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Phone Product Roadmap snom technology AG, November 2004.

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1 Phone Product Roadmap snom technology AG, November 2004

2 2 Product History First-Generation Telephone snom 100/105 –Developed in 2000-2001 –Own plastic –Focus on design that symbolizes mixture between cell phone and fixed line phone –Problems: Functionality (handset, keys), price Second-Generation Telephones snom 190/200/220 –Developed in 2002-2003 –Plastic from Elmeg (German Phone Manufacturer) –Focus on fixed line business phone –Problems: handset, plastic price

3 3 Agenda Mid-Term Products Finished Products Long-Term Products

4 4 The snom 320/360 business phone will be available in January 2004 American Style Cradle Large number of LED programmable keys Mailbox and recording keys Navigation key Audio control keys Movable display (graphical = 360 or two-line = 320) Call control keys

5 5 Advantages of the snom 320/360 American-Style Handset –The handset microphone side falls in the cradle –Out-of-question audio performance Wall-Mountable Keys –Lots of programmable keys –Dedicated function keys (volume, hands free, etc) Own Plastic –We can choose who builds the devices –Optimized for Ethernet

6 6 The extension board will allow to control offices with 50 users Paper registration cards LED backlight keys Device can be cascaded

7 7 Agenda Mid-Term Products Finished Products Long-Term Products

8 8 Adding Video can be done in a very simple step by adding a camera to the 360 display Cell phone-like camera Same display plastic, but color display All other components stay the same

9 9 A more sophisticated solution uses a large touch screen Main plastic needs to be changed Video camera Large color touch screen Pen Large display allows use in switchboard environments Necessary chip set already available

10 10 Agenda Mid-Term Products Finished Products Long-Term Products

11 11 We believe that long-term the keys will be replaced with a screen Picture-frame like approach –Can be put on a table –Might be taken away (battery necessary) Screen handles main communication –Run telephone and video conference as application –Access applications with web browser –Screensaver function when idle (picture frame) –Using a mainstream component will limit the price Speech recognition and hands free operation –No more keys in handset –Talking like in a meeting –Speech recognition necessary

12 12 The first proposal uses a Bluetooth headset Bluetooth headset Pen Speaker for hands free mode Camera Mic Large touch screen

13 13 A cost-optimized version uses handset and black/white display Large touch screen (B/W) Handset Speaker

14 14 The bottom line Short term requires fulfillment of basic functionality –Solid devices, proven concepts Video could become important mid-term –Integration of color screen and video into the device In long-term there might be no more handset –Multimedia device with focus on telephony as the main application –Tablet PC in picture frame format

15 Thank You

16 © 2004 snom technology Aktiengesellschaft Written by: Dr. Christian Stredicke Version: 1.0 The author has made his best effort to prepare this document. The content is based upon latest information whenever possible. The author makes no representation or warranties of any kind with regard to the completeness or accuracy of the contents herein and accept no liability of any kind including but not limited to performance, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or any losses or damages of any kind caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly from this document. For more information, mail, Pascalstr. 10B, 10587 Berlin, Germany.

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