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AshleyandSamantha AshleyandSamantha Setting Fall on the farm.

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3 AshleyandSamantha AshleyandSamantha

4 Setting Fall on the farm

5 Characters Little Willy-caring Grandfather-worried Searchlight-strong

6 Summary Little Willy’s grandfather got sick in the head. Little Willy got Doc Smith. Searchlight was sad for Grandfather.

7 Ashley A.

8 Setting Harvest was weeks away in Jackson, Wyoming. In the evening

9 Characters Little Willy- hopeful Grandfather - hopeless Searchlight -caring Little Willy was hopeful because he knew that he could harvest the crops and help Grandfather get better. She pulled the plow. He won’t even talk

10 Summary In this chapter, Little Willy had to harvest the crops. Grandfather is sick and cannot harvest the crops. Then Searchlight pulled the plow and Little Willy stood on the back of the plow.

11 Nicholas &Nicholas & Computer PartnerComputer Partner

12 Settin g Winter in town

13 Characters Little Willy-Determined Grandfather-hopeless Searchlight-Energetic Lester-kind

14 Summary In this chapter they raced against themselves. They raced 5 miles everyday. They were trying to beat the clock before it rang.

15 Reese I o u $500

16 Setting Night fall at the bank

17 Characters Clifford Snyder - impatient Little Willy - smart Searchlight - cute

18 Summary He went home and saw Mr. Snyder at his front door. Mr. Snyder was to collect taxes. Little Willy and Grandfather owed $500 on the farm. Now we know why Grandfather was pretending to be sick.

19 Jarrett & Tyler

20 Setting A street with a lot of buildings winter in Jackson, Wyoming

21 Characters Little Willy-brave Grandfather-hopeless Doc Smith-hopeful

22 Summary Little Willy goes and talks to Mr. Foster at the Bank. Mr.Foster told Little Willy to sell his farm. He found the poster at the general store.

23 Cole & Austin

24 Settings At the Mayors office Thursday morning..

25 Characters Little Willy - Determined Mayor Smiley -Friendly Searchlight-Concerned

26 Summary Little Willy enters Mayor Smiley’s office to sign in for the race. Then Little Willy was in the race. He used his college money to pay for the race.

27 Kendall

28 Setting At nighttime at a barn

29 Characters Little Willy - brave Stone Fox- skillful

30 Summary Little Willy went to see Stone Fox. He left after he got medicine from Doc Smith. Little Willy got punched in the eye by Stone Fox. He got punched because he touched the Samoyeds.

31 Madison & Amanda

32 Saturday morning at the race Settin g

33 Characters Little Willy determined Searchlight brave Stone Fox protective

34 Summary In this chapter, it was the start of the race. The crowds were cheering for Little Willy and Stone Fox. Little Willy wasn’t scared but his eye hurt because yesterday he got punched in the eye for petting Stone Fox’s Samoyeds.

35 Matthew & Laryssa

36 Setting In the morning when the race started

37 Little Willy-sad and happy Searchlight -caring Stone Fox - mean

38 This chapter is about Stone Fox and Little Willy racing. When the race started, Little Willy was in first place. At first Stone Fox started out last. Then Stone Fox started to catch up to the others. Stone Fox caught up to Little Willy.

39 Hannah

40 Setting Setting:Evening,Winter, At the beginning of the race

41 Characters Little Willy: Kind Stone Fox: Generous Searchlight: Determined

42 Summary My chapter was about when Searchlight died. Also in my chapter everyone finds out Stone Fox is very generous. Stone Fox gives up his chance of winning five- hundred dollars to buy his land back. Little Willy gets the money for winning the race and carrying Searchlight over the finish line, his grandfather gets better.

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