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Thuraya Mobile Satellite Solutions by Abdallah Touhami

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1 Thuraya Mobile Satellite Solutions by Abdallah Touhami
Senior Manager Marketing and Sales Oman, 26 May 2006

2 Table of Contents The Company Our Mission Statement
Thuraya’s Objectives Thuraya Coverage The System Architecture Thuraya Product Offering & Services Second Generation Handsets Unique Selling Propositions

3 The Company Shareholders Headquarters Regional offices
Professional resources GSM Roaming Partners Transit carriers Thuraya’s code Subscriber Base Thuraya Handsets Sold 13 leading Telecom Operators 5 leading Investment Houses 1 leading satellite manufacturer 1 Leading Telecom consultant Abu Dhabi Emirate (United Arab Emirates) Dubai & Sharjah Emirates (United Arab Emirates) Kenya and Algeria Over 240 employees Approximately, 24 different nationalities 95+ Service Providers in 48 countries 188 GSM partners in 90 countries 6 transit partners (BT, Telenor, Etisalat, Belgium, IT and FT) More than 172 countries opened Thuraya code (88216) Direct Subscribers

4 Our Mission Statement Our mission is to provide affordable state-of-the-art telecommunications services in a broad range of solutions, with specific attention to voice and data Our target customers are all those in need of basic and advanced telecommunications services in territories of our operation, being land, sea and sky

5 Thuraya’s Objectives To be a market leader
Provide an affordable service Provide the highest quality of service Fostering innovation Improve satellite communications market perception Maximize service partner insight Maximize customer insight

6 Thuraya Coverage Extended Coverage Existing Coverage
SE Asia, The Far East and Australasia by April 2007 China expected to be one of the biggest markets Existing Coverage Over 120 Countries Highly Populous Large Areas Appropriate GDP Low Penetration of Telecommunications

7 System Architecture Primary Gateway OSS MSC USER SEGMENT L Band C Band
Hand-held SOC = Satellite Operations Centre AOC = Advanced Operations Centre OSS = Operational Support System MSC = Mobile Switching Centre UBS = Up-link Beacon Station PSTN = Public Switch Telephone Network PLMN = Public Land Mobile Network Vehicular L Band C Band Semi-fixed SPACE SEGMENT Public Calling ThurayaDSL Maritime Primary Gateway FEEDER LINK GATEWAY TT&C UBS SOC GROUND SEGMENT AOC PSTN A-Interface CAI PLMN OSS MSC

8 Thuraya Handsets, The smallest, lightest and most affordable
The unique offering of GPS capability 3 in 1: Satellite, GSM & GPS Reliable & robust handset Battery – long 2.5 Hours Talking Time Data and Fax Connection up to 9600 bps User interface incorporating 9 languages Short Message Service (SMS) User Friendly Many other standard GSM Phone Features

9                                                                                   Fixed Docking Unit The FDU extends the operations and functionalities of your handset by offering Thuraya Services in an indoor environment such as the home or office Voice, fax and data services as well as supplementary services will be available indoors Sending/ receiving SMS can be done more efficiently External Antenna for Satellite & GPS Modular design, easy to install & operate

10 Public Calling Office (PCO)
                                                                                     Public Calling Office (PCO) A full business kit for entrepreneurs interested in setting up telecommunication services Call metering and instant billing in order to ensure customer satisfaction Offers opportunities for revenue generation for the PCO operator from calls made by people using the PCO facilities

11                                                   Payphone Great opportunities for the development of rural telephony. Thuraya intends to cater to this market by offering a lower wholesale tariff to reach low income users who otherwise, could not afford Thuraya’s services Solar energy or electrical powered Prepaid ‘Call for All’ Card or Euro-chip

12 ThurayaDSL Light, Compact, Portable & User friendly
ThurayaDSL service is a 144Kbps IP packet data service using a shared channel, offering high quality “always-on” GPRS service across Thuraya coverage area Volume-based charging. Portable satellite IP modem with an Ethernet port (RJ45) Plug and Play device with no software installation required Competitive MB pricing with fixed Unlimited usage option

13 ThurayaMarine The Maritime Unit will support all Thuraya standard services and consists of: Transmit Unit (TU-2500 with HHT built-in and power cable). Marine Antenna with antenna cable (SAT+GPS).

14 SO 2510 : Smallest / Lightest SAT Phone
Generation-II Handheld SO 2510 : Smallest / Lightest SAT Phone Mode: SAT only Sleek and elegant design 150 gms Color display Voice, 9.6 Kbps Data/Fax, SMS GPRS capability (63/14 Kbps down/up) USB 10+ languages

15 Generation-II Handheld
SG 2520: Smallest SAT/GSM Mode : SAT and GSM Triband Sleek, elegant design, 180 gms Color Display Voice, 9.6 Kbps Data/Fax, SMS GPRS capability (63/14 Kbps down/up) Multimedia Messaging Enhanced GPS Bluetooth, IR, USB. 1.3 Mega pixel Camera, Video 10+ languages

16 Unique Selling Propositions
Thuraya combines Satellite, GSM and GPS in one phone When Roaming, use either your universal Thuraya number or any other GSM SIM card in the Thuraya handset Free incoming calls on Satellite mode Choose between highly affordable prepaid and postpaid plans Roam in GSM networks and receive a call for just 25 cents or Free Calls between Thuraya users start from only 42 cents Flexible SP tariff plans available

17 Thank You

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