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Expository paper: Research Research information should be: 1. facts (no opinions or non-specific information) 2. Accomplishments 3. Awards, college degrees,

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1 Expository paper: Research Research information should be: 1. facts (no opinions or non-specific information) 2. Accomplishments 3. Awards, college degrees, honors 4. Inventions or what they founded/started 5. Who & how they influenced others 6. How they overcame a hardship 7. How they helped others

2 Citing websites Need specific web page where you found the facts (NOT

3 Expository paper - Thesis thesis sentence The thesis sentence can summarize your paper in ONE sentence. 1. It expresses the main idea you want to convey. 2. It takes into account all the info you gathered. 3. It is ONE sentence. 4. It is located at the end of the introduction paragraph.

4 Thesis Sentence examples My four choices are... ; people who have contributed something special to others in America and made a difference for our country. My Mount Rushmore will include....; these are people who fought for their rights, and who have shaped our country into what it is today. My choices for a new Mount Rushmore are.... who are brave, determined, strong, and smart. My Mount Rushmore includes.... who are all smart, athletic, and very deserving people. My choices for a new Mount Rushmore are...., all people who are brave, revolutionary, and good leaders. My Mount Rushmore includes...., who are strong, intelligent, and revolutionary, and also great leaders. *Notice that each thesis is parallel. If the first item of your list is a verb, then the remainder must be verbs. If the first item of your list is a noun, then the remainder must be nouns.

5 Introductory paragraph Sentence #1: Introduce Mount Rushmore (background info – refer to notes) Sentence #2: Discuss the significance of Mount Rushmore (refer to notes) Sentence #3: Inform readers of your task (you have chosen four people to replace the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore) Sentence #4: Road Map: What do these four people have in common? (State what these people have done) Sentence #5: Thesis (Name the four people you chose and WHY you chose them.)

6 Introduction: Example Seventy years ago four famous faces were chosen by a sculptor to be a part of Mount Rushmore forever. This National Monument honors four American presidents who made brave and courageous decisions in the first 150 years of our history as a nation. Since the time of their dedication, other Americans have displayed the characteristics necessary for their face to be displayed on Mount Rushmore. My four choices are people who made important contributions to America in sports, civil rights, writing, and humor. Jackie Robinson, Judge Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou, and Bill Cosby would make great additions to Mount Rushmore because of their positive attitude and their support for the civil rights of all Americans.

7 Topic Sentence main idea A sentence that summarizes the main idea of that paragraph. It BEGINS each new paragraph along with a transition word. 1.It helps readers see your point immediately. 2.It begins the paragraph that explains the accomplishments of your choice.

8 Examples of topic sentences First, Billy Graham, Jr. was a Christian evangelist who is most famous for being the spiritual advisor to several United States Presidents. My first choice is Francis Scott Key, a lawyer and author who wrote the famous lyrics for our country’s national anthem. As an example, our country’s freedom owes many thanks to Patrick Henry, a Virginia Delegate who gave a patriotic speech in 1775 to convince Congress to raise a militia against England. One deserving choice for Mount Rushmore is George Eastman, a man who invented the Kodak camera which now allows us to save photo images on paper.

9 Body Paragraph 6 sentences 1.Must have 6 sentences MINIMUM. abbreviationscontractions spell out 2.NO abbreviations, NO contractions (can’t, don’t, we’ll, should’ve, etc.) and spell out numbers less than 100. complete sentences punctuation 3.Important accomplishments are written as complete sentences with correct punctuation. topic sentence and transition word 4.Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and transition word.

10 Clincher Sentence last The last sentence in your body paragraph. A “wrap-it-up” sentence. Examples Jackie Robinson should be honored with a place on Mount Rushmore because he endured racism, and he brought about changes in desegregating baseball. The bravery and heroism displayed by Gen. George MacArthur during World War II show how much he deserves a place on Mount Rushmore. One of the our country’s famous lawyers and the first African American Supreme Court Judge, Thurgood Marshall, should have his face on Mount Rushmore for the progress he made in equal rights for blacks.

11 Conclusion Transition word and Statement of Mount Rushmore today Restate your thesis (NOT REPEAT your thesis – reword your thesis sentence) Restate your task (NOT REPEAT your task sentence – reword your task sentence) Leave readers with final thought

12 Conclusion: Example In conclusion, the four presidents displayed on Mount Rushmore were chosen for their significant contributions to America, but today there are still Americans who deserve to be honored for their more recent contributions. Jackie Robinson endured racism in baseball and Thurgood Marshall battled for civil rights for African Americans in the courtroom. Maya Angelou wrote brilliant poetry, including poems for presidents, and Bill Cosby broke down the walls of racism with his humor. Millions of visitors go to Mount Rushmore to experience our rich history, and now it is time to give these visitors new faces to discover. Someday the faces of brave men and women who helped with the Civil Rights Movement may have their famous faces on Mount Rushmore.

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