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Electronic Countermeasures Presented by: Antenna Systems and Solutions Co. 931 Albion Avenue Schaumburg, Illinois 60193 Phone: 847-584-1000 Fax: 847-584-9951.

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1 Electronic Countermeasures Presented by: Antenna Systems and Solutions Co. 931 Albion Avenue Schaumburg, Illinois 60193 Phone: 847-584-1000 Fax: 847-584-9951

2 Agenda  Definition  Methodology  Frequency Bands  Legal Considerations  Applications  Correctional Facilities  Crisis Negotiators  IED Countermeasures  Antenna Systems Products  Q & A

3 Definition  Technique to limit the effectiveness of an opponents communications and / or detection equipment.  A device used in electronic warfare to inhibit or halt the transmission of signals.

4 Jamming Methodology  Methods of Operation Disable Cell Site  Advantage: None. All traffic within the cell site coverage is disabled including including friendly traffic. Disable Handset  Advantage: Only handsets within jammer range is affected. Friendly traffic outside jammer range continues.

5 Jamming Methodology  How it works Jammer continuously transmits noise on handset receive frequency  Handset cannot receive control data from cell site  Handset is disabled. Will not detonate  Jammer Frequency Bands CDMA  860 MHz – 885 MHz GSM  925 MHz – 965 MHz DCS, PHS, PCS  1800 MHz – 1950 MHz

6 Jamming Methodology  3G 2100 MHz – 2200 MHz  Custom FRS (460 MHz) Paging (900 MHz) Garage door (300 MHz) Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5.8 GHz) Satellite Phone GPS L1 Custom / Customer Specified

7 Legal Considerations  State / Municipal  FCC  Patriot Act  National Response Plan Federal  NTIA  Patriot Act  National Response Plan

8 Legal Considerations  FCC Communications Act of 1934  Patriot Act of 2004 Signed by Commissioner Powell 2004 on behalf of the FCC  National Response Plan  Homeland Security Act of 2002  Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance Act  The Public Health Security & Bioterrorism Preparedness & Response Act of 2002

9 Jammer Applications  Security Assassination Attempts Department of Defense Facilities High Risk Hostage Negotiations Bomb Squads Nuclear Power Plants Prisons Troop and Supply Transport Border Security  Privacy Department of Defense Facilities Conference Rooms Design / Manufacturing Facilities Religious Centers Educational Facilities Laboratories

10 Correctional Facilities  Application Control Inmate communication  Inmates are encouraged to use D.O.C. provided pay phones.  Inmates are restricted from conducting “business transactions” during incarceration.  Inmates are restricted from contacting each other during coordinated uprisings.

11 Correctional Facilities  Entry of Communication Devices Smuggling  Visitor Body Cavities  Facility Personnel  Packages Theft

12 SOLUTIONS  SEARCHES Continuous Man hours required  DETECTORS Effectiveness?  JAMMERS If the cell phones don’t operate, there is no demand

13 DESIGN  OBJECTIVE: Efficiently jam selected areas without effecting outside areas  METHOD: Detailed Sketch Prelim Engineering Plan  Antenna types, Power levels Site Survey  Spectrum analysis  Building construction analysis Site Test with Jammer  Spectrum analysis  Map out jammer coverage

14 Correctional Facilities  Considerations Technologic  Central / Decentralized Distribution One high power unit  Fiber / Coax  Remote Controlled Remote switching Interference Public Safety 800 MHz Trunked Wireless Door Entry Systems Wireless Backup Alarms Wireless Panic Buttons Wireless Inmate Tracking Systems

15 Crisis Negotiation  Application To control communication from perpetrator to outside.  Keeps perp. from knowing SWAT / Police actions and locations.  Forces perp. to use “drop phone” to negotiate release.  Keeps perp. from calling media to gain recognition.  Keeps perp. from calling victim(s) family and placing demands.  Keeps perp. from calling or receiving calls from accomplices.

16 Crisis Negotiation  Deployment CJ7A, CJ9A, CJ10A  Remove equipment from case  Erect tripod  Mount and point antenna  Connect cabling  Power on

17 CRISIS NEGOTIATIONS  DEPLOYMENT PCJ7A, PCJ8A, PCJ9A  Open case  Aim  Flip one switch

18 The IED Threat  IEDs Designed to cause injury or death using  Explosives, toxic chemicals, biological toxins or radiological material They’re produced in various sizes, functioning methods, containers, and delivery methods They can be almost anything with any type of material and initiator  The IED Challenge consists of Convoy Protection & Explosive Ordinance Disposal

19 Cellular Bomb Detonation “After tragedies, cellular networks are typically jammed with calls from people checking on friends and family. Wireless companies say they need to consider the interests of paying customers but ultimately would comply with a government request to go dark. But a shutdown could also hinder emergency personal and government officials, many of whom rely on wireless phones and pagers.” – Wall Street Journal August 12, 2005, Dionne Searcey In Israel, government officials recently have been less inclined to shut down entire networks as they increasingly rely on jamming devices designed to block communications over a short range, according to security experts.” – Wall Street Journal August 12, 2005, Dionne Searcey

20 IED Characteristics  IEDs share a common set of components and consist of the following: An initiation system or fuse Explosive fill A detonator A power supply for the detonator A container  These commonalities allow for the creation and deployment of effective countermeasures

21 BOMB SQUAD  Deployment CJ7A, CJ9A, CJ10A  Remove equipment from case  Connect cabling  Power on


23 CJ7 / CJ8 / CJ9 CELL PHONE JAMMER FEATURES: o Covers all cell Phone frequencies o 12 or 28 VDC Operation o 110 VAC adapter available o One switch operation o Small rugged package o Omni directional or directional o Police radio filters available

24 PCJ7 / PCJ8 / PCJ 9 PORTABLE CELL PHONE JAMMER FEATURES: o Fully portable. Battery operated o Just open, aim, & flip one switch o Directional antenna in lid o 6 hour battery life o All features of CJ Series o 110VAC plug for operation & charge

25 SCIF JAMMER FEATURES: o Covers entire buildings o Weather proof o Locked for security o Remote monitoring o 20 MHz to 12 GHz

26 RF JAMMER Features: o One Switch Operation o Continuous Power Monitoring o Instant On – Solid State Design o Quick disconnect Power Source o Removable filters o Tread Plate Top for Safety

27 IRJ INTELLIGENT JAMMER FEATURES: o Field or Depot Programmable o Remote Control o Transportable o Upgradable o Shock Resistant o Front Panel Operation


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