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Was Chamberlain brave or a coward?

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1 Was Chamberlain brave or a coward?

2 Learning objective – to examine the arguments for and against the policy of appeasement through cartoons I can describe the arguments of appeasement and the features of the cartoons. Level 4 I can explain the arguments of appeasement using the cartoons as evidence. Levels 5 and 6 I can explain and analyse the arguments for and against appeasement using cartoons and my own knowledge. Level 7

3 Who was Neville Chamberlain?
Neville Chamberlain was the leading politician in Britain during the 1930’s. He was Prime Minister between 1937 and 1940. He was a popular leader at the time but now seen as a complete failure because of his failed policy of appeasement.

4 What was the policy of appeasement?
The policy of appeasement means that you decide to give someone most of what they want to keep them happy. By doing this you hope that they will be satisfied and stop making demands. This is how Chamberlain decided to deal with Hitler.

5 Why did Chamberlain follow the policy of appeasement?
One of the reasons why Chamberlain was so popular in the 1930’s was his commitment to avoid war. He had lived through the Great War and had close family killed in it. His speech in 1938 summed up Chamberlain’s feelings .....

6 What were Hitler’s demands in 1938?
Hitler had already secured a union with Austria in 1938 when he turned his attention to Czechoslovakia. Hitler demanded the Sudetenland – a military rich area of Czechoslovakia that bordered Germany and contained over a million German speaking people. Czechoslovakia turned to Britain and France for help.

7 How did Chamberlain respond to Hitler’s demands?
Chamberlain met Hitler three times in September 1938. Eventually an agreement was reached in Munich in the face of many expecting war at any time. An agreement was signed that declared Hitler could have the Sudetenland so long as he would stop demanding territory. Chamberlain returned to Britain a hero declaring he has secured ‘Peace in our time’

8 What were the consequences of the Munich agreement?
The Munich agreement only postponed war as Hitler was now convinced that Britain and France would not stand up to him. It seriously weakened Czechoslovakia. It gave everyone time to arm themselves. The British realised they had been fooled and it destroyed Chamberlain’s career.

9 What are the arguments for appeasement?
Germany deserved a fair deal. Fear of another war. Fear of communism. Britain needed time to prepare for war. At the time, appeasement was what the British people wanted.

10 What are the arguments against appeasement?
Encouraged Hitler to be more aggressive. Allowed Germany to grow stronger. Convinced Russia that Britain and France were weak. It gave Hitler time to continue to rearm. The Munich Agreement was a complete failure.




14 Which cartoon is the most convincing
Which cartoon is the most convincing? Explain your answer in no more than 100 words.

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