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7B Unit 5 Abilities Vocabulary Birds can fly. What about man? Do you think man can fly ?

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2 7B Unit 5 Abilities Vocabulary

3 Birds can fly. What about man? Do you think man can fly ?

4 Superman ( 超人 ) Superman can fly. = Flying is his ability. / ə / /i/ / ə / /i/ n. 能力

5 Eddie also thinks he can fly. Can he fly? If so, what can we call it ?

6 super 是前缀, 意为 " 超级的 ". Superman (woman) supermarket Eddie has no ability to fly. He isn’t a superdog.

7 Jay Chou He can sing very well. Singing is his ability.

8 Yao Ming He can play basketball very well. Playing basketball is his ability.

9 Presentation: abilities Flying is not our ability. What abilities do you have?What abilities do you have? What abilities do yourWhat abilities do your classmates have? classmates have?

10 Do you have these sports abilities?

11 ride a bike / ‵ deind ʒ ərəs / It’s dangerous to ride a bike like this. You should be careful when you ride a bike.= You should ride a bike carefully. adj. 危险的 [e ə ] He may hurt his leg. [З:] [e]

12 We have abilities to help our parents at home. What can we do to help others in different places?

13 Join the Helping Hands Club ! How to help people in need?

14 give a seat to somebody a home for the elderly adj. 较老的,上了年纪的 the elderly the old } In the street, we can help the elderly cross the road. On the bus, what can we do to help the elderly? We can give seats to the elderly. n. 座位 the +adj. 表示一类人, 用作复数。比如: the poor, the rich, the young… 敬老院 give a seat to somebody

15 What can we do for the poor children? donate money, collect things… /kə ‘ lekt/ vt. 收集 collect sth. for sb. I enjoy collecting stamps.

16 in the park clean up the park 清理干净 What else can we do for our cities? clean adj. 干净的 vt. 清理 We should clean the classroom every day to keep it clean.

17 If you are free, what can you do to make our world more beautiful? plant trees /a:/ Planting trees can make our city more beautiful. vt. 种植 n. 植物

18 Did you do these before ? They are from Helping Hands Club

19 Fire n. 火 火灾

20 1.What is happening? The building is on fire! smoke dangerous Be careful with the fire, or you may hurt yourself. 2. What can we do if we see a fire? Let’s call 119 at onceLet’s call 119 at once. n. 烟雾 ; v. 吸烟

21 What are the firemen doing? They are putting out the fire! How brave they are! put out 扑灭 brave adj. 勇敢地

22 What is the girl doing now? She is saving the man out of the fire. /ei/ How kind and brave the girl is! vt. 拯救

23 The firemen have abilities to put out the fire. If the firemen can get to you at once, what can you do to save yourself alone / ə ‘ lə ʊ n/ ? It’s also an ability. [ ɔ :] vt. 倒、泼 pour water over sth. rush out of the burning room [Λ] vi. 冲出 [З:] adj. 燃烧着的 adj.& adv. 独自 by oneself

24 New words 1 abilityability 2 superdogsuperdog 3 seatseat 4 firefire 5 smoke 6 leg 7.plantplant 8.collectcollect 9. rush 10. pour 11. save 12. hurt n. v. adj. 13. elderlyelderly 14. alone 15. brave

25 help an old man plant trees give a seat to someone on the bus visit a home for the elderly collect things for Project Hope clean up the park New phrases:

26 用所给首字母完成下列句子。 –1 、 Be c__________! There are a lot of cars and people in the street. –2 、 On March 12th, her mother often takes her to p_______ trees near the river. –3 、 We should h_______ each other. –4 、 ---Do you like c________ stamps? – --- Yes, I do. –5 、 Look! The girl is g_______ a seat to an old man. areful lant elp ollecting iving

27 What abilities does Millie have?

28 Millie’s speech Hello! My name is Millie. I’m pretty and helpful. I can do many things. I can swim. I can sing. And I can make kites, too. If you need help, I will be happy to help you. Thank you.

29 A short speech Say something about yourself. 1.your name 2. your abilities 3. your personality ( 个性 ) 4. if ( 是否 ) you would like to help others

30 根据中文提示,完成下面的小短文。 王明,一个 15 岁的中学生。 一个星期天的下午,他在家做作业,突然听到邻居小孩喊。 原来邻居家失火了,只有小孩一人。 王明用水将自己淋湿,冲进房子将小孩救了出来。 这时小孩家长回来了,他们十分感激王明。 Homework

31 Here are some tips for you to learn more words at a time. 1 、合成词 superdog 2 、反义词 dangerous-safe danger– safety brave– afraid 3 、派生词 care-careful-careless-carefully -carelessly 4 、读音规则


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