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Deadly animals.

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1 Deadly animals

2 Introduction Hi I am Harriet and my partner is Cooper and we are here to tell you whether Australia has the most poisonous animals in the world. In Australia we have some very dangerous animals.

3 10 most dangerous animals in Australia?
Box Jelly fish 2. The Taipan 3. Salt water crocodile 4. Blue ringed octopus 5. Stone fish 6. Red back spider 7. Brown snake 8. Tiger snake 9. Great white shark 10. Funnel web spider

4 Box Jelly Fish!! Box Jelly Fish is one of the most deadly animals on the face of earth. It is also called a sea wasp. The Box’s Jelly Fish lives in the northern and the north eastern region of Australia. It can be found along the coast of along near the Great Barrier Reef which is about 2000 km long. They are often found between March and October. If you get bitten it is more of an electrical shock then a burn. After a bite the person will most likely come out of the water screaming and will faint on the sand with marks on their body. These marks look like streaks , but that only depends on the area and affected so do NOT TOUCH BOX’S JELLY FISH!!!!!!!! You will see this sign if you are swimming near them.

5 Brown snakes The brown snake is approximately 1.5metres long and is one of Australia's most deadliest animals. They have venom that can cause death to humans relatively quickly if left alone. Brown snakes can grow up to 2-3 metres high. You can not find them in Tasmania .

6 Redback spiders!!!! A Redback spider has a red mark on its back. Redback spiders are found throughout Australia, in drier habitats and built-up areas. They are common in dry places around buildings, outdoor furniture, machinery and stacked materials. A bite from the redback spider may be life threatening, especially for children or the elderly.

7 Salt water crocodile The salt water crocodile is the largest living member of the crocodilians and reptiles. The salt water crocodiled can grow up to 18 feet (5.45m) in length. They are huge, aggressive, territorial, and plentiful across the north of the Australian Outback. Australian saltwater crocodiles kill on average one to two people per year

8 Stone fish The stone fish is the most venomous fish in the world. The stone fish is often found at the bottom of the reef camouflaged as a rock. It can be found in the great barrier reef in Queensland.

9 Another serious threat for those who wish to explore the seas of Australia. The blue ringed octopus is one of the most toxic sea creatures in the world found off the coast of Australia. The bite does not cause pain and puncture marks may not be visible. Numbness will be experienced, and it may become difficult to speak or see. If you are unlucky enough to be bitten, you should keep the injured limb still, put direct pressure on the wound and seek urgent medical aid. Blue ringed octopus!!

10 Great white shark!! The great white shark can be found in lots of numbers along the southern coast of Australia The Great White is between feet long, and can grow up to feet. They have about 3000 teeth, arranged in several rows.

11 The Taipan!!! The Inland Taipan is the deadliest snake in the world. It is a dark brown colour it is usually dark brown colour you can often find them in sugar fields!!! The average length is 1.8 metres (5ft 9 ins) but have been found to be as large as 2.5 metres (8ft 1 in).

12 Tiger snake The Tiger snake is another of the venomous snakes found in Australia in the southern regions. They will attack if they are disturbed or threatened. Death is quite rare these days, as anti venene is readily available.

13 Funnel web spider! The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is believed to be limited to an area of about 160 kilometres from the centre of Sydney. They are probably the most venomous aggressive spider in the world. Their massive fangs can penetrate a child's fingernail. However, most people bitten by them are not injected with sufficient venom to cause any illness.

14 Out back Australia Maybe Australians like the idea that we have venomous snakes that are the deadliest in the world! Maybe it makes us look brave and tough in the eyes of the rest of the world.

15 How common are snake bites !!
In Australia there about 3,000 snake bites per year. Nearly all Australian snakes are shy and will avoid contact with people if at all possible. They will only attack a human if frightened, cornered or provoked.

16 By Harriet and Cooper

17 Thank you for watching!

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