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Sydney Carton A Tale of Two Cities

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1 Sydney Carton A Tale of Two Cities
Character Analysis Sydney Carton A Tale of Two Cities Sources: Oxford Reference Merriam-Webster “5 Types of Anti-Heroes” by Liz Bureman, LitWeb: The Norton Introduction to Literary Studyspace

2 Learning Objectives Character Analysis: Sydney Carton
Character Anchor Charts Analyze moral dilemmas of characters. ( b.5.b) Analyze internal and external character development. ( b.5.b) Character Analysis: Sydney Carton Complex yet believable characters. ( b.5.b) Relate traditional characters to modern characters. ( b.2.b) Socratic Seminar Reading Comprehension ( b.5) Listening and speaking skills ( b.24,25)

3 Character Sketch – Sydney Carton
Sources of Conflict Love for Lucie Manette Addiction to alcohol Lack of ambition Resolution Makes peace with himself Gives up alcohol Bold, ambition plan

4 Sydney Carton How should we categorize Sydney Carton?
Anti-hero: a main character who does not have the usual qualities of a hero. Characteristics: Fundamentally good Morally ambiguous Doesn’t care as much about collateral damage Character development often involves conquering his own fears and coming to terms with himself.

5 Hero vs. Anti-Hero HERO ANTI-HERO Brave Timid Selfless Selfish Strong
Weak Honest Sarcastic Idealistic Realistic Confident Self-doubt Excellent judgment Unscrupulous

6 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind

7 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Artemis Fowl

8 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Severus Snape

9 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Iron Man/Tony Stark

10 The Anti-Hero: Examples

11 The Anti-Hero: Examples

12 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Jack Sparrow

13 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Flynn Rider

14 The Anti-Hero: Examples
Sydney Carton

15 So What? Why is the anti-hero important?
More prevalent in modern books and film Reflects the complexity of people Not one-dimensional More interesting More realistic

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