. (Money into your pocket, not the phone companies) √ Your own FREE website with tools to help you track income and build your network. √ NO LIES about massive “spillover” and money for free or other common false incentives √ A company that tells you the truth and has it’s registered details on it’s website for all to see √ SIMPLE compensation plan. A compensation plan that takes 1 minute to explain is a good thing. √ Founders 5,000 club. (A special bonus pool for the first 5,000 members who purchase their handset) √ Residual Income from an “airtime” royalty from the Internet-to-landline calls from all in your group. This 2% over 7 levels is ongoing every month. *Just like the cell phone plan retailers get each month* √ The type of people this sort of business attracts are of course - those with whom you wish to deal with and communicate with on a regular basis! Family, friends and businesses who we wish to talk with for FREE! What could be better - PLUS the fact you can now talk to distant loved ones without thinking about the cost! Back to the Link Page Back to 1st page MyWorldVOX membership is Free, call or e-mail the member who took the time to send you this. Join for Free, choose your website name and take the time to ask any further questions you may have. After all, if you have been reading this, it is most likely from someone whom YOU also call. Isn’t that phone bill money better off in your pocket than your telephone company’s bank account? Next Page is of technical specifications for those who wish to read

16 WorldVOX - System and Handset Technical Specifications overview Technical Specs: USB 1.1 and 2.0 Compliant tested under Windows 98SE/2000/XP Draws approx. 80ma for all functions including ringer, graphical LCD and backlight. Low power start-up option – automatically detects if 80ma draw is not available and attempts alternate start-up routines, including no backlight, to operate if possible. Micro to full-size USB cable with no external power required. Runs off powered and non-powered USB ports and hubs. 84 x 48 B&W LCD supporting up to 25FPS animation using Moonlight custom menu scripting language. Full-function 16-button mapping for keypad. 8 x low power LEDs for backlight and keypad light. Security through unique phone IDs On-board 512-bit SHA-1 engine featuring 160-bit Message Authentication Codes and 64-bit secret implemented in hardware. Changeable front and back phone covers fully backwards compatible with original and OEM Nokia® 3310 covers ensure the greatest available range. Changeable keypad fully backwards compatible with original and OEM Nokia® 3310 keypads. Custom Menu design language Fully-Skinnable desktop software interface SDK H.323 VoIP Standard (SIP via software module) Back to the Link Page Back to 1st page

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