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10/9/2011. Submitted To Md. Rofiqul Amin Lecturer, Department of Management Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT) 10/9/2011.

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1 10/9/2011


3 Submitted To Md. Rofiqul Amin Lecturer, Department of Management Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT) 10/9/2011


5 TOPIC IS:  Introduction  Industry analysis  Depreciation of venture  Marketing Plan  Organizational plan  Financial plan 10/9/2011

6 Introduction Name and Address of Business: Name: BRAVE WELFARE SOCIETY (BWS). Boshundara city, level 2, BWS office, Dhaka Name and address of principal: Akramul Hoq P-6-6, BISF colony, mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216. 10/9/2011

7 Source of Business Plan People / customer: At first, my source of new ideas to collection in formation from some prospective people and customers, because they know the best and what they want and the habits, mentality thinking, income sources, saving rate etc, which are going to be popular in the near future. So, the corporate society on “Brave Welfare Society” idea may come from existing customer / people, they are reaction to the present corporate society & from expected my corporate idea. Contacts with prospective final customer can also reveal the features that should be built into a “Brave Welfare Society”. 10/9/2011

8 COTINUE……. Existing corporate society: Competing corporate society of existing corporate and evaluate a successful source of new ideas. So, I following the existing corporate society to helps the provides information and potential to investment. Such as ….. Reliance Bahumukhi Somobay Somity Ltd. Vision group. ARMS Somobay Somity Ltd. Nofel friends Bahumukhi Somobay Somity Ltd. 10/9/2011

9 Method of generating new ideas Focus group: I think that focus group are good source for corporate ideas, focus group method to analysis of a moderator leads a group of people through an open in-depth discussion rather then simple asking questions to soiled participant response, for a new corporate areas at Lakshmipur in Raipur. So the moderator focuses the discussion of the graph in either a directive a nondirective manner. For example: suppose I mention this method use as two intellectual groups or a moderate to discuss the corporate society of new ideas. Tow group on comments positive or negative of new Business on “Brave Welfare Society” then the moderate initially screening ideas and concepts too. 10/9/2011

10 Nature of business: This is a corporation Business. This is mainly real state business and also other social welfare activity, and service provides etc. Statement of financing needed: First we need about tk. 130,50,000 to start the business. 10/9/2011

11 Industry analysis Future overlooks and trends: The demand for BWS product is increasing day by day. By analyzing past 4 years I realize that the demand for BWS is increased by (35 to 47%) over a year. Here I mainly focus on my customer is relative in our country & people international customer. Such as….Dubai, Saudi Arad, UK, Singapore, Italy, grease, etc, customer increase quickly. 10/9/2011

12 Analysis of competitors Threat of new entrant: This threat of BWS is existing competitor & potential competitors then to easy to operate strategic formulation. For example ….  Reliance Bahumukhi Somobay Somity Ltd.  Vision group.  ARMS Somobay Somity Ltd. 10/9/2011

13 CONTINUE……. Barging power of supplier: This is one kind of competitor because when any society or BWS industry to collect raw material go to market then supplier are not available but buyer are available then price very high to bier the buyer or company. For example …. Suppose BWS Real State company need raw materials. So the BWS buyer go to market to face the suppliers. But this market suppliers very low, so raw materials price very high. Because market demand high but supplies very low. This effect on the raw material price. Bangladesh rod industry supplies low but demand high so price of rod increasing day by day. 10/9/2011

14 COTINUE…… Rivalry existing competition: When market demand is low then competition very high and market demand is high then existing company competitions are low. For example… Suppose 30% customers they are buying flat. So its low demand in real state market in Bangladesh. So all the real state company they are competition in rivalry. 10/9/2011

15 CONTINUE….. Barging power of buyer: The BWS buyer to collect the raw material go to market but this market have to buyer is low but supply is high then price buying low rate. For example….. Suppose raw material market buyers low but suppliers high then to get the barging power of buyer. Such as industry sectors. 10/9/2011

16 CONTINUE……. Substitute product: That means resave product tea is substitute product is coffee. So it’s one kind of competitors to face any company and will be face problem BWS. Market segmentation: The BWS is popular mainly to the all age people or customers but to influence foreigner customers, and mid or high salary people in my country. There are mainly come from middle or upper level family to use my company products. So I think establish a BWS is most reasonable suitable investment sectors in my country and international. 10/9/2011

17 Industry & market forecasts:. The demand of BWS is increasing day by day. By analyzing 4 years, I found the following information- 10/9/2011

18 So from the following information I can say that the BWS industry is growing industry. So the investment such type of business will be more profitable. 10/9/2011

19 Description of venture Start-up summary: The start-up expenses total may be tk.51,80,000 for two years land lease purpose it will cost tk. 28,40,000. In addition ther are some expenses which are show in the following table. In the same way, for technology the amount will be tk. 20,00,000 and office equipment the amount will be tk. 17,00,000 and its total start-up assets amounted in tk. 78,70,000. Start-up requirements are stated in the table: 10/9/2011

20 CONTINUE…… 10/9/2011 Start-up (requirements)Amount(tk.) Start-up expenses: Legal2,15,000 Land lease (20 years)28,40,000 Administration cost12,00,000 Web site development5,00,000 Identity logos stationary1,10,000 Others3,15,000 Total start-up expenses 51,80,000

21 CONTINUE…… 10/9/2011 Start-up assets: Cash required50,00,000 Start-up inventory11,30,000 Other current assets0 Long-term assets12,40,000 Office equipment17,00,000 T otal start-up assets 78,70,000 Total requirement 130,50,000

22 Size of business: BWS will be placed throughout in my country and abroad the `country. So the size of BWS mainly big business. Products: There are many have to product in my new business. Such as….. Easy credit business. Real state business. Shopping centre business. Hatchery business etc. 10/9/2011

23 Background of entrepreneurs: This is Aramul Hoq. I am new entrepreneur in my business. Now I am student of BBA in BUBT. I have some other experience. Includes in the below- Doing SHARE business. Doing real state business.etc Production plan: It’s refers to the availability of inputs, required for production of new venture. To assess the production plan of a business idea need to find out the answer the following question. 10/9/2011

24 Manufacturing process: It’s most important for BWS in new ideas. So manufacturing forecast following in the below- 10/9/2011 Manufacturing Monthly produce Amount Easy credit1000(customers)12,00,000 Land development 21,20,00,000 House development5208,86,000

25 Names of suppliers of raw materials: For the purpose of easy credit: the names of the suppliers of BWS. Such as – Local agency. NGO’S. Employee Directors of BWS etc. For the purpose of real state: The names of suppliers of BWS are – Foreign country agency Local organization Local agency Directors Etc. 10/9/2011

26 Operational plan: BWS will be most effective operational activities. Because its operation centralized but department individuals, but boss have to one person. So it’s most effective operation such as- Production department. Financial department Marketing department. HRM department etc. 10/9/2011

27 Flow of orders for goods and/or services : For the purpose of good: Company  Wholesalers Retailers  Customers For the purpose of services: Company agency  Customers. 10/9/2011

28 Marketing plan Pricing: BWS pricing measure depend on the types of sectors. Those are real state sectors pricing table show in the below- 10/9/2011

29 Distribution: BWS product or services distribution are very easy operation. BWS use to many different way such as- transportation, railway, media, air plan etc. on the other hand this company mainly used to distribution is company to customer relation. Promotion: BWS promotion most quickly and rapidly increase. To use the many different way, such as-  Media TV.  Newspaper.  Visiting card.  Leafleted.  Facebook etc. 10/9/2011

30 Production forecasts: BWS product forecasts show the table in the below-after 5 years. For the purpose of Real State: 10/9/2011

31 Organizational plan Form of ownership: BWS is a corporate society under the company act 1988 and is owned by 21 directors. They are own equal share of business but involves effective person operational management. Roles and responsibilities of members of organization: The roles and responsibilities of members includes of BWS show in the below-  Mr. Abdul Qaium Chairman of BWS.  Mr. Akramul Hoq Managing Director of BWS.  Mr. joglul Hasan Accouters of BWS. Its mainly show that the BWS responsibility or operators persons. 10/9/2011

32 Maintain the legal issues: I have to consider some legal issues for my business plan. Due to carry of govt. rules and regulations it is easy for me to run my business. At first I collect registration my business. Then I collect trade license. Then I have to collect export and import license. Then I have to get permission from ministry of corporation. And then I have to collect my company lawyer. Assessment of risk: There are many risk face any new business. So I have to face a risk of my business. Such as- Technology change To competitors of substitutes To competitors of imports To face difficult environment And to face uncrating problems etc. 10/9/2011

33 Financial plan Cost of production statement: The BWS real state ltd, Most important of cost statement, because its depends on the company profits margin. So BWS cost statement show in the below- 10/9/2011

34 BWS Real State Ltd. Cost of production statement For the two years (2011-2012) 10/9/2011 Particular20112012 Direct materials: Purchase of flat3*12*35, 00,000 12, 60, 00,000 7*12*35, 00,000 29, 40, 00, 000 Delivered cost of purchase 150, 0003,50,000 Tax & duty 200,0005,00,000 Cost of good sold 12, 63, 50,000294850000 Add: administrative expanse: Office salaries 600,00010,00,000 Legal expanse 200,0003,00,000 Office expenses 150,0004,00,000 Audit fees 50,0001,50,000 Total of fice & administrative 10, 00,00018,50,000

35 CONTINUE…….. 10/9/2011 Marketing & selling overhead: Marketing selling 200,0005,00,000 Sales salaries 150,0003,50,000 Advertising 500,0003,50,000 Market research 150,0003,00,000 sales promotion 200,0004,00,000 discount allowed 250,0005,00,000 Total selling & marketing 14, 50,00024,00,000 Total cost 12, 88,00,00029,91,00,000 30 % profit 3, 86,40,0008,97,30,000 Total sales 16,74,40,00038,88,30,000

36 Pro-forma income statement: BWS Real State Ltd of Pro-forma income statement For the two years (2011-2012) 10/9/2011 Particular20112012 Sale16,74,40,00038,88,30,000 (-) cost of good sold12,63,50,00029,48,50,000 Gross profit -4,10,90,0009,39,80,000

37 CONTINUE……. 10/9/2011 Operating expenses: Advertising 500,000350,000 Selling expense 200,000500,000 Salaries & wages 600,00010,00,000 Office expenses 150,000400, 0000 Rent 10, 00, 00015,00,000 Taxes 200,0005,00,000 Interest (17%) 10,20,000 Depreciation (34%) 850,0008,50,000 Miscellaneous 150,000350,000 Total operating expenses - 46,70,00064,70,000 profit before tax – 3,64,20,0008,75,10,000 (-) tax 20% 72,84,0001,75,02,000 Net profit2,91,36,0007,00,08,000

38 Pro-forma balance sheet: BWS Real State Ltd. Balance Sheet For the two years (2011-2012) 10/9/2011 Particular 20112012 Assets Current assets: Cash 50,00,00080,00,000 Account receivable 15,00,00010,00,000 Merchandise inventory 500,0008,00,000 Total current assets700000098,00,000 Fixed assets: Equipment 25,00,00020,00,000 (-) Depreciation 850,000 16,50,000 8,50,000 11,50,000 Land & building 1,00,00,0001,50,00,000 Total fixed assets 1,16,50,0001,61,50,000 Total assets1,86,50,0002,59,50,000

39 CONTINUE…… 10/9/2011 Liabilities & owner equity: Current liability: Account payable25,00,00050,00,000 Short term debt2,00,00010,00,000 Total current liability 27,00,00060,00,000 Long term liability: Notes payable25,00,00030,00,000 Long term liability 60,00,00090,50,000 Loan (5 years)60,00,000600,00,000 Land lease14,50,00019,00,000 Total long term liability 1,59,50,0001,99,50,000 Total liability 1,86,50,000 2,59,50,000

40 Sources and applications of funds: 10/9/2011 ParticularAmount Source of fund: Mortgage loan60,00,000 Term loan60,00,000 Personal funds50,00,000 Total funds provided 1,70,00,000

41 CONTINUE…… 10/9/2011 Applications of funds: Purchase of equipment1,20,00,000 Inventory5,00,000 Loan repayment15,60,000 Total funds Expended1,40,60,00 Net increase in working capital 29,40,000 1,70,00,000

42 10/9/2011 Thanks everyone !!!!

43 10/9/2011 HAVE ANY

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