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The Twentieth Century Do you really need the exact dates?

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1 The Twentieth Century Do you really need the exact dates?

2 A Spirit of Independence Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa. Darwinism, Marxism and Freudian psychology caused a break in traditional thinking of many. Thinking on the monarchy shifted during this time from loyalty to critique.

3 The World Wars The “ Great War ” shifted values from patriotism to family security, and trust of government to cynicism and critique. WWII again shifted values. Chaos and moral relativism are common themes. Writers and artists experimented with style and stretching beyond traditional themes: Matisse, Dali, Picasso, Pollock; Conrad, Lawrence, Eliot, Joyce, Woolf.

4 Voices of the Era Franklin D. Roosevelt – American icon. Visionary, brave, trustworthy. Winston Churchill – Noted for eloquence and witty repartee. Quintessential English voice of the day. Adolf Hitler – Screaming voice. Hypnotic patriot. Nazi leader. Gandhi – Indian pacifist. Rallied India by fasting for unity within the country. Crucial in gaining India ’ s independence form Britain.

5 Post War Themes Random Theory and Chaos Theory The disruption of tradition Sarcasm and cynicism as a means to face unsettled realities New role of comedy: self-effacing

6 Jackson Pollock

7 Immigration to Britain With immigrants pouring in from all continents, London becomes a global city. Writing and arts are translated into and from English.

8 Literary Contributions Classics such as Tolkien, Lewis, Kipling, Conrad (wrote in English as his second language), Joyce, and Eliot (American- born) still influential on young authors. Publications in various languages made popular. Continued increase in literacy and publication.

9 Social Considerations The Windsor monarchy continues female line of monarchs. Relinquishing empire control of colonies allows nationals to pursue their own goals. British educational system still highly revered around the world. Questioning the viability of the monarchy.

10 Questions to Consider With the dropping of the atomic bomb, how were philosophy and literary/artistic themes impacted? Over 50 million die during the two world wars: what Qs are citizens of the world asking about the role and power of govt.? In what ways is satire a means to deal with reality in a healthy way?

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