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Do Now: What is a hero? Answer the questions on pages 1 & 2 (up to the line) in your Hero Journey packet.

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1 Do Now: What is a hero? Answer the questions on pages 1 & 2 (up to the line) in your Hero Journey packet.

2 Class Definition of Hero:
someone with special abilities who does something extraordinary out of bravery and courage for the betterment of others

3 Heroic Traits: Brave (risktaker) Courageous Humble Confident
Motivated/willing to help Perseverant Acts for good

4 Open to Page 3 of your Hero’s Journey packet please
DO NOW: Open to Page 3 of your Hero’s Journey packet please

5 Joseph Campbell’s Hero Archetype:
Joseph Campbell: modern philosopher famous for work on legends and myths Archetype: A character, situation, or symbol that is familiar to people from all cultures because it occurs frequently in literature, myth, religion, or folklore.

6 Here are some of the traits Campbell says all heroes exhibit:
Unusual circumstances of birth; sometimes in danger or born into royalty Leaves family or land and lives with others An event, sometimes traumatic, leads to adventure or quest

7 Here are some of the traits Campbell says all heroes exhibit:
Hero has a special WEAPON only he/she can use Hero always has SUPERNATURAL help The Hero must prove himself/herself MANY times while on adventure When the hero DIES, he is rewarded SPIRITUALLY

8 Hero’s Journey Now, let’s take a look at how Campbell explains the hero on his/her journey:

9 Phew! That’s some “deep” stuff…
Let’s summarize the hero’s journey…

10 EXAMPLE: The Lion King Open to p.5 of your packet.
Notice the way Simba follows the hero’s journey archetype. Does Simba also meet Campbell’s criteria for a hero from your notes on p. 3?

11 Do Now: On the back of your packet, make a list of any stories that fit the hero archetype mold.

12 Hero Archetype Stories:

13 Group Project: You have the rest of the week to map out the hero’s journey of any story with a small group of 3-4 people, and create a poster of that journey as your final product. First, brainstorm the hero’s journey on p.8 of your packet. If you don’t have enough room, feel free to list the stages on a separate sheet of paper. Then, neatly transfer your work to a poster.

14 Poster Rubric: Accurate: content of poster fits hero’s journey stages   10 Comprehensive: each stage is accounted for entirely   5   Creative: journey is displayed on poster in interesting/clever/authentic way 5   Attention to detail: neatness and overall readability   3   Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics   2   TOTAL: 25    

15 Max’s Hero’s Journey: When it comes to mapping out a hero’s journey, sometimes it helps to look at the big picture, or “start from the end.” This will help “frame” the hero’s journey. What is Max on a quest for? His identity; to overcome his fear of becoming Killer Kane What does he need to overcome or defeat on his adventure? His father; people who judge him; his learning disability; HIS FEAR OF BECOMING HIS FATHER

16 Stages 1-3

17 1. The World of Common Day:
Max’s home base is a slightly impoverished neighborhood where he lives with Grim and Gram in the “Down Under.” He is an introvert and doesn’t enjoy school due to his being L.D. (learning disabled).

18 2. The Call to Adventure Kevin calls to Max, “Identify yourself, earthling” (8). Max either doesn’t know how to identify himself or is ashamed of who he is at this stage. NOTE: In the end, Max finds his true identity, and is able to separate himself from being like his father, an “Accident of Nature.”

19 3. Refusal of the Call Max runs away from Kevin: “I motor out of there without saying a word” (9). “Then die, earthling!” Kevin responds.

20 Stages 4-6

21 4. Meeting the Mentor Max finally gets to know Kevin, who he calls “Freak” based on his extensive knowledge. Though they are the same age, Max looks up to Kevin and admires his intelligence and zest for life. Once Max puts Kevin on his shoulders, they become a “superhuman” called “Freak the Mighty,” and Max relies on Kevin to be his brain.

22 5. Crossing the 1st Threshold
On the 4th of July, Max is allowed to go watch fireworks without adult supervision for the first time. This becomes the “Unknown World” for Max, who doesn’t stray far from home, particularly without Grim and Gram. Kevin confronts Blade and his crew, who then chase them into the mill pond. At this point, Max has to trust Kevin for the 1st time to lead “Freak the Mighty” out of harm’s way. There’s no turning back!

23 6. Tests, Allies, & Enemies Tests: Allies: Enemies:
Debacle of returning Loretta Lee’s purse in the New Testaments. Having to return to school and attend more difficult classes. Kevin’s choking incident Allies: Kevin Grim & Gram Mrs. Addison Loretta Lee Enemies: Killer Kane

24 Stages 7-9

25 7. Approach to the Inmost Cave
Max is kidnapped by his father. He is tied up in a basement, and about to watch his father kill another woman (Loretta Lee).

26 8. The Supreme Ordeal Max confronts his greatest fear: his father.
Max tells Killer Kane that he knows his dad killed his mom. Killer Kane attacks Max.

27 9. Reward: Seizing the Prize
Freak saves Max and Killer Kane is arrested.

28 Stages 10-12

29 10. The Road Back Kevin passes away.
Max becomes depressed, despite becoming a local celebrity.

30 11. Threshold Crossing-Resurrection
Max finally deals with the buried memory of his mother’s murder and Kevin’s death. He finally discovers his own identity, and becomes more self-confident.

31 12. Return with Elixir: Freedom to Live
Max writes the story of Freak the Mighty’s adventures. Max becomes open to reading, too.

32 Do Now: Open to page 9 of your hero journey packet.
Read through Step 1.

33 Hero Traits: Courage/bravery Strength (physical, mental, emotional)
Extraordinary (powers or abilities that most people don’t have) Loyal to their cause Sacrifice for good Inspiring HEROIC DEED/ACTION Perseverant (doesn’t give up)

34 Max IS a Hero: Courage/Bravery: Trustworthy/Loyal to his cause:
Stands up to Killer Kane (risks his life) Goes to New Testaments to return Loretta’s purse Saves himself and Kevin from Tony D in the Mill Pond Trustworthy/Loyal to his cause: Keeps promise of writing Freak the Mighty stories Breaks hospital rules to get to Kevin Sacrifice: Faces Killer Kane (risks life for Loretta) Trust from Gram (goes to New Testaments) His body (lets Kevin control how he uses it)

35 Max IS a Hero: Inspiring: Strong: (Physically) Perseverant:
Helps Kevin (sets an example to helps those in need) Class used to mock him, now chant “Freak the Mighty!” Becomes local celebrity/hero when stood up to Dad Strong: (Physically) Tall and larger than most adults Perseverant: Cares for Kevin even when it gets tough Despite being depressed about losing Kevin, Max still writes their story of Freak the Mighty Reading/writing HEROIC DEED: Returns Loretta’s purse Saves Loretta’s life from Killer Kane Saves Kevin at Mill Pond

36 Max is NOT a Hero: NO courage/bravery: NOT inspiring: NOT strong:
Lets Killer Kane kidnap him NOT inspiring: Lazy (stays in “Down Under”); doesn’t “deal” with problems Doesn’t try in school NOT strong: Mentally: Learning Disabled Emotionally: Doesn’t want to deal with problems (shuts down) NOT perseverant: Gives up on himself (lets kids mock him and continues not to try in school)

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