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Character Analysis: Alive ELA 20. PERSONAL QUALITIES BEFORE THE CRASH ~Most Generally Beloved ~Small, Muscular Body ~He actually preferred soccer over.

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1 Character Analysis: Alive ELA 20

2 PERSONAL QUALITIES BEFORE THE CRASH ~Most Generally Beloved ~Small, Muscular Body ~He actually preferred soccer over Rugby. ~He was educated by the Jesuits, instead of the Christians. PERSONNAL QUALITEIES AFTER THE CRASH ~expeditions prior to avalanche weakened him. No longer showed any vigor. ~doesn’t like the raw meat. STRENGTHS ~In pretty good physical shape. ~He was a friend with lots of people. WEAKNESSES ~doesn’t like raw meat. ~he becomes weaker the longer that they stay on the mountain NUMA TURCATTI AGE: 25

3 Nando Parrado He was 23 when the plane crashed Personal qualities before the crash -Awkward -Clumsy -Timid -And a play boy Personal qualities after the crash -Hero -Courageous -Strong -Unselfish -He was loved most of all because of these qualities Strengths Strong, courageous, brave, and he is not selfish. Weaknesses He is impatient with circumstances

4 Roberto Canessa Personal Qualities After the Crash: He always did what he wanted Most uncontrolled respect He still possesses the same qualities as before the crash Strengths: He had good ideas such as the blankets and the hammocks He new a lot about proteins and vitamins He was able to help the injured because he was going to medical school He had physical strength He was the first one to cut the meat Weaknesses: Once he was an expeditionary he just ruled everyone and thought he was the best He treated no one with respect Personal Qualities Before the Crash: Nervous and tense Burst into a bad temper at small things Spasmodically brave and unselfish Impatient and stubborn

5 Antonio “Tintin” Vizintín (19) Personal Qualities Before Crash -a graduate of Stella Maris and was studying law. - Nickname was Tintin PERSONAL QUALITIES AFTER CRASH - Self centered. - Courageous. - Hysterical. STRENGTHS -Made mittens from seat covers. - made sunglasses for expeditionaries. - Courageousness - One of the first to eat human meat. Weaknesses -He quarreled with everybody -Cut artery in his arm -Concussion -Might have hepatitis

6 Bobby Francois Personal Qualities After Crash -Lazy -No instinct for self preservation -No will to live -Does nothing to help himself -Waits for others to do his work Personal Qualities Before Crash -Fat and lazy -Nicknamed Fatty -20 years old before crash Weaknesses - Didn’t work -Let others look after him and keep him alive -Very lethargic and slow In every way. Strength Bobby Francois’ only strength is that he isn’t physically injured.

7 Javier Methol Personal Qualities Before Crash -to this day the sound of helicopter rotor blades make the hair on his arm stand on end -everybody was happy to Get on the plane to play rugby in Chilli Personal Qualities After the Crash -He was dazed from the altitude sickness -He talked a lot but stuttered -Kept the boys’ spirits up by playing dumb -Helping out others when needed -He would comforting to the boys when he needed to Strengths -Helped out people -Comforting -Survived getting run over by a car Weaknesses -Scared of helicopters -Stuttered when talked -Blind in his right eye -Has tuberculosis

8 Strengths Leader Made everyone laugh Responsible Pure and witty character that no one could dislike. Weaknesses Coche was injured in the crash and could not pull his weight. Everyone tried to be mad at him and thought it would be easy because he didn’t do anything, but they couldn’t because he was too gentle and kind to everyone. Before After Personal Qualities understood others weaknesses Daydreamer kind, gentle, soft-spoken Witty smiling eyes gentle natured

9 o Was one of the older and more experienced ones on the plane o Had the mind of a lawyer o Charming and well spoken which helped him in life o Doesn’t know what to do when he’s in a bad situation o Fractured his leg in the crash o Did not have many friends o Could not pilfer or get people to pilfer for him because he was weak and hungry o Was very physically fit o Was very intelligent and wise o Was optimistic and eloquent o Was charming and could talk his was through life and into a better situation o Was still very intelligent and still had a good state of mind o Was able to stay calm through things and not get stressed out as easy as the others o Lost his optimism when the search was cancelled

10 PERSONAL QUALITIES BEFORE THE CRASH PERSONAL QUALITIES AFTER THE CRASH - cries all the time because of Nicolich’s death and since he was rejected as an expeditionary - near mental breakdown - doesn’t like the meat -Strong - young -Uninjured -Religion giving him hope - lazy - selfish - Fragile - immature, childish - gave up hope STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES - ambitious - very religious Roy Harley on the right

11 Carlitos Paez – Strengths + Weaknesses Qualities Before Crash: - Spoiled - Sissy - Self Confessed - Irresponsible - Naive Thinker. Qualities After the Crash: - Hardworking - Responsible - Bossy - Quarrelsome

12 GUSTAVO ZERBINO 19 years old Personal Qualities Before the CrashPersonal Qualities After the Crash StrengthsWeaknesses - Catholic - Medical student - Strong - Athletic - Self-centered - Pessimistic - Selfless - Helpful - “The detective” - Partially blind from the first expedition - Wasn’t as strong after the expedition - Had little hope that they would be rescued - Collected and guarded all money and documents of the dead - Warm, simple nature - Convinced the survivors to eat the meat - Would investigate strange noises

13 Personal Qualities Before the Crash He is 21 and is a skeptic. He believes only in love and thinks tat God is simply the love between two people. Personal Qualities After the Crash He got amnesia right after the crash. He was going to Chile to settle his relationship with his girlfriend, but after the crash he forgot all about her and was only concerned with finding a new novia in montevideo. Strengths He was sufficient. He realized that he had to work to survive. Weaknesses He didn’t know many of the other boys. Works in politics, so was often isolated because he couldn’t join in conversations about agriculture. Unlikely hero. At first would not eat human flesh.

14 Personal Qualities Before The Crash > Nickname “The German.” > Has a temper. > Him and Fito have a strong relationship. > Powerful. > Realism and practicality. > Can do hard work. Personal Qualities After The Crash > After crash he went into a state of shock. > Dominated the group of three. (Fito, Daniel and Eduardo) > Brought strength to the group. Strengths > Has a open mind. > Calm at times. > Kind to the younger and irritating boys. > Melted snow for drinking water for the other passengers with Fito and Daniel. Weaknesses > Can be bossy. > Capable of passionate anger. >Wouldn’t eat the flesh until Fito convinced him to because his physical health was deteriorating.

15 Personal Qualities Before The Crash - Nickname “Fito.” Real name is Adolfo. - Strong. - Works well with all the other guys. - Enthusiastic. - Realism and practicality. - Most respected. - Can do hard work. Personal Qualities After The Crash - Most respected. - After crash went into a state of shock. - Inspired more confidence into the group. - Always things positive. - Invented the idea of sunglasses to protect their eyes from the snow. - Enthusiastic. Strengths - Smart. - Had good ideas but was not free of failing. - Melted snow for drinking water for all passengers with Eduardo and Daniel. - Most of the guys felt safe with Fito. Weaknesses - Shy. - Temperamental. - Magnino annoyed him. - Unsure about his life.

16 Daniel Fernandez 26 years old Strengths -Mature -Works hard -Responsible Weaknesses - Lacked physical strength and an assertive personality -temperamentally shy Personal Qualities Before the Crash - Has a girlfriend that he thinks about a lot Personal Qualities After the Crash -Calm -Responsible -Fair

17 Alvaro Mangino Qualities Before the Crash -did not know many people -felt isolated Qualities after the crash -hysterical-selfish

18 Personal Qualities Before The Crash - Uninjured - Was weaker then more of the others. - Had a nervous nature. Personal Qualities After the Crash - did well at the time of the accident - saved Nicholichs life -shy, stayed back while others were trying to figure what out what to do. Strengths -saved a life -did well at the accident. Weaknesses -he was weak - didn’t know much about nature.

19 Rafael was a Conservative Dairy Farmer. He was a very honest, and courageous man, who was a Basque in origin. Echavarren was very dedicated and he would never give up. He was determined to stay alive, and wasn’t going to give up no matter what happened. After the accident, Rafael was injured. He laid in a hammock Canessa made for him, he never left the plane cause he was in too much pain. Rafael’s calf muscle of his leg was torn out of place, then pushed back in. He was unable to move his leg cause he was in so much pain, so his leg and toes became frostbite. Although Rafael was injured he wasn’t giving up and he wanted to survive. Finally, Rafael could not withstand the pain so he told the other survivors to tell his family he loved them, and he died.

20 Before The Plane Crash After The Plane Crash - Died at the age of 21 in the Fairchild Weaknesses - Sadness - Loss of hope - Mental state was the worst - injuries - not getting rations of meat - his isolation would kill him Strengths - His girlfriend - His family - His hope for rescue - And praying Arturo Nogeuira Personal Qualities Before Crash -Was a left wing student of economics - Brittle difficult person - Closed and Silent - The only thing that kept him lively was his girlfriend Ines Lombardero -His other passion was politics -Abandoned the church of Rome - Worked in the slums of Montevideo Personal Qualities After The Crash -Better physical condition than Rafael - Mental state was the worst - He now has a beard - Taken the role of Cartographer -His faith diminished after a while - Barbed and moody with others - Pedro Algorta was his only close friend - Started being delirious - He died at the age of twenty one

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