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Brave New World Interpreted by Stephanie Getz. Thesis Truth is trumped by happiness. Society glosses over the idea of truth to keep people happy. This.

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1 Brave New World Interpreted by Stephanie Getz

2 Thesis Truth is trumped by happiness. Society glosses over the idea of truth to keep people happy. This false happiness takes away the right to feel and live.

3 Quote 1 “ ‘But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin’…I claim them all’” Pg. 240

4 Analysis In this case, comfort is happiness and God, poetry, danger, freedom, goodness, and sin are truth. The Civilized World lived cushioned lives filled with “happiness”. It is “happiness” because without actually feeling pain, one may not know true happiness. Without dynamic, one may not truly feel or live. This lack of reality, due to a push for “happiness” takes away from truth. Truth is the dynamic, truth is reality, truth may be harsh and unhappy but truth is everything. In the Savage “claiming them all” he is claiming the right to live a life of truth and freedom. The lack of communal sincerity and ability to recognize pain drove him to an untimely death. However, that death was the only truth of the book; in that, the Savage claimed his Shakespearean truth and society. This extreme happiness of the Civilized World was counteracted by the Savage’s extreme unhappiness when he hung himself.

5 Quote 2 “ ‘Did you eat something that didn’t agree with you?’… ‘I ate civilization’” Pg. 241

6 Analysis Due to the Civilized World’s lack of truth, mostly manifesting itself through unabashed soma consumption and rampant sexual endeavors, the Savage had trouble coping with its diminishing sincerity. The Savage wished for Romeo and Juliet’s passion and Macbeth’s paranoia and sadness. However, what he got were feelies and an optional quickie with out the forthcoming tab.

7 Source 1

8 Analysis The Stepford Wives live for perfection. These “women” are perfect mothers, wives, they are perfectly in shape, and they cook and clean. The reality is that their lifestyle are impossible to achieve. Their “happiness” is untruthful. These “women” live a lie of aerobicizing in heels and the innate desire to serve her man.

9 Source 2

10 Analysis McDonalds is one of the lead advertisers of happiness. From happy meals to adds preaching full social lives filled with chicken nuggets and big Macs. Patrons lured into the ad's portrayal of how happy their lives will become once they start eating at McDonalds soon find that is not true happiness. Once their waist line starts to increase a few inches (or feet) and they begin to become addicted to the greases and preservatives they realize that McDonalds isn’t all that happy, nor will it bring true happiness to all those who ingest its product.

11 Source 3 Antidepressants: Selecting one that's right for you Daunted by the choice in antidepressants? With persistence, you and your doctor should find one that works so you can enjoy life more fully again. 1069

12 Analysis The push for artificial happiness has risen to such a degree where now patients can personalize their own happy pill. Society is now becoming increasingly more medicated to the point where pain and anguish is hardly an issue to those who can afford it.

13 Source 4

14 Analysis Wal-Mart’s always low prices can feed into society’s idea of material happiness. Once one is up to date on Hannah Montana’s new jewelry line and Brittany’s new perfume they may be happy. But oh wait…Sean Jean just came out with a new line of jackets! This rampant consumerism really does drain the wallet so consumers may purchase what they so desire at Wal-Mart so they may be happy once more. The only problem with that is that Wal-Mart is driving out the mom and pop businesses and all who dare to compete. This monopolization of select fields end up costing innocent civilians their jobs. However, many patrons of society will not accept that as a truth because they are too busy buying back their happiness.

15 Source 5

16 Analysis Americans have become increasingly more stuck in a bubble. They no longer care about the fact that there are other societies that may be in need of assistance. It isn’t as though the information is not available, it is just that the media shows its viewers what they should care about. The Genocide in Darfur is one example of poor people in need with scant help from Americans. At the bottom of the website there shows no comments after the informative article on Darfur. This shows one of two things, that either people do not look at the site, or that they are so desensitized by violence that they don’t care. The truth of the matter is that America really is a self-involved society who doesn’t care about anything non material. With the increased rate of emotional unrest trumped by personalized anti-depressants only to be counter acted by one’s need for the “next big thing”, which they can’t afford because Wal-Mart stole their job it is no wonder that real life and truth is lost in the struggle against media’s strangle –hold on the pocket purses of Americans telling them how to be perfect, happy people.

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