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1 SAYING “NO” TO DRUGS For younger youth



4 Dr. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz America ’s First Hispanic Astronaut Younger youth: Dr. Chang-Diaz exemplifies the point that people from all backgrounds can achieve spectacular goals if they will just make the effort and commitment to apply themselves to achieve success. Dr. Chang-Diaz is well known for many accomplishments in scientific research in support of the space program, as well as his achievements as an astronaut. He did it all without abusing drugs or alcohol. He personifies the advantages of living a drug-free life style. Drug-free! Way to be!


6 Bessie Coleman America ’s First Licensed Female African-American Younger youth: Bessie Coleman displayed tremendous courage to achieve success. She faced significant physical and mental challenges as a pilot during the very early days of flight. She realized the importance of taking good care of herself and she observed good health habits throughout her brief career. By doing so, she was able to accomplish things considered by most to be impossible for any woman during that historic period. She is most deserving of her title as an “American Legend.” She lived drug-free. Way to be!


8 Capt. Jason Dahl The captain of United Flight 93—he, his brave crew and passengers fought back a band of terrorist hijackers and thwarted an attack that, if successful, would surely have killed thousands of innocent people on September 11,2001. Younger youth: Sometimes people feel they need to resort to the use of alcohol or drugs to bolster their courage or to confront their worst fears. That certainly was not the case with Captain Dahl and the brave passengers and crew of Flight 93. Knowing full well the risks they faced, they marshaled their courage and responded without hesitation, even at the risk of death, to confront their terrorist captors. And they succeeded, surprising the terrorists and forcing the plane to crash, even at the expense of their own lives. That is courage; drug-free courage. Way to be!


10 Colonel Guion S. Bluford First African American In Space Younger youth: Needless to say, NASA doesn’t look for anyone with a history of alcohol or drug abuse. A DUI would easily have precluded Guy Bluford’s selection as an astronaut and likely would have ended his career as an Air Force pilot, as well, even with his distinguished air combat record. In fact, there is no place for anyone in the Air Force or NASA who chooses to abuse drugs or alcohol. The stakes are simply too high and too important to allow anyone to take such risks. Guy chose wisely and made smart decisions for himself— something we all need to do for ourselves every day. Guy lives by the motto, Drug-free! Way to be! And that’s a good motto to live by.


12 Jacqueline “Jackie” Cochran During her aviation career, Jackie Cochran set more speed and altitude records than any other man or woman Younger youth: Jackie was successful at everything she did, and there are very few people who could equal her multitude of accomplishments. She excelled in the business world at a time when women did not dabble in industry of any kind. Not satisfied with her success in cosmetics, she advanced to pilot when flying was still in its infancy. She proved a most adept pilot and was most successful in flying competitively. She was invaluable in developing and supporting an indispensable war effort with the WASP Program, and then she excelled as the fastest woman alive. Even though unable to fly in space, she remained positive throughout her life, and never abused drugs or alcohol. Her enviable record of achievements is significant for anyone—man or woman, and she still served as a great role model for both boys and girls today. Jackie didn’t smoke pot or abuse any substances—she got high on life! She certainly realized that to achieve her many goals, she needed to remain drug-free. Way to be!


14 A. Scott Crossfield FIRST TO REACH MACH 2, MACH 3 AND NEAR SPACE Younger youth: Scott Crossfield exemplified the importance of use of legitimate drugs which doctors prescribed for him as a child to recover from rheumatic fever and pneumonia. He learned early on that good drugs help, while abuse of drugs will ruin any chance at a successful career. He applied this logic to his career as a test pilot, as well. And he was spectacularly successful. Scott Crossfield knew the advantages of living a drug-free lifestyle. Way to be!


16 Burt Rutan AN AMERICAN AEROSPACE ENGINEER GENIUS Younger youth: Burt Rutan has built his reputation on "getting high,"—high into space, that is. And he’s done it without smoking marijuana, or abusing alcohol or other drugs. His Voyager and Space Ship One craft have set global records still to be broken, and his achievements are hallmarks in the annals of manned space flight history. One can only wonder at what new records he is yet to establish— and no doubt he would be the first to tell you that he does it all without drugs or alcohol. Who knows— there might be another Dick Rutan sitting in your classroom today. Should it be you? Would you want to jeopardize your future potential and achievement with by alcohol or drug abuse? Burt Rutan’s advice would be, without a doubt: Drug-free! Way to be!


18 Harriet Quimby AMERICA'S FIRST LADY TO ACHIEVE A PILOT'S LICENSE and THE FIRST WOMAN TO FLY THE ENGLISH CHANNEL Younger youth: It is worth noting that Harriet dealt with her disappointment in a positive manner. She had experienced disappointment and witnessed failure from early life, from both within her family and also for herself. But she also learned to persevere. She did not "drown her sorrows" in alcohol. Rather, she chose to pursue the new and largely unknown world of flight. In a very positive sense, she became "hooked" on flying. She continued in her quest to explore flying, and as dangerous as it was, she was none-the-less determined to learn and experience more “firsts” in the air. She set high standards for herself, one of which was to live drug-free. Way to be!


20 Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager FIRST TO FLY FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF SOUND Younger youth: Outstanding student, World War II fighter ace, record- shattering test pilot, distinguished General Officer and more—Chuck Yeager is an award-winning leader who epitomized the phrase “Can Do!” throughout his career, and he achieved unequalled results. His success as a test pilot who first broke the sound barrier was especially important and constituted a significant contribution to the advancement of supersonic flight research and development. In fact, it was so significant that the actor, Humphrey Bogart, portrayed Chuck Yeager in a very successful movie that dramatized this singularly important achievement. Moreover, he did it all without the use of drugs! Chuck Yeager is a courageous and intelligent person with a spectacular life-long record of achievement. Chuck Yeager knows and lives a life exemplifying the importance of remaining drug- free. Way to be!



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