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Materials are included In accordance with the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.

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2 Materials are included In accordance with the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia

3 Albums Career EducationEarly LifePurpose Title Graphic Sources Music and Information Sources Awards Quit

4 I want to teach others who don’t know about Sara Bareilles. My goal when you get done watching is for you to have gained knowledge on her.

5 Sara grew up as a singer-songwriter; she felt this passion at a young age Sara Beth Bareilles was born on December 7 th, 1979 to Paul and Bonnie Bareilles in Eureka, California She was the youngest of three girls, which didn’t make her life easy She had a passion for theater and music She played Audrey in the musical Shop of Horrors during college

6 Sara attended UCLA, where she studied communications She found her voice in an acapella group, where she continued through college After graduating in 2001 she remained in Los Angeles She stayed in Southern California to pursue her dream of becoming a musician She got a few big breaks in her acapella group during college

7 Before her career took off she played open mic in local coffee shops She earned her widespread success with her hit song ‘Love Song’ She had “fought” her company to make this song Sara opened for select shows with Sugarland’s Summer in 2011 Incredible Machine Tour Her album Kaleidoscope Heart debuted number one in the U.S.

8 Blessed Unrest, which is her newest album, is the flip side of Kaleidoscope Heart, the most popular song is “Brave” Little Voice puts forth intimate emotionally charged passion, the most liked song is “Love Song” Kaleidoscope Heart opens with an acapella track, which is how she got started, it takes bigger risks with her lyrics than “Little Voice” Once Upon Another Time levels in rich production, they do this to gain fans iTunes Live from SoHo produces some of her most bought iTunes songs

9 This year she was nominated for Album of the Year for her album The Blessed Unrest In 2014, she was nominated for the Best Pop Solo Performance award for her hit song “Brave” She was also nominated for the Song of the Year with her song “Love Song” in 2009. In 2009 she was nominated for the award of Best Female Vocal Performance for her song “Love Song” She won a ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2008

10 bareilles-and-nose-piercing-profile.jpg /k/r/d011daa8-e610-102b-858f-00144f78c75c.jpg editorial/80670/ 673/5/SaraBareilles_creditDannyClinch.jpg http://www.sports-logos- 0vqgI/AAAAAAAACfI/ER3vQeDZHk0/s1600/sara-bareilles- uncharted-music-video.jpg egular_galleries/2361-grammy-awards-2014-red-carpet- photos-what-the-stars-wore/photos/1390781292_sara- bareilles-560.jpg little_voice-front.jpg qBBlAhEJHVE/UiKzguUeLAI/AAAAAAAADKQ/W- 4csuaztkA/s400/images+%282%29.jpg

11 life&awesm=~oCS2QtPMzolnQy “Brave” by Sara Bareilles: Album- Blessed Unrest “Kaleidoscope Heart” by Sara Bareilles: Album- Kaleidoscope Heart “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles: Album- Careful Confessions (Under 30 seconds of music used according to the copyright law)

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