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Brave New World CHAPTER 1.

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1 Brave New World CHAPTER 1

2 Sharing Answers With your table group, discuss the study questions assigned to you to complete over break. In answering them, refer to specific page numbers and passages in your copy of the novel. If you did not complete all the questions, now is the time to get ideas from your peers. This time is meant to be collaborative, not copying. Use the time to truly understand your reading and ask questions of your peers.

3 Considering the Structure-Quickwrite
Much of the first part of the novel describes a tour of the Hatchery and Conditioning Center by a group of students led by the Director himself. What are the advantages for the author of setting up the novel in this way?

4 Cloning Discussion What exactly is cloning?
Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two. In your table groups have a general discussion of the ethical and practical arguments both for and against cloning humans. In favor: cloning would be a good source for blood, organ, and bone marrow transplants; cloning livestock animals would be financially beneficial to farmers. Against: tampering with nature can create disastrous consequences for the human race; for example, the technology could be used for inhumane purposes such as creating human “guinea pigs” for scientific experiments, slaves.

5 Each group will be assigned ONE prompt
Each group will be assigned ONE prompt. Next, discuss your topic as a group. Then, each student should decide for themselves what their opinion is and should decide for themselves which side of the issue to support and discuss. Finally, each student should then write a half page response in their classwork . 1: Medical advances save lives, but does technology go too far? Discuss whether anything and everything should be done to save a person’s life. 2: Debate the ethics of cloning only the best and brightest of the human race. If you were in charge of undertaking such a project, which qualities would you look for when selecting your cloning subjects? Would you be doing a disservice to the human race by undertaking this project? Why or why not? 3: Medical procedures that were once considered unethical, such as transplanting hearts and fertilizing human eggs in laboratories, are now relatively common. On the other hand, some scientific projects that appeared clear-cut at first (the development of the nuclear bomb) are subject to ethical debate now. Compare the ethics of cloning with the ethics of earlier scientific developments. 4: Politicians around the world have begun to ban human cloning experiments. Do you think it is a good or bad idea for politicians to decide what scientists can and cannot do? How about religious authorities? Who should make such decisions and why?

6 Brave New World CHAPTER 2

7 In class writing 1 In a well thought out 3 paragraph response, discuss the following prompt fully. Be sure to respond to each part of the prompt. What does the motto 'Community, Identity, Stability' mean for all people in this society? Why do they use this as their motto? Would you want to live in this kind of futuristic society? Why or why not?

8 “Social Predestination” Class Activity
Groups will gather and answer these questions: We are: (circle one) Alphas Betas Gammas Deltas Epsilons In the book our job(s) are: _______________ The clothes we wear are this color: _______________ If we were alive in the year 2013 our job would most likely be ___________________ If we could feel and think, this is how we’d feel about being who we are: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9 Brave New World CHAPTER 3

10 Analyzing Stylistic Choices
1. Chapter 3 begins with a scene of children playing in the sunshine. It says, “The air was drowsy with the murmur of bees and helicopters.” Is this sentence beautiful, funny, ironic, or strange? What effect does it have on the reader? 2. The first part of Chapter 3 moves back and forth from Mustapha Mond’s lecture to the students to the Henry Foster viewpoint. The last part of Chapter 3 is mostly a series of disconnected thoughts and phrases from the different conversations. What is the effect on the reader of this stream of disconnected consciousness? Is it confusing? Or is it a very efficient way of giving the reader a sense of the whole society? 3. The characters in Brave New World have names like Benito Hoover and Bernard Marx that echo famous political and historical figures. Why does Huxley do this? What is the significance?

11 Writing a Summary A summary serves to relay the reader’s understanding of events in a story by condensing them into a shorter version of the work and successfully describing the story’s major action. Review chapters 1-3 of Brave New World. Record the main events in chronological order and write a 5-6 sentence summary.

12 Writing An Analysis An analysis serves as an examination of the events in a literary work, in which the reader attempts to discover underlying meaning and extract underlying ideas. An analysis expresses the ideas and values of the author or the characters an author has created. Write a 5-6 sentence analysis of these (1-3) chapters, using the What is an Analysis? Handout to guide you.

13 Brave New World CHAPTER 4

14 Imagery Chart Authors use the vivid language of imagery to trigger a reader’s memory of a sensory experience in order to create a mental image. Sensory experience refers to sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and action. Complete the chart on imagery. The first one has been done for you.

15 Setting Authors use setting to portray realism in a literary work or to emphasize the importance of place and time on a character’s ability to grow and change. Write a paragraph describing the setting Aldous Huxley uses in Brave New World. Make sure to answer the following questions: During what time in history does the action take place? Where does the action take place? Is the setting realistic? Does the setting allow characters to grow and change? If so, how? Does the setting include places and objects from everyday life? Does the author employ imagery to create the setting? If so, what type?

16 Brave New World CHAPTER 5

17 In Class Writing 2 In a well thought out 3 paragraph response, discuss the following prompt fully. Be sure to respond to each part of the prompt. How does this society mix sex and religion? Why do they do this? What is your opinion on how these two things are treated in this society?

18 Character Chart Use the character chart to document the introduction of each character. Characters may develop, and new characters will be introduced. A few examples have been done for you.

19 Brave New World CHAPTER 6

20 Twilight Zone comparison
Female Representations in Dystopias: Viewing of Twilight Zone episode from Season Five: “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You” We will be viewing an episode of the classic “Twilight Zone” which has themes strikingly similar to those of Brave New World, that of a future world in which citizens have lost any and all sense of individuality yet must succumb to a kind of “forced perfection.” The question arises in this episode just as in BNW: is this a utopia or a dystopia? After we watch the episode we will discuss it, especially from a feminist perspective, and tie in characters and themes from BNW.

21 Write a 1-page response which answers the following questions:
1. What common themes does this episode share with those of Brave New World? 2. How is Marilyn like Lenina? How is she different? 3. How are women treated in the Twilight Zone dystopia as compared to the Brave New World dystopia? Have these women of the future truly been liberated?

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