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2 2010 – 2011 activities

3 In November 2010 we organized a contest for the project poster and logo. The winning works were taken to the meeting in Portugal where they were presented for the partners.

4 In the first months of the project a survey was carried out among students. The objective of it was to determine the scale of the bullying problem in the school. The students analyzed the results of the survey and presented them in a power-point presentation in Pesaro, Italy. It showed that the most common types of bullying are : verbal abuse, teasing and pushing. According to the survey it mostly occurs in the hall, changing rooms and bathrooms. A lot of students answered that bullying is a serious problem in our school.

5 We decided to devote a part of the school website to the project. Our students who have participated in the project describe there their experiences connected with the mobilities. It also includes a photo gallery with pictures from all the meetings. Also, a few articles about bullying were written by the teachers and put on the website. Moreover, a short report after each meeting is presented there. You can find out more on www.

6 For the meeting in Poland (June 2011) we prepared a folder which included : - a leaflet about bullying in Polish and English - a quiz about the phenomena of bullying - workshop materials -for the discussions about different ways of dealing with typical situations connected with the problem of bullying in schools - a quiz about the countries of all the partners - descriptions of the places of interest around Filipów

7 Students also prepared, as a gift for the partners, framed posters about bulling.

8 On one of the hallway boards we have a collection of pictures from all the meetings displayed. It also includes students’ works connected with the project.

9 Students have also written articles about bullying for the school magazine ‘HEJ’.

10 A few articles were written by our teachers for the project newsletter.

11 2011 - 2012 activities

12 At the beginning of this school year (2011 – 2012) students joined a campaign ‘ It’s worth being good’. The objective of the campaign is to promote good behaviour, good deeds towards others and popularize human rights. Students compete in three areas : - me and another person - me and the local society - me and the world The winner of the campaign at the end of the term will be awarded a mountain bike displayed in the main hallway.

13 A group of students who belong to school organization ‘Caritas’ have been actively helping and supporting a local orphanage and school for the mentally disabled. They organize for them different activities e.g. Christmas parties, theatre plays. Students also organize different types of collections – e.g toys and school materials for the orphanage.

14 Our students are also involved in the collecting caps campaign. They collect caps from different types of containers and then they have them recycled - for each kilogram of caps they get money which they donate for a good cause e.g. a disabled person rehabilitation or a wheelchair.

15 Moreover, an antibullying program for the school was written by a group of our teachers. It’s a long and extensive document which describes different types of actions to be taken in the school to prevent bullying and promote non-violent behaviour.

16 Some of the teachers took part in an anger management training course where they were taught skills useful for working with children. There were also other courses for teachers e.g. mediations between teachers and students.

17 Two workshops were aslo organized for students : ‘Stop violence’ and ‘Cyberbullying’. During the lecture students were informed by professional trainers about the consequences of bullying in the school and also about threats on the Internet.

18 What is more, we had a special cabinet made for the school in which we display all the souvenirs from the mobilities and materials connected with the project.

19 Another campaign in which our students participated (for a second time) is called ‘A white ribbon- I say NO to violence’. The objective of the campaign is to protest against violence towards women. As a sign of solidarity with the campaign, boys from the school wore white ribbons on their outfits which meant that they would never use, accept or remain silent about violence towards women.

20 ‘Fair play’ club – a group of students from the gymnasium who belong to the club decided to take care of their younger friends ( from the primary school) who have misbehaved in the school. They have monitored the behaviour of the children giving them points for: good behaviour, being active in class and good marks. Trips to the swimming pool and skiing trips were a kind of award for the young pupils.

21 To promote our project ‘Brave enough to be kind’ we created a school calendar for 2012-2013 with pictures from all the meetings. We hope it will also promote the Comenius programme in your schools.

22 As the final product we decided to have a special magazine issued describing all the activities which have been carried out in our school during the whole project and containing information about partnership schools.



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