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Orwell-Bradbury Orwell-Bradbury Two futures two writers two writers.

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1 Orwell-Bradbury Orwell-Bradbury Two futures two writers two writers

2 Both of these authors had written a novel about a distopian world. 1984 by George Orwell Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

3 The novels The story is set in London in 1984. Every human being is controlled by the Party and every feeling is forbidden. People is controlled by the thought police and who doesn’t follow the Party’s laws is punished with death. Fahreneit 451 is set in a distant future. In this society books are forbidden and firemen, instead of putting out the fires, burn the books that they find. In this world some human beings memorize books to preserve them.

4 Methods of control 1984 The Ministry of truth, which controls news, entertainment, education and the fine arts. The Ministry of Peace, which concerns itself with war. The Ministry of Love, which maintains law and order. The Ministry of Plenty, for economic affairs. The Thought Police that controls every person in every moment. The Telescreen from which the Police can spy people.

5 Fahrenheit 451 The small transmitters in the ears (audio- Seashells) The family of the tv screen The abolishment of culture The absence of writing The absence of friendship and love

6 Distruction of the past 1984 In the ministry of truth where the main character works, all the articles or documents of the past wich are dangerous for the Party are changed or destroyed. Reading books can be considered a menace, because who reads can have ideas or can compare past to present, and this is dangerous for the party.

7 Fahrenheit 451 In a world dominated by media there is no place for books. Books have been firstly reduced to lines and headings, than they have been suppressed to not offend minority groups; so destroying books erase all the culture of the past. The education system, based on television, gives to the children only answers to questions that they haven’t asked.

8 Brave New World By Aldous Huxley The story is set in a distant future, exactly in 632A.F the 2540 A.C, all the world is dominated by science. In this world all feelings and relationships are destroyed but there’s a place called Reservation where lived human beings who rejected B.N.W.’s ideas. The main character is called the Savage and comes from this place. He decides to visit B.N.W because he thinks that it is a very beautiful place, but at the end of his journey he kills himself because he discovers that is all an illusion.

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