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Brave as a Mountain Lion pages 170-201 Vocabulary.

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1 Brave as a Mountain Lion pages Vocabulary

2 res er va tion

3 Many Native Americans live on a reservation, land set aside by the government as their home. reservation

4 Soon the reservation would be covered with darkness. reservation

5 A reservation is land set aside by the government for Native Americans to live on.

6 drift ed

7 As the wind blew, the leaves drifted into a ditch. drifted

8 Any other night he would have been hoping his father would reach home before the snow drifted too high to push through. drifted

9 Drifted means piled up because of the wind.

10 dread ed

11 I have always dreaded going to school on a test day. dreaded

12 But tonight was different. Tonight he dreaded his father’s coming. dreaded

13 Dreaded means looked forward to with fear.

14 qual i fied

15 She qualified for the track team because she was able to run fast. qualified

16 Spider’s father read out loud: “Dear Parent, I am pleased to inform you that your son Spider has qualified for the school spelling bee.” qualified

17 Qualified means fit or able to do a job or task.

18 gym na si um

19 Our school’s basketball games are played in the gymnasium. gymnasium

20 At recess the next day Spider peeked into the gymnasium. The huge room was empty. gymnasium

21 A gymnasium is a room or building that has equipment for physical exercise or indoor sports.

22 swirl ing

23 The water was swirling around the drain in the tub. swirling

24 He couldn’t see the far mountains for the swirling snow. swirling

25 Swirling means moving around and around in a twisting motion.

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