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Only Bright & Funky Need Apply

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1 Only Bright & Funky Need Apply
Adele Kenneally & Deidre Pellizzer

2 Let’s talk - bright & funky
Let’s be positive - but, Let’s be brave - face the realities

3 Libraries are changing!
The nature of information Technological developments Public space can be challenging Re-invention of public libraries

4 Others also have concerns….
“Unfortunately, I am not convinced that the library profession itself is actually capable of generating necessary levels of change …” Haratsis, 1994 “Right now they have their heads in the sand and if they don’t change, they are going to lose” Smithson, 1992

5 What about our staff? Source: Vicnet, 2000
Inner city Suburban Regional Rural Average yrs in libraries Average yrs in current position Respondents to the questionnaire were predominantly female(85%) with a formal qualification (81%) aged between (70%).

6 And then there are those who don’t want to change!
Meet Libby the Librarian………. “I don’t have time to do all that community stuff - the shelves need reading!” “Continuous improvement - rubbish, I’ve been doing this job for 25 years, so no improvement is necessary or possible” “Marketing is just another management fad- it’s just a whimsical practice - just like cash flow statements” “The Internet is attracting the wrong type of clientele to the library” “They (the public) are bloody lucky to have a library, how dare they complain about us!”

7 So, what’s wrong? Negative image Lack of leaders
Low number of quality students Irrelevant and inappropriate courses Shortage of training Difficulties in recruiting and developing Wrong skills and personal attributes

8 Glenelg Regional Library Corporation
Far South West of Victoria 4 branches and 1 mobile library 3-4 hours from Melbourne Sustainability and viability issues 10.8 EFT or 22 actual employees Average age - 46 years Average no. of years in position - 10

9 And what’s the problem here?
Insular organisation Aging workforce Professional stagnation Conservative culture - resistant to change Little enthusiasm or energy Tired and stressed

10 What are we doing about it?
New recruits with these attributes: Tertiary qualification Customer oriented & team work experience Energetic and enthusiastic Flexible and adaptable Creative yet practical Enjoy working with a wide range of people In other words - ‘bright and funky’

11 So far….. Staff turnover not high enough GRL viability under scrutiny
At best 2-3 years to implement new service models Can we do it? Only time will tell….

12 Port Phillip Library Network
Busy inner metro, bayside Melbourne Five ‘inherited’ branches 39 EFT 55 people Lots of visitors Very active community

13 Port Phillip Service Principles lively.heavyduty.affirmative.withattitude

14 Port Phillip Libraries: Vision
Increasing acceptance & understanding of the potential of libraries in the 21st century Promoting our services to meet emerging issues Linking to other receational & information resources & facilities: people want ‘experience’ ie cafes Remote access: 24/7 Provision of new information format: e-books A community hub: connect with other local govt services Partnerships & synergies: booksellers & beyond

15 Port Phillip Libraries: Marketing
Marketing at Port Phillip is about interaction Seeking what we need in order to be a relevant library service Being great communicators so that services are provided well Letting people know what we do! Letting people know why we do the things we do - affirmative.withattitude

16 What do Port Phillip people want?
MORE, BETTER, FASTER of Interaction... Access... Space

17 Individual staff are critical to successful library services
Staff deliver services at the ‘frontline’ Staff contribute to developing those services Staff are a powerful marketing tool for libraries because they influence the users experience in a direct way

18 Who works in contemporary public libraries?
The Challenged The Challenge Relishers

19 Opportunities for staffing directions
Port Phillip Libraries have recently attracted many of the new breed of library staff such as info specialists and movers /shakers Encouragement of ongoing professional development of already employed staff Some staff in any organisation will always choose to “miss the boat” and tis is a challenge that libraries must face High levels of direct service staff Flexible deployment

20 Recruitment as dynamic solution
Develops the specifics at the PD level Sends a directional message to all staff Attracts the right ‘match’ for the job

21 What is the right ‘match’?
Friendliness Kindness Lateral thinking “Influencers”

22 Who fits the ‘match’? People with terrific self esteem Optimists
Self initiators Life learners

23 What does not fit the ‘match’?
Fear Blame Inability to deal with external factors Negativity

24 A word about negativity
It’s easy - intellectually lazy It’s catchy - others are affected It’s accepted practice - respectable It’s status quo - so why change?

25 The answer: be deliberate & strategic.
Recruit people who possess excellent self esteem Include self esteem training in professional development programs Raise the bar - expect the best

26 What does bright and funky mean?
BRIGHT: Intelligent Sense of humour Thinking Lateral problem solver FUNKY: Good Self Esteem Risk taker Generous of spirit Positive

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