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CoreTalk The essence of business communication CoreTalk  CoreTalk brings the most pervasive communication tool in history – the cell phone – fully into.

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2 CoreTalk The essence of business communication

3 CoreTalk  CoreTalk brings the most pervasive communication tool in history – the cell phone – fully into the business process.  CoreTalk manages the communication around business events and the people associated with that event  CoreTalk, a communication platform with relevance to all businesses.

4 Overview of CoreTalk Functionality

5 Manage Contacts Enables single and bulk creation of contacts Allows for synchronisation with Outlook Allows for imports from excel, csv, text etc. Group Management Enables the management of groups Assignment of Contacts to group Profiling of Group based on common communication parameters Remote Group sending authorisation so that an external party may send a message to a group. Send SMS Enables selection of Individual Contacts or Groups to whom SMS’s must be sent Allows for personalised SMS messages via templates and may carry additional information from a Spreadsheet or Database Notes/Task Notes/Tasks against the person who has logged on to system as opposed to against the person who is calling in as in Communication Management. (See more on Notes in scheduler in subsequent slide) Communication History Provides a history of ALL communication Able to select communication by date, contact, content etc. Able to print communication history, both inward and outward which is date/time stamped and email to recipient Performance Reports Performance reports conform to a widely used business reporting format that is commonly used by all businesses, including market research organisations. SMS Promo Promotions form part of the typical SMS competitions environment. There are nine default SMS competition types set up and these will be expanded as required. Promotion setup is wizard driven Marketing Pages A Marketing Page is an “html” page which has an SMS trigger that can be responded to via CoreTalk. They are distributed either via an automated central server process or by email to intended recipients. Plan My Life Schedules against the person who has logged on to system as opposed to against the person who is calling in as per communication management. (See more on scheduler in subsequent slides) CoreTalk Features Database Integration CoreTalk provides both “push” and “pull” integration to any SQL type database. “Push” – CoreTalk interrogates a database at predefined intervals and when it picks up a change it sends this information to either a single user or a group of users. Typical Examples: Equity Prices, Stock Levels below re order, outstanding insurance payments. “Pull” – A database transaction is initiated by an incoming SMS message. Examples: Account Balance Enquiry, SMS-eMail Forwarding Has three different functions: eMail to SMS (Retrieves email from pop3 terminal, according to filter rules, and sends email content as an SMS to cell phone user or Group) SMS to eMail (Receives incoming SMS for emailing and sends this off to recipient). Forwards incoming SMS to a cell phone user or group of users

6 CoreTalk – Communicating with a client The Help Desk

7 CoreTalk Desktop Select Person The CoreTalk Desktop: - Is the businesses Communication Control Centre - From here all outstanding Communication that needs to be dealt with is visible - It is from here that you will respond to incoming enquiries When a contact phones in or you require information Around this contact enter name and do a search

8 Contact Search Select relevant Contact Select the correct contact or if not available – Add a new Contact

9 Contact Communication Whilst dealing with this contact you have available a complete communication history. You are thus able to answer any queries as well as perform a number of other functions which will relate to this contact For instance you may: Communicate with third parties via either eMail or SMS Schedule Appointments Build a Notes/Task list Assign the user to groups To send an SMS to 3 rd party

10 Send SMS to others whilst dealing with contact Select relevant Contact Select the contact/s: Double Click or use Add options to add to Recipient List Write Message and send Hit back button to return to communication history

11 Schedule an appointment The CoreTalk scheduler is a powerful business tool that allows operation either via “user “ or “category”. “Category” setup is a tailored feature that allows for quick scheduling with fixed time slots and was designed for industries such as the beauty industry, doctors and restaurants e.g. Head massage 30 minutes, Head & Neck Massage 45minutes It is possible to set defaults for a schedule in order to reduce appointment setup to 2 key strokes. “User” allows flexible time allocations and has associated documentation - Meeting Agenda - and - Meeting minute - which are distributed by either email or SMS” Common to both is the ability to: Advise recipients that an appointment has been made Remind them at a specified duration before the appointment of the appointment Setup a pop-up to remind the appointment maker of the appointment and if this is not dismissed after a specified time it will send SMS to the concerned person to remind them of the appointment Select the required time slot and setup appointment. When complete tab “Back” button to return to communication history Select relevant Timeslot

12 Contact Communication Select relevant Contact

13 eMail CoreTalk will open your default email utility enter the name of the recipient and ready the email utility for a message input. On sending and closing this window it will return to the communication history

14 Contact Communication Complete a Task Assignment

15 Notes/Task CoreTalk enables all communication and related notes/tasks to be filed with the contact. A note is a simple written record A Task has associated time implications Complete the note or task that needs to be accomplished for this contact. Multiple tasks may be assigned. “Save and Close” to return to the Contact Communication Complete a Task Assignment

16 Contact Communication Assign a Contact to Group

17 Groups Groups are used for segmenting the contact base according to a business requirement. Groups typically can be: Employees Sales Team Customers Customer Segment (Priority, Account Holder, Cricket Team) etc. It is possible to send an SMS into CoreTalk from a remote cell phone and it will then forward the message to everybody in the assigned group as long as the sending party is authorised to do so. Select the groups you want to assign a Contact to. Either double-click or “Add” to assign them to the contact Complete a Task Assignment

18 Summary of Communication Management  All communication, both inward and outward is saved with the contact  Appointments pertaining to the contact are saved with the contact  Notes/Tasks pertaining to the contact are saved with the contact  Database accesses and promotions that the contact has taken part in are also visible against the contact  Groups assigned to the contact are visible It is possible to network CoreTalk so that communication history is available to other company personnel

19 CoreTalk in business

20 CoreTalk CoreTalk is a communication platform for all businesses.  It is used in:  Mining Industry (Billiton Mines biggest mining group in world)  Banks (Standard Bank, Old Mutual)  Motor Industry (Ford Motor Company, Nissan, Peugeot)  Schools (over 300 schools in South Africa)  Health Industry (Clinics and hospitals 60 in SA and still rolling out)  Police and Security Companies (South African Police and numerous security companies)  Logistics and Transport Companies (Toll Express largest logistics company in Australia plus others)  Insurance Industry (Old Mutual)  Sports Training (Sharks rugby squad and others)  Breweries (worlds second largest brewer)  Nigerian Population Census  Retailers CoreTalk is a communication platform for all businesses

21 What Businesses say about CoreTalk  Toll Express (Australia) - “CoreTalk has saved us $320,000 per year and has considerably speeded up some of our processes”  Peugeot Dealer (South Africa) – “as people initially resisted the fax machine….. so there may be some resistance to CoreTalk, but I can assure you, as with the fax machine, once you have it you wont know how you existed without it”  Brave Clothing (New Zealand) “…I do not hesitate to recommend Coretalk to any business owner wishing to add value to their clients. I wish I could keep them a secret, and have them all to myself ”  Skin & Body Matters (South Africa) “…CoreTalk is our secretary and manager all in one… we use it collect outstanding funds … advise clients of product…. Schedule appointments….it is very easy to use”  Collenbrandell Accountants (South Africa) “… we use CoreTalk to make and confirm appointments….follow up on outstanding accounts it is far more effective than email….request information from clients (better response)….keep staff updated” AND SO IT GOES ON AND ON.

22 CoreTalk For additional business referrals go to and download the “Light” file`. This is a library of different business referrals. Should you be interested in becoming the primary distributor for CoreTalk within your country please contact and we will send you information with regards to the business model Thank You

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