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BSNL Application Store. Module Introduction to Application Store Application Store Overview BSNL Live Setting Processes to Access BSNL Live WAP Portal.

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1 BSNL Application Store

2 Module Introduction to Application Store Application Store Overview BSNL Live Setting Processes to Access BSNL Live WAP Portal Access BSNL Application Store Application Store Functionality

3 Introduction to Application Store The Application Store is a service for the Mobile phones which allows user to browse and down load applications BSNL is providing Apps Store services to 2G and 3G customers with the help of vendor “Accenture” A wide variety of Apps is available across different categories such as Entertainment, Games, Social networking, Cricket, Utilities etc The Apps Store is available for both pre- paid and post-paid services The Apps can either be purchased by making a one time payment or subscribed to for a period of 1 day, 7 days or 1 month

4 Some Apps Examples Expense Tracker Expense Tracker Apps helps you budget your money and track expenses without any problems on your own wherever your are directly on your mobile phone

5 Some Apps Examples Yoga on the Go Beginners, experts and teachers alike can make rejuvenating mediations part of daily life with this beautifully illustrated deck of fifty yoga poses and mediations. Each easy to use entry gives detailed instructions, benefits and an affirmation

6 Some Apps Examples RockeTalk World’s only mobile messenger for free Voice, Video and Photo chat. Meet new people, Buzzing Communities, Audio and Picture Profiles. Chat on MSN, Yahoo, G Talk and AOL. Games, Emoticons, Email, Contest, SMS and more

7 Some Apps Examples Translator plus Translator plus is a powerful online tool to translate words and even phrases into 12 languages and supports about 30 directions of translation. Translator plus supports: English, Dutch, French, German Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese simplified and Chineese Traditional Languages

8 Some Apps Examples Movie Buff Get latest news, gossips, top songs, interesting interviews and self reviews from movie world. The application brings this information to you in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. So, even if your mobile does not support these languages, you can enjoy the movie world

9 Some Apps Examples Advanced Call Manager ACM handles your incoming calls with a personalized approach to different callers. It accepts, rejects, sends a personalized SMS or mute the ringer. You can easily save different profiles and schedule them according to time and location

10 Application Store Overview Single click access to key links Home, News Apps, Top paid Apps, Top free apps, Categories, My favorites, My Purchases and Search Banners to promote Apps Featured Apps to highlight specific Apps Scrolling Text Helps in promotional activities Categories These can be reordered and changed as per specific events such as Festivals, Sports Events and other important regional events

11 Application Store Overview


13 BSNL Live Setting Process steps to access BSNL Live WAP Portal Get BSNL Live Setting Install Settings Access WAP Portal and then Click on the Apps Store link on BSNL Live home page

14 Get BSNL Live Settings Manual Settings Setting NameBSNLLIVE Data BearerGPRS Access Point Name (APN) bsnllive User Name Prompt PasswordNo Password AuthenticationNormal Homepage Phone IP AddressAutomatic Name ServerAutomatic Proxy Serv. Address10.220.67.131 Proxy Port Number 9201 for WAP 1.0 device 8080 for WAP 2.0 device How to get BSNL Live settings 1. BSNL Live settings are pushed to the Handset by BSNL 2. Settings can also be received by sending space of your handset to 58355 3. Settings can also be configured through the website 4. Settings can also be manually configured

15 Get BSNL Live Settings Access BSNL Live WAP Portal Open the handsets web browser and type to visit the BSNL Live WAP Portal Install BSNL Live settings 1. Subscriber will receive the configuration message 2. In some handsets, password is needed to open the configuration message. The password is always 1111 3. Enter the pin code 1111 and press OK 4. Once the message is open, press option for save/install/update. Press OK 5. After saving the message, some handsets will ask “ Set as DEFAULT SETTINGS?” Press YES

16 Access BSNL Application Store 1. Click on BSNL Apps Store link on BSNL Live home page 2. On the Apps Store page select from the menu of applications 3. On selecting a specific category from the menu you would then be presented a list of available applications which you can download under the category 4. On selecting any specific application you would then be presented with the details of the application along with the price 5. You would then need to click/select the Buy or Download; the application would begin to download on your mobile 6. The application will install on your handset. After the install is complete, you will see the option to “Start Now?” depending on your handset. If you select “YES” the application will start

17 Application Store Functionality Find Apps Buy Apps Install Apps Re-install Apps Uninstall

18 Find Apps Find by SearchFind by Category Merchandising ListsBy Rating On Portal Search Browse by category Merchandising Lists: Featured Top Sellers New Arrivals Recommendations Favorites Top Rated Banner promotions In App Up sell to Full Version More Apps from Content Provider Messaging Outreach SMS, WAP Push Customer Care

19 Buy and Install Apps Subscription Renewal Renewal message is sent one day prior to renewal. for Monthly and Weekly subscriptions only For daily subscriptions, Reminder every 7 days. E.g. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th day while the subscription is active Install Apps Handled by each handset outside of Apps Store. The App may be stored in memory card or on handset memory based on the device settings Success/Failure returned back to Storefront License Models Free Free Trial for a fixed period One Time Pay - You are charged one time prior to download Subscriptions (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) - Per month model gives you an initial 30 day access to the application with automatic 30 day renewals till you cancel. Similarly per week gives you 7 day access and per day gives you 24 hour access Pre-pack Bundle (e.g. a bundle of games by the same Content Provider) Enumerated bundle (e.g. buy 3 Apps, get one free) Data charges for browsing/ downloading/running network- aware apps are extra & as per data plan opted by the subscriber

20 Upgrade/Re-install/Un-install Apps Uninstall Apps The App would be saved as an Icon at the preferred location where it has been saved. Click on the icon and select the delete or remove menu In case these options are not available directly, delete the application through Mobile desktop Manager which comes bundled with the handset. Un-subscribe App You will receive a subscription renewal reminder text message. Click on the link in the message to cancel subscription. Go to My Purchases link on BSNL Apps Store, find the application you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel’. Call BSNL Customer care Re-install Apps In case the Apps download is interrupted or the subscriber deletes the App accidently, The Apps Store allows the purchased App to be downloaded once more within 24 hours of purchase. Go to Home -> My Purchases link to re-download

21 Sample Transaction through screenshots All categories Page Home Page

22 Sample Transaction through screenshots Search Browsing within a category

23 Sample Transaction through screenshots Receipt Page Recommend Apps to the user post purchase Apps Description Apps can be bought in single click by clicking on buy/download or you can view description before buying Options to Recommend Apps to a friend, Add to your Favorite Apps, Rate the Apps

24 Sample Transaction through screenshots Add to My FavoritesSend Link to Friends Tell your Friends about the great new Apps you downloaded

25 Thanks

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