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Outline Kythe-Ateneo I Am Hope Campaign Be Brave Get Shaved Event Details Wishing Wall Booths or Performances Donations Wishing Presentation Promotions.

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2 Outline Kythe-Ateneo I Am Hope Campaign Be Brave Get Shaved Event Details Wishing Wall Booths or Performances Donations Wishing Presentation Promotions Ushering System Venue Time Table Final Reminders Concerns/Questions?

3 Kythe-Ateneo Student-arm of Kythe Inc Child Life Program Students that regularly visit the pediatric cancer patients Advocacy Arm Child Life Program Cancer Awareness

4 The I Am Hope Campaign Reminds people that they can be the hope that others need, in particular, pediatric cancer patients, who at this point in their lives only have hope to hold on to. “I KNOW I WILL GET WELL” “Purity of Hope”

5 The I Am Hope Campaign Nature of the Campaign Advocacy Stickers Bookmarks YouTube Viral Videos I Am Hope Shirts Lasting effect through Media Coverage of Be Brave Get Shaved

6 Be Brave Get Shaved First activity done in the country! World’s Greatest Shave 2009, Head Shave for Cancer, A Close Shave for Cancer For every person who gets his or her head shaved, a sponsoring company will be donating a specific amount for the medical and developmental needs of the children.

7 Be Brave Get Shaved Cameron Diaz in “My Sister’s Keeper” shows her willingness to alleviate the emotional pain her daughter feels by going bald…

8 Be Brave Get Shaved “BALD is Beautiful” Be one with the cancer community in their fight with cancer. The balding effect is due to their chemotherapy However, if you REALLY want to help, but can’t/won’t get your head shaved… YOU can buy an I AMHOPE Bandana for P100. We HUMBLY request that you have at least 3 people who can get their heads shaved

9 Event Details Child Life Program Testimonials from the Kythe Children and Families Performances from the Kythe Children Performances by Celebrities Song for Hope Wishing speeches by different organizations Parlor Games Kythe Exhibit Donation Boxes Booths by different organizations Wishing Wall Be Brave Get Shaved Photo Booth Lunch and Snacks

10 Event Details Quezon Memorial’s Disco Area About 150 children are listed in Kythe Inc. Around 40-70 children will be able to attend Their immediate family will be invited as well 7:00AM Set Up 9:00AM Call Time for Participants 11:00AM Arrival of the Children 12:00PM Official Start 3:40PM Booths Open 6:00PM Official End

11 Event Details Participating Organizations/ Foundations so far: UST Unicef UST YFC UP Volunteers for Children UP EcoSoc UA&P Haranya UA&P Dulaang Roc DLSU United DLSU Unisto DLSU Englicom* AkoMismo U Foundation World Youth Alliance Cancer Warriors Rotaract K.I.D.S.* Helpers Anonymous Ateneo Tugon Ateneo Musmos Ateneo Hsc Society Ateneo PMSA Ateneo Musmos Ateneo Swimming Team Ateneo Basketball Team Ateneo ARSA

12 Wishing Wall Wishes for the Children From each organization as a whole Decorated Tarpaulin Submission for Wishes on September 27, 2009

13 Booths and Performances Booths Open during the “Free Time” 1/2 to 1 Tent (depending on the type of booth) ½ for Food/Gift Booth 1 for Game Booths 1 Square Table 4 Chairs Performances Done during the “Free Time” Not disruptive to the atmosphere (too much noise, others) To hire professionals or own creativity Roam around the venue

14 Booths Do it Yourself Booths Mask Making Accessories Making (2) (Necklace, Armlet, Balloon Hats) Body Decorations Booths Henna Tattoo Face Painting Gift Booths (3) Carnival Booths Ring Toss Ball in Basket Spin the Wheel Pop the Balloon Break the Bottle Food Booths Cotton Candy Ice Cream Taho Hotdog Others (2)

15 Performances Mimes Jugglers Living Statues Fire Spitter Bottle Flarers Character Costumes (2)


17 Donations Organizations can donate: Art Materials (Paint Brushes, Colored Paper, Crayons, Oil Pastels, others) Story Books Toys Cash Drop off during the event

18 Wishing Presentation MAX of (TWO) 2 MINUTES 1-8 Persons from your Organization will go on stage to say encouraging words for the children Creativity is highly encouraged: Short but meaningful speech Dance presentation Short song presentation

19 Promotions Facebook Account: Iamhopecampaign Kythe-Ateneo, Facebook Groups: I Am Hope Campaign OFFICIAL SITE: YouTube: Video of I Am Hope We will be distributing: Bookmarks Stickers Posters: Is it allowed in your school? How else can you help us promote?

20 Ushering System At least 6 people from your organization has to interact with the children through the Ushering System Ratio of 3 Participants: 1 Child with his/her Family

21 Venue

22 Time Table September 11: Designs will be set for Printing September 18: Deadline for the LOGOS of ORGANIZATIONS September 28: Shirts, ID’s, Stickers, Bandanas, Brochures will be printed October 30: Deadline for the LIST OF PARTICIPANTS from ORGANIZATIONS November 3: Release of Company Tie-Ups November 7: IAH Event

23 Final Reminders Call time – 9:00AM Logos List of Participants Don'ts: Don’t wear WHITE Don’t wear excessive jewelry Don’t wear strong colognes/perfumes Limitations: Children with wheelchairs, crutches No/Low hearing, sight Talk to their parents For direct help, please channel it through Kythe Inc.

24 Final Reminders If it’s uncomfortable for you to give out your number: “you’re not allowed to give out your number” Just remember that they are children too – they have dreams and simple joys like what we had before Topics with the Children: Basics (name, age) Favorite things to do Hobbies, interests TV Shows (Kapuso o Kapamilya?) Kythe Summer Camp Kythe Visit Experiences Have caution when asking for their sickness


26 Video By Ateneo LFC and Kythe-Ateneo Featuring the presidents of different organizations and well-known personalities in Ateneo such as: Robi Domingo (Celebrity), Cams Sta. Ana (MecO President), Esmee Fong (ACTM President), Santiago Aquino (Kythe President), Marco Ordonez (YFC President), Gio Tiongson (Sanggunian President), Ystacey Ty (AMA President), Nico Salva (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Ari Salud (Economics Honors), Michelle Roque (AtSCA President), Gar Keh (Kaingin President), Mikee Lee (Celebrity), Danton Remoto (English Professor), GJ Rono (Kyther), Bo Rodriguez (Kyther), Pancho Nibongco (ACLC President), Alexis Ventura (AJMA President), Kirk Long (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Justin Chua (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Oping Sumanilong (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Fr. Adolfo Dacanay (Theology Professor), Bacon Austria (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Chris de Chavez (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Jai Reyes (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Emman Monfort (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Eric Salamat (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Juami Tiongson (Ateneo Blue Eagles), Kercee Lazatin (Kyther), Pesty Pastrana (Kyther)

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