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Of the holidays. To create an interesting recount.

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1 of the holidays. To create an interesting recount

2 How did you spend your holiday? You have 3 minutes to find out how your talk partner spent their holiday.

3 With your talk partner, how many exciting adjectives can you generate for the word: Holiday

4 An Extraordinary Holiday

5 1) Extreme skydiving 2) Failing to climb Grand Sasso 3) Painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. So during my holidays, the 3 most exciting activities were:


7 You have 3 minutes In pairs, think of 3 or 4 really exciting holiday activities...

8 In the 1st paragraph, you need to:

9 Opening paragraph Will you believe me? I'm not sure that you will when I describe how I spent my amazing winter holidays. The adventurous activities and ME, Ms Woods of all people, partaking in them. It was awesome. Are you brave enough to read on ? Rhetorical questions Who, what, when.... Emotion / feelings Adjectives, adventurous vocabulary Connectives

10 An opening paragraph that grabs the reader's attention! You have 5 mins to write

11 With your talk partner, how many exciting adjectives can you generate for the word: Went

12 Second Paragraph (1st event) The first day of the holidays, was spent jumping out of a plane. Scary. My stomach was in my mouth and I felt totally helpless. Free-falling at 200kmph, my life flashed before my eyes as the ground zoomed in front of me. Although my heart was pounding, I flew like a bird, experiencing the exhilaration of hurtling towards the snow capped peak. As quick as a flash, my parachute opened and I sailed graciously down to my anxious family. What an experience! It was out of this world and an unforgettable memory that I will enjoy replaying in my mind. Time opener Passive voice (was spent) 1 word sentence to describe feelings -ing opener Metaphor (my life flashed before my eyes) Complex sentence(although my...) Powerful verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs Simile time opener Short sentence with exclamation Ending sentence: reflection Connectives

13 Third Paragraph (2nd event) A couple of days later, bored with the monotony of household chores, I returned to the mountains to climb the face of Gran Sasso. Generally, it takes more than a climb to terrify me. It wasn't the route that was too difficult but I didn't feel right. Even though I knew how to tie a figure of eight, my friend had to help me as my hands were shaking so much. Eventually, I managed to climb within one hundred metres of the summit. Then I froze. I could not control the tears as they froze to my face like icicles. I had lost it. Carrying my hurt pride, I trudged slowly down the mountain with my friends politely not saying a word ! Time openers Complex sentences (bored with the... Even though I knew... Carrying my hurt pride....) Generalisation ( generally, usually, never, always) Short sentence for effect Simile Adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs Connectives

14 Fourth Paragraph (3rd event) After the disappointment of extreme rock climbing, I turned my hand to creating my very own Jackson Pollock! I crept into the depths of the garage and grabbed as many different coloured paints that I could carry. Many people believe that to create a masterpiece like Jackson Pollock, all one has to do is shake the paint and splatter it all over the canvas. Thirty minutes later, after much splishing and splashing, my creation was finished. All of a sudden, the front door flew open and there was a piercing scream... "What on earth have you done?" echoed around the room as I looked up and realised that I had Jackson Pollocked not only the canvas but the walls, floor, furniture and even the cats! Time opener Adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs Passive voice (was spent) Onomatopoeia Quotation Connectives Humour

15 With your talk partner, how many exciting adjectives can you generate for the word: Nice

16 Fifth and SixthParagraphs (ending and reflection) Finally, the remainder of my holiday was spent scrubbing the paint off the walls and bathing the cat in order to restore the house to normality. Maybe next winter, I'll settle for a more traditional holiday - what do you think? All in all, it had to be my best holiday ever, even though it meant clearing up for ten whole days! So, if you fancy a wild holiday, you could always give me a call, it will be an adventurous mix of excitement and disaster - are you sure you are brave enough to handle that? Time opener Adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs Rhetorical question Connectives Ending opener Rhetorical question Adjectives, adverbs, Generalisation ( generally, usually, never, always) Refer back to beginning - being brave


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