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the Massacre in Nanjing

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1 the Massacre in Nanjing
Japanese Imperialism and the Massacre in Nanjing The Other Holocaust of World War II

2 Nanking, the capital of China
December 1937 Nanking, the capital of China The Japanese invasion of China immediately before and during World War II lasted from the early 1930's to 1945.

3 “In December 1937, the Japanese army swept into the ancient city of Nanking. Within weeks, more than 300,000 Chinese civilians were systematically raped, tortured, and murdered --a death toll exceeding that of the atomic blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined”. ---- Iris Chang

4 Japanese soldiers killed Chinese this way:



7 Mukai Toshiaki and Noda Takeshi, both sub-lieutenants, were honored for exhibiting the strongest samurai spirit by having the title "brave soldier" bestowed upon them. Encouraged by their senior officials, they agreed to engage in a killing "competition." Whoever could kill a full 100 people before the invasion and occupation of Nanjing was completed would take the prize.


9 Japanese soldiers killed babies too:


11 The Rape of Nanking 20,000 women were raped by Japanese soldiers
most were brutally killed afterwards. The Japanese officers never restrained these brutal acts, they even encourage them, to satisfy their soldiers animal desire.






17 Some humane organizations burial statistics: 195,249 corpses were buried.

18 Refugees:


20 They only remember A-bomb, but they forget the cause: what they did.
China forgave Japan, so it waived claims for war damages in 1972. But for the Japanese, it fuels denial. They only remember A-bomb, but they forget the cause: what they did.

21 Chinese city remembers Japanese 'Rape of Nanjing'

22 High school students in Nanjing,, strike the Peace Bell
December 12, 2003, Hong Kong residents hold a banner in commemoration of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre  before the Monument to Peace in Hong Kong December 12, 2003 


24 WEB page

25 Book

26 Where to buy

27 but I never forgot Japan.
"Past experiences, if not forgotten, can be a guide for the future." I can forgive Japan, but I never forgot Japan.

28 追思 张纯如 In Memory of Iris Chang

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