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2 Introduction At ZenithOptimedia we believe that experiencing the world we live in is source of inspiration and creativity. It is also the best way to learn fast and share insight and best practices. In our fluid environment, real life experience is important to help us learn and grow within our offices, countries and Network. We aim to be a Learning Company. Offering mobility opportunities to all level of employees in all of our regions contributes to enlarging our perspectives, challenging given ideas and enlightening our thoughts. We would rather keep our Talent internally than lose them to our competitors. Internal mobility is within ZenithOptimedia and across Publicis Groupe brands For questions about International Mobility please contact Charlotte Vitoux Fluid Talent Officer

3 What is the objective of fluidity?
BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Grow the business and support the transfer of desired skills to new or difficult markets Resource new business wins for success Improve retention rates by providing development opportunities for key employee Access specialized talent in a region that may be needed on an ad-hoc basis EMPLOYEE OBJECTIVES Develop new skills through challenging engagements and interaction with new teammates Enhance career options through increased visibility within the ZenithOptimedia and Groupe network Grow personally through exposure to new assignments, new teams, or new markets and diverse cultures

4 What attributes make you a good candidate for international mobility?
Whilst we would love to send everyone on assignments at our various offices, it is not a guarantee. There are certain attributes that you need to possess, beyond being mobile, in order to be considered for an international transfer. High performer Competent in English/other local language Be brave Be a risk taker Be open Like challenges

5 How do you engage in the mobility process?
Step 1: SPEAK OUT You must inform your direct line management of your willingness to apply for a mobility opportunity within ZenithOptimedia or the Groupe. You should raise this during your yearly performance appraisal when discussing career development and next steps (see “code of conduct” for more information) Step 2: LOOK OUT You regularly checks internal offers on Lion Talent for positions open to internal mobility. You engage with colleagues around the network to understand needs and business opportunities which could support your desire of international mobility Step 3: ENTER THE PROCESS The employee, the HR teams and the managers enter in a lining conversation in full transparency and respect of the business needs and of the employees career development opportunities Please note: When you are relocated, you do not bring your salary with you. You will be put on a local contract with a salary which is in line with the market. In some cases your salary may increase and in some it may decrease.

6 Where do you find the offers?
If you DO have a Lion Login, connect to LION and enter your Lion Login details If you DON’T have a Lion Login, connect to the Publicis Groupe external career website: and when applying make sure you answer YES to « Are you a current Publicis Groupe employee? »

7 Where do you look for the offers?
Enter the process (same with or without Lion Login)

8 How does the process work?
Brand/Agency requires specific skill set/profile for a position Employee desires to use mobility to meet changing professional goals Posting Open application/Apply for a specific job Hiring process

9 Code of Conduct – Mobility Process
Open to any employee within Publicis Groupe brands or agencies with preferably a minimum of 12 months in its current position. The recruiter must notify the home brand/agency HR team of the process. An Exploratory and confidential discussion between hiring brand and employee can take place in order to get a better understanding of the job offer and determine if mutual interest exists. If no follow up, no obligation to inform current manager. If the employee and the hiring brand want to pursue a formal hiring process then: The employee must inform his manager prior to commencing the interviewing process.

10 Code of Conduct – Family Spirit
Family spirit means, for the employer: No black listing: home Brand/managers cannot penalize employees who have expressed interest in mobility. No counter offers: home Brand cannot extend counter offer to employees once hiring Brand interviewing process commences. Home Brand can adjust employee’s role and/or compensation only after the process has reached an end. No poaching : the employee is initiating the process. Family spirit means, for the employee: No multiple offers: the internal candidate can explore multiple positions at one time but as soon as he receives one final offer, he should stop the discussion with other brands/agencies until he accepts or rejects the first offer.


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