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MONET Opening Workshop Reading, March 5 th – 6 th 2007.

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1 MONET Opening Workshop Reading, March 5 th – 6 th 2007

2 What is MONET? ‘Molecular Networks at Phase Boundaries’ Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher Training Network: –Funded by the European Union. –14 PhD students from 10 different countries (7 EU, 3 EU associated, 4 non-EU) –7 Research Institutes in 6 different countries –Strong Emphasis on exchange and collaboration.



5 Who is MONET? Lund University: Jesper Andersen, Joachim Schnadt, Cristina Isvoranu, Evren Ataman University of Aarhus: Trolle Linderoth, Nataliya Kalashnyk, Frederico Masini University of Nottingham: James O’Shea, Anna Rienzo, Graziano Magnano Fritz-Haber Institut Berlin: Angelos Michaelides, Andrea Sanfilippo, Biswajit Santra ENS Lyon: Marie-Laure Bocquet, David Loffredda, Georgios Fradelos, (Bin Yang) University of Reading: Georg Held, Tugce Eralp, Andrey Shavorskiy Universidat Autonoma Madrid: Roberto Otero, Jose-Maria Gallego, Christian Urban, Marta Trekla

6 Stonehenge Diamond

7 Chemistry Park House Black Horse House Pepper Lane

8 Structure of the Workshop Group Presentations by Supervisors Introduction of Students Keynote Lectures Discussion Groups Social Event: Trip to Windsor (Castle)

9 Housekeeping Dinner on Monday evening: –Vegetarian option (Mushroom risotto) –Meat option (Beef Stroganoff) –Need numbers! Group Photograph after today’s keynote lecture (15:30) in front of Park House. Need laptops for the afternoon discussion groups. Different room tomorrow (Tuesday): Meeting room on 1 st floor. Please check list of Participants for errors

10 Options for Dinner on Monday (carnivorous)(vegetarian)

11 Enjoy the workshop and your stay in Reading!

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