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1 Pertemuan 26 Proses dan Threads pada Sistem Operasi Windows Matakuliah: T0316/sistem Operasi Tahun: 2005 Versi/Revisi: 5.

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1 1 Pertemuan 26 Proses dan Threads pada Sistem Operasi Windows Matakuliah: T0316/sistem Operasi Tahun: 2005 Versi/Revisi: 5

2 2 Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : membandingkan sistem operasi Linux dan Windows 2000 (C4)

3 3 Outline Materi Proses dan threads pada windows 2000 Komunikasi inter proses Penjadwalan Proses booting pada windows 2000 Pengaturan memory Pengaturan I/O Device driver Sistem file pada windows 2000 Securiti pada windows 2000

4 4 Processes and Threads (1) Basic concepts used for CPU and resource management

5 5 Job Sekumpulan proses Share quota dan resource limit –Jumlah proses –CPU time –dll

6 6 Process Container for resources –Created via Win32 call CreateProcess (Win32 API function di dalam library kernel32.dll) NTCreateprocess (system call) –Minimal satu thread –Serangkaian handles –Access token  for security information –4 GB adress space

7 7 Thread Entity scheduled by kernel Created via Win32 call –Created using CreateThread (Win32 API function di dalam library kernel32.dll) –NTCreateThread (system call) State: ready, running, block Normal vs daemod threads (in user and kernel space, respectively) Thread switching –(between user and kernel mode) Dapat memiliki beberapa fibers

8 8 Fiber Lightweight thread Lightweight pseudo-parallelism Scheduled in user space  faster Tidak termasuk executive object Melalui Win32 API tanpa system call

9 9 Komunikasi antar process Threads komunikasi lewat –Pipes –Named pipes (dengan network) –Mailslot only on Windows 2000 One-way, un-guaranteed delivery, allow broadcast –Socket  connect processes on different machine Similar to pipe –Remote procedure calls –Shared files

10 10 Komunikasi (2) Synchronization mechanism –Semaphore –Mutexes –Critical sections –Events Set or cleared Eg. Set  waiting threads are released

11 11 Penjadwalan Scheduler diaktifkan ketika –Threads terhalang (blocked) misal oleh semaphore –Thread memberi signal (misal up on semaphore) pada suatu object –Quantum habis –Operasi IO selesai –Batas waktu menunggu habis

12 12 Emulasi MS-DOS Run as many MSDOS programs as prossible NT vitual DOS machine  ntvdm –Monitor MSDOS program and carry out its system calls Trampoline –Emulation to bounce back MSDOS IO request

13 13 MS-DOS Emulation How old MS-DOS programs are run under Windows 2000

14 14 Booting Windows 2000 Processes starting up during boot phase Those above the line are always started Those below are examples of services which could be started

15 15 Process Booting Baca master boot record  sektor pertama dari disk pertama Assembly language program Baca partition table Cari boot sector  sektor pertama dalam partisi yang berisi bootable OS Baca root directory Cari dan execute file ntldr (nt loader) Baca file boot.ini Baca files hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe, bootvid.dll (video driver)

16 16 Process Booting (2) First user process  session manager (smss.exe) Aktifkan win32 environment subsytem (crss.exe) Baca registry  hives Login daemon  winlogon.exe Authentication manager  lsass.exe Services.exe  parent process of all services

17 17 Pengaturan Memory Memory Virtual –Proses  32 bit virtual address (4GB virtual address space) –Upper 2GB  untuk OS, shareable –4KB page size (Pentium), atau 8/16KB (Itanium) –Demand paged –States dari virtual page Free, reserved, committed

18 18 Pengaturan Memory (2) Memory manager –Berkaitan dengan proses, bukan thread (scheduler) –Virtual Address Descriptor (VAD) Contains list of range of address mapped, backing store file and offset, protection code Balance Set Manager –Kernel daemon thread –Kontrol ketersediaan free pages

19 19 Pengaturan Memory (3) Working set manager –Thread yang mengatur working set bagi proses –Berdasarkan parameter min dan max size of working set –Local allocation strategy Win32 API –To allocate, free, protect and query Virtual Address Space (VAS) –Pengaturan memory-mapped files

20 20 Pengaturan Physical Memory Page lists –Standby page list –Modified (dirty) page list –Free list –Zeroed page list Page frame databases –Banyaknya entries  banyaknya pages dalam RAM –Index menurut physical page frame #

21 21 Pengaturan Input/Output Plug and Play Manager –Enumerable bus  allows request to the slot for self identification of devices –Mengalokasikan H/W resource (eg interrupt level) –Memilih driver yang sesuai –Load ke memory & create driver object Win32 API –Utama pada window management –Management of text  colour, size, width, typeface –clipboard

22 22 Pengaturan IO (2) Device Drivers –Windows driver model IO request dengan format standar Object based Support plug-and-play Support power management Configurable Reentrant Portable –Stacked drivers  request must pass a sequence of drivers –Filter drivers  perform transformation on the data

23 23 File System Support FAT-16, FAT-32, dan NTFS NTFS –64 bit disk address –Long file name (255 chars) –Volume (partition) terdiri dari Files, directories, bitmaps, and data structures –Block (cluster) size  512 bytes hingga 64 KB  compromised 4 KB –Master File Table (MFT) Each describe one file/directoriy

24 24 File System (2) Win32 API –File  create, delete, open, close, read, write, etc –Mutual exclusion  lock file, unlock file –Directory  create, remove, find first file, etc NTFS File name Lookup –Dimulai dari root object manager name space –Directory \?? Contains the disk letter (eg. A, C, D …) ??  read first in ASCII –Support hard link –Support symbolic links (reparse point)

25 25 File System (3) NTFS File Compression –Transparent file compression –Compressed mode  compress blocks as written and uncompress as read –Run compression algorithm NTFS File Encryption –Option to encrypt files –Done by EFS (Encrypting File Standard) driver A variant of DES (Data Encryption Standard) –Generates a random 128 bit file key

26 26 File System Structure (1) The NTFS master file table

27 27 File System Structure (2) The attributes used in MFT records

28 28 File System Structure (3) An MFT record for a three-run, nine-block file

29 29 File Name Lookup Steps in looking up the file C:\maria\web.htm

30 30 File Compression (a) An example of a 48-block file being compressed to 32 blocks (b) The MFT record for the file after compression

31 31 Security Mewarisi security dari Win NT Identifikasi user dan group dengan Security ID (SID) Access token  for each process –DACL (Discretionary Access Control List) contains who may use the object –ACE (Access Control Elements) Access or deny –Security Descriptor Header + DACL + one or more ACEs Win32 API –Berbasis security descriptor –Menggunakan security dan SAM (Security Account Manager) keys di dalam registry

32 32 Caching Cache manager Untuk keperluan kinerja sistem Menyimpan blok-blok file yang baru digunakan untuk kegunaan berikutnya Berdasarkan virtual block (bukan physical block) Diacu (referenced) dengan (file, offset) Sebesar 256 KB VAS dipetakan (mapped) ke file

33 33 Caching in Windows 2000 The path through the cache to the hardware

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