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Escape From Kraznir Learning objective: To explore the FANTASY GENRE.

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1 Escape From Kraznir Learning objective: To explore the FANTASY GENRE.
To extend a story using a variety of writing formats and styles. Explain fantasy genre and possible writing formats that could be used to tell a story. Each section needs to be written up in neat to form a booklet.

2 The Quest To prevent the peaceful country of Slinsil being conquered by the warlike Kraznir. Challenge to define the word ‘quest’.

3 Kraznir Kraznir is a barren, poor land high in the mountains. The people are fierce and warlike. They are ruled by a cruel and evil king named Krill. The people of Kraznir can no longer live there as they do not have enough food and water to survive. Krill realizes that to save his kingdom he must conquer Slinsil at any cost. After much deliberation Krill and his followers have drawn up plans to attack Slinsil, take over the land and enslave the people. Read through the country description, relate to typical tyrannical despot scenario.

4 Slinsil Slinsil lies to the south of Kraznir. It is a rich and beautiful country surrounded by tall trees, flowing rivers and many flowers and animals. The people are peaceful and fun loving but have received rumours that Krill plans to attack and are hurriedly preparing to defend themselves. The king is preparing to send 5 brave volunteers to spy on Krill and find out the battle plans.

5 The Slinsil Spies Continue

6 The Warrior

7 Skills Doughty the Warrior
Doughty wears strong armour and is very skilled with a sword and staff. You may choose whether Doughty is male or female. He/she is the strongest and bravest of the Slinsil spies and can be relied upon to face any danger. Back

8 The Wizard

9 Skills Touchfire the Wizard
Touchfire can make himself invisible. He can turn evil creatures to stone, but this spell only lasts five minutes. Touchfire can also use his magic to throw fire balls. His magic however does not work around water. Back

10 The Hobbit

11 Skills Littlejohn the Hobbit Back
Littlejohn is very small, only about a metre tall. He is quick and light footed, but not very strong. He carries a small dagger. Because he is so nimble he can usually escape from danger, provided he is not too tired. Back

12 The Dwarf

13 Skills Athor the Dwarf You may choose the gender of Athor, who is quite short, but is broad and strong. He /she is accustomed to living underground, so can see in the dark and can make him / herself almost invisible by hiding in shadows. He /she is very brave and carries a battle axe. Back

14 Task: To create a suitable leader for the Slinsil spies
The Leader Task: To create a suitable leader for the Slinsil spies

15 Strengths and Weaknesses
Make a profile chart in your book about each character (you may decide on gender for each character but it is important that you keep the same names): character Strength weakness Leader (your leader’s name) Doughty (male) Strong, brave, wears armour. Too big to crawl through small spaces Touchfire Athor (female) Littlejohn Explain to keep the space free to include a leader profile, to be completed after the leader has been created.

16 Character Profile Your task is to draw (or use a computer) an image of your leader. You will need to know your leader very well because YOU will be the leader in this epic tale. You may have special talents that makes you great that no-one can see, therefore, you will need to include the details of these talents along with your description. Homework task is to complete / draw character

17 The leader of the Slinsil Spies
You are going to create your alter ego as the leader of the Slinsil spies. Task 1 Give yourself a name. Draw an image of yourself. Brainstorm ideas for your description.

18 Can give commands Violet eyes clever inventive Druilin Genasa

19 Now that you have a name and a few ideas about your physical appearance and your talents, you will need to write a more detailed description when introducing yourself. Write in full sentences. Don’t forget to try a range of sentence types. Use words that help your reader to imagine what you look like. Remember to use adjectives, similes and metaphors. Read the following extracts to help you decide about how you will introduce your character.

20 Deep down here by the dark water lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature. I don't know where he came from, nor who or what he was. He was Gollum - as dark as darkness, except for two big round pale eyes in his thin face. He had a little boat, and he rowed about quite quietly on the lake; for lake it was, wide and deep and deadly cold. How is Golum introduced? Who is introducing him?

21 Perhaps it had something to do with living in a dark cupboard, but Harry has always been small and skinny for his age. He looked even smaller and skinnier than he really was because he had to wear old clothes of Dudley's and Dudley was about four times bigger than he was. Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright-green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Sellotape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on the nose. The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of lightning. How is Harry introduced? Who is introducing him?

22 Druilin was a natural leader
Druilin was a natural leader. Being the son of the Slinsil King helped because he had always known that one day he would have to rule the kingdom. He was handsome enough, with his smiling, bright yellow eyes that shone like golden stars and his mop of wavy sea-green hair, but lately he was frowning all the time. He was clever, he could organise and command others to get the job done. He was the natural choice to become the leader of the Slinsil spies. Sometimes, if he concentrated really hard, he could even walk through solid walls. He would have to close his eyes, clear his mind of everything except the wall, wait until he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand out and then he would step forward, his body sliding through the solid brick to the other side. It was an extraordinary talent but he could hardly move afterwards, his body would be completely drained of all energy.

23 Write an introduction Use the ideas you have generated to write an introduction to your story. You must make your character seem real. Use techniques that incorporate a description in an imaginative way! The idea behind the introduction is to get the student to use description as an integral part of a story as opposed to relying on a descriptive paragraph that is just a list of features.

24 Draw your own map Use the information from the booklet to draw a map of Slinsil, Kraznir and the land in between. Try to make your map as accurate as possible, you will need it… This task could be completed as homework.

25 Day 1 Escaping the Dungeon
Writing prose

26 The spies have been successful
The spies have been successful. Deep in the cellars of Castle Krill they find the complete battle plans. This and many other valuable documents is stored in a large wooden chest. Now the spies have to get the chest and all its contents safely back to Slinsil before Krill attacks.  YOU are the leader of the spies. Therefore you are responsible for making sure the chest and its contents arrive safely back in Slinsil. First however, you must find your way out of the dungeon…without getting caught!

27 The Dungeons of Kraznir Castle


29 Information: The five spies must try to escape from Castle Krill and begin their journey home to Slinsil. They need to do three things: 1. Steal provisions for the journey home (and do this without a general alarm being raised). 2. Work out the safest route out of the dungeons that includes a stop at the food store. 3. Decide how the chest and stores will be carried and how to get past the guards on duty at the cliff edge. NO SPY MUST BE KILLED! Task: Write the story of how the Slinsil spies escape from the dungeon. Remember that you are leader of the spies so consider the role you will play in the escape carefully. Finish the story with the companions deciding to spend the night halfway down the steep, cliff path. You must use 1st person but you may the choose to write using past or present tense. Once the decision is made you must stick with it throughout this section of the story! The next slide may be used to explain the basics of past / present tense and 1st person.

30 Past or present Past tense means that the events have just happened:
We looked back. Athor limped away. We slept soundly on the hard floor. Present tense means that the events are happening at the moment: We look back. Athor limps away. We sleep soundly on the hard floor.

31 1st person Not only are YOU in the story, you are telling the story!
You need to write as if you are involved and observing what is going on around you. You will not refer to your own character name unless it is necessary (for example, if another character is calling you). We crept silently around the dark chamber. I heard Athor stumble and swear under his breath. “Be quiet!” I hissed. “Sorry Druilin,” Athor mumbled. Point out that this is also written in past tense and ask what needs to be changed to make it present tense.

32 You are on the path home Well Done!

33 Day 2 Ambush! Learning objective: Extending a story through poetry.
Writing poetry

34 What is the difference between prose and poetry?
Prose (story / narrative) Poetry Paragraphs The shape is not fixed Sentences conform to grammar rules Stanzas (verses) The shape is fixed Sentences are more flexible and words can be altered to suit a pattern or rhyme (poetic licence)

35 Continue Quest Information:
You have escaped from the castle and are now high up in the mountains. It is very cold. You have spent the night on a narrow ledge. It is just getting light. There is a sheer drop below you and steep cliffs above. Suddenly you hear noises. They get louder. It is the followers of Krill. Task: Decide who the Slinsil spies must face… Continue Quest

36 Giant Spiders

37 Danger! The giant spiders are two metres across and have legs that are three metres long. Their bite is poisonous to every living thing, except dwarves. The giant spiders travel in packs of three and can travel up and down steep cliff faces very quickly. Back

38 Wargs

39 Danger! Wargs are vicious and hungry man-eating wolves, who also enjoy a meal of elf and dwarf. They are twice as big as the biggest dog you have ever seen. They do not touch wizards, because they are terrified of fire. The wargs travel in packs of  four. Back

40 Orcs

41 Danger! Orcs are vicious monsters who eat absolutely any living creature. They carry sharp spears and have cruel teeth. Orcs wear strong armour and are afraid of nothing. Their eyesight is poor however and they rely on sound and smell to hunt their prey. They hunt in packs of three. Back

42 Information: The Slinsil spies CAN NOT lose the plans, their country depends on them. 1. Decide how the spies will best defend themselves against their attackers 2. Decide whether anyone is likely to get injured during the attack. NO SPY MUST DIE! Task: Write a poem telling what happens when the enemy attacks. The battle will last most of the day and no one is guaranteed to escape uninjured. Only when the enemy is defeated will the spies get a chance to rest and consider their losses.

43 Writing your poem Make a plan about what happens during the battle with your chosen creature. Add lists of words to each section that could describe the action. Experiment with the order of the words: add adjectives and adverbs to bring your nouns and verbs to life!

44 Plan: Noises from the enemy Describe sleeping spies
Spies roused by noises The battle Victory

45 Time to move on before others come
Twisted Growling Creeping Ugly Grinning Slimy Sleeping Peaceful Snoring Twitching Resting Orcs Slicing Crunching Spurting blood Hacking Falling Doughty Listening Touchfire Wondering Athor Prickly Feeling Littlejohn Strange Leader ready Cheering Laughing Winning Ready Time to move on before others come

46 Poem structure Each section of action needs a new verse
Verses do not need to rhyme (unless you want them to) but they must have a beat or rhythm. Repetition helps to build up tension. You must punctuate your poem, even if it means splitting lines or running lines on.

47 Ambushed by the Orcs Growling, grizzling, creeping forward,
The orcs are coming, Faces twisted, teeth snarling, The orcs are coming. Touchfire stirring, snoring softly, Littlejohn dreaming of sausages and beer, Doughty snoozing, leaning on the rockface, Athor watchful, battle-axe ready. t

48 Wordsearch homework Use the wordsearch grid to create an Escape from Karznir wordsearch. You can use words from the story including sights and sounds words from the day 2 ambush. Remember to check spellings on your list before you write them into the grid. This activity can be used as an extension task or for homework.

49 Day 3 The River Glin Learning objective:
Using script conventions to tell a story. Day 3 The River Glin Writing a script


51 Time is of the essence…Krill’s soldiers are still following you
Time is of the essence…Krill’s soldiers are still following you. You must cross the river quickly. Luckily you have found a small boat.

52 Information: The boat holds only four people, or the same weight. It needs one person to row it and one person to steer it. You carry two bags of food. Each bag weighs the same as one person. You carry the chest and it weighs the same as one person. The wizard’s magic does not work on this river. Task: Work out how many trips it will take to ferry the spies across the river (Don’t forget that for each trip you have to send two people back across the river – the boat cannot row and steer by itself). As the spies begin the river crossings, something terrible happens. Decide what happens to the boat and the Slinsil spies and write it up as a script as you continue with your story. It will be the middle of the night by the time the spies have all crossed the River Glin.

53 Script Conventions: Stage directions are usually in italics or brackets. Each speaker on a new line, no need for speech marks.

54 For example: The scene opens as the spies approach a river. Doughty: Oh, no… We can’t get across that river, it’s just too fast and deep! (The spies all look towards the river. Doughty drops the chest on top of Littlejohn) Littlejohn: Oi, watch what yer doin’, yer great big lump! (he rubs his head and scowls at Doughty)

55 Putting on a mini-play Imagine you are going to perform this section of the story. What costumes would your cast wear? What props would they need? Design costumes and props for your mini-play. You will also need to design a scenery backdrop. This task can be used as an extension activity while students catch up or set as homework.

56 Day 4 The Stony Desert Learning objective:
Writing a formal letter to describe and inform. Day 4 The Stony Desert Writing a formal letter


58 The Stony Desert is a dry and barren land
The Stony Desert is a dry and barren land. No water or food can be found here. It is a very dangerous and scary place. The spies must move quickly.

59 Information: After crossing the river the Slinsil spies walk through most of the night to put as much distance as possible between them and Krill. They finally reach the Stony Desert but are exhausted, having not eaten for nearly twenty hours. It is starting to get light and they decide to make camp in a rocky place to rest and eat.  They find that most of their food was spoiled by river water and is barely edible. The camp is just established when they hear is a fearful noise. The spies look round and find themselves face to face with a terrible creature. Task: 1. Decide which the Slinsil spies must face next from the options below and how they will defend themselves against it. Dragon Margatroth Balrog Task


61 Danger! The dragon is 15 metres long and breathes flame. It can kill by burning or by crushing its prey in its jaws. The wizard’s spells do not work on the dragon but he is able to calm it for short periods of time. The Dragon absolutely hates dwarves and elves. Back


63 Danger! The Margatroth is a huge many headed creature. It has fierce teeth and six legs. It is very dangerous to all living things, except dwarves. They are too small for the Margatroth to see easily. It can only be killed by cutting off all its heads. Back


65 Danger! The Balrog has a streaming mane of fire. Its hands are stabbing thongs of fire. When it is enraged it grows into an enormous flaming creature. The only weapon you can use against it is water and you only have your small supply of drinking water. Nothing in its path is safe. Back

66 Information: The group have not had much food or rest and are exhausted. Most of their food and water are gone and there is no chance of finding new supplies in the desert. Task: Continue with your story by writing a letter to King Slin explaining what happened when your chosen creature attacked the Slinsil spies. Touchfire has the power to send just one letter, it needs to tell the king where you are, what has happened in the desert and who is left to complete the mission.

67 Structure your letter Begin with a greeting: Dear Majesty / King Slin / Highness, Tell the king the plans are safe in the chest. Explain about the danger you faced in the Stony Desert. What happened, how you defeated the creature. Report any casualties or fatalities. Recommend bravery awards for valour. Explain that you expect to reach the River Slin in one day, once you have travelled through the Forest of Haag and you will need a boat waiting for you. Sign off This is a formal letter but emotive language may be used because of the nature of the events. The address will be simplified but should still be correctly placed.

68 A Formal Letter Layout Sender’s address Recipient’s address date
Greeting Paragraphed content Sign off

69 Day 5 The Forest of Haag Learning objective:
Creating a news story for a newspaper front page Day 5 The Forest of Haag Writing a headline story for a newspaper

70 The Forest of Haag was once a beautiful forest full of wildlife and home to the forest dwellers. Now however it has become the  home of the evil  magician Nehemath, the most powerful magician in the world. He is an ancient enemy of Touchfire and has vowed to destroy him should they ever meet again. Nehemath has cast a spell over the Forest and the forest dwellers are now under his control. All who enter are drawn into his evil and few ever leave, unless Nehemath allows it.

71 Information: The Slinsil spies have found their way to Haag Forest, on the other side of the forest is the River Slin and freedom. The only thing that stands between them and victory is Nehemath. Nehemath’s powers are as great asTouchfire’s. In fact Nehemath and Touchfire are ancient enemies and each has vowed to destroy the other. Task; 1. Decide what nasty scheme Nehemath has to stop the spies passing through the forest Decide how the spies attempt to survive Choose a fate for the Slinsil spies from the options below: Choose Wisely! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 continue

72 Nehemath casts a powerful spell.
You must escape it... But how? Continue…

73 Nehemath has either killed or imprisoned all the remaining spies.
The quest has failed! Continue…

74 Nehemath and Touchfire fight a duel to the death.

75 Nehemath’s Challenge Task: What fate have you selected for the Slinsil spies? A reporter from ‘The Slinsil Star’ managed to creep into the Forest of Haag. Write a front page story for a newspaper telling what happened in the Forest from the time the spies first entered and discovered what Nehemath was up to.

76 Home at Last The Slinsil spies have escaped from Kraznir! Information:
Slinsil welcomes back the brave heroes. Surely the fate of the country is saved by the brave actions of these individuals? Task: Write about the spies homecoming and what happens next. Add the story to your front page!

77 The Quest has failed! Task:
Slinsil must prepare for the worst! Information: The spies have not returned, the plans are lost and the country has to face the prospect of defeat. The spies are heroes and a decision is made to honour them and hopefully use their deeds to inspire others to fight Krill. Task: Write about the spies bravery and what happens next. Add the story to your front page!

78 Finishing your story! You have written a magnificent account of the spies quest to save Slinsil. It is so marvellous that King Slin has ordered a copy to be placed in the Royal Library. But it needs a front cover and a contents page!

79 Newspaper Front Page Layout
Basic layout

80 More complex layout

81 Almost finished! You have completed several pieces of superb writing that needs to be put together in a booklet that the people of Slinsil will treasure.

82 Design your cover The title is ‘Escape from Kraznir’
You will need to make sure your name is included.

83 Contents page This is a list that helps your reader navigate through your book. It may be a good idea to put the pages in order and number them starting with the drawing of your leader or your introduction. Include all pages except for the front cover, the contents page and the back cover.

84 Contents page Introduction……………………………… p1
Day one: Escape from the Dungeon…..p? Day two: Ambush! p? Day three: Crossing River Glin…………p? Day four: The Stony Desert……………..p? Day five: The Forest of Haag……..…….p?

85 Well done! King Slin is proud of you, your book will be treasured by the people of Slinsil for generations to come. As a reward for your efforts he has instructed your teacher to award you a merit! English Merit

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