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The Fantastic Adventures and the End of the Odyssey.

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1 The Fantastic Adventures and the End of the Odyssey

2 Path of the Voyage

3 Kikones/Ciconians stupid crew, wise Odysseus - men die

4 Lotus-eaters Magic Mushrooms? incautious men addicted

5 Anthropophagous Giants I Cyclopes No Agriculture but untended crops! No Xenia here Polyphemus vs. Noone Folktale Element Curse of Poseidon

6 Aeolus Mortal in Charge! Floating Island Bag of Winds like Pandora’s Box? “hated One”

7 Anthropophagous Giants II Laestrygonians as sport-fishermen

8 Circe Daughter of Helios Aunt of Medea Eurylochus as witness Moly - hero’s magic weapon Hermes counsels threat & sex 1 year Pit stop Circe: see Teiresias in Underworld

9 Kimmerians Earliest Depiction of Underworld in Classical Tradition No Sunlight Hero’s Trip to Underworld

10 Famous Residents of the Underworld Sisyphus Ixion Tantalus

11 Herakles Mortal? Effect of Meeting with regard to Odysseus? Tityos in Background; Vultures gnaw liver for attempted rape of Hera

12 Teiresias Poseidon & Curse Death of Suitors Appeasement of Poseidon Death from the Sea Telegonus (Circe) Penelope (Isles of the Blessed)

13 Agamemnon & Achilles Importance of Son Contrast their fates with Odysseus

14 Hierarchy Achilles: "I would rather follow the plow as thrall to another man, one with no land allotted to him and not much to live on, than be a king over all the perished dead...” Neoptolemus: brave subordinate of Odysseus in Wooden Horse, next in counsel to Nestor & Odysseus

15 Telamonian Ajax Bitter in Death 2nd only to Achilles? Odysseus too busy sightseeing to reconcile

16 Circe’s Predictions Sirens Rovers (Clashing or Wandering Rocks) Scylla & Charybdis Cattle of Helios Anything odd about Circe’s Predictions?

17 Monsters of Misogyny? Sirens Scylla Charybdis

18 Cattle of Helios Eurylochus Starvation or Vengeance of the Gods Zeus’ Bolt: Shipwreck All men Die Pellegrino Tibaldi

19 7 Years with Calypso Not a “drifter” but a hero who rejected immortality & eternal youth in quest for home

20 Return to Ithaka Alkinoos’ Gifts Phaeacians’ Magic Boat Turned to Stone No Mountain on City Odysseus wakes on Ithaka

21 Revenge & Reconciliation All Suitors die Disloyal Maids Hanged Suitors’ Relatives Outmatched Athena as “Dea Ex Machina”

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