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Handset Desktop Convergence Jon Crowcroft,

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1 Handset Desktop Convergence Jon Crowcroft,

2 Outline - Compare&Contrast H/W platforms S/W platforms Applications & Development Service Architecture Usage & Abusage Cost/Performance/Future

3 H/W platforms Android G2 Hero 600Mhz n core ARM 1G mem, nG SD Quad, HSPC,WiFi,BT USB GPS, Accelerometer Compass Sensors… Intel x86 3GHz 1-2G, 30-150G store GigE, WiFi USB

4 S/W platforms Linux, OSX,Windows Mobile 6 (Symbian, X,Y,Z?) Java, Obj C, C# Web 2.0 Eclipse Linux, MacOs, Windows 7 C/Java, Obj C, C# Client/Server Web 2.0 Eclipse

5 Applications & Development Browser (chrome, firefox, ie, safari etc) Web 2.0 (social net + location+context,+secur e id, plus, cameras:) Sqlite Server (but almost certainly Natted) Music/film/infotainment Browser(ditto) Web 2.0 (social net, amazon, flickr) Database (well, modest) Server (but prob. Natted) Documenting (hard to do without kb) CAD/Graphics Design Film/Music post production

6 Service Architecture ID/Personality/ Thinnish Client + Cloud SIM and Cellular Service provider permits secure ID and micropayment Anonymous (hot desk) or Office based desktop Can have thin client Client/server or Cloud Very little proof of ID except maybe xDSL subscriber line

7 Usage & Abusage Dataplans inclusive (except roaming) To date, lockin prevents malware Changing fast No different in solution space to desktop Corporate free, home use may be rate/volume capped Massive problems with worm/virus/adware botnets etc etc Expensive Solutions

8 Cost/Performance/Future Advert or location or charge for use of some service pays Future device may “dock” with kb/display-> no need for desktop or laptop 18 month recycle Subscription or advert or pay-per- use pays Future device may be more games console (GPU and net speed/latency special) 3 year recycle

9 Convergence Done. Problems will multiply Super-linearly with value Opportunities will multiply Linearly as incumbents loosen grip Q&A

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